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Lad or lads may refer to A boy or young man Lad culture, a British subculture Ląd, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland Lad, Hungary, a village Lad, Bhiwani, a village in the Bhiwani district of the Indian state of Haryana Lad: A Dog, a collection of short stories by Albert Payson Terhune Lad (dog) - The real-life dog that the stories are based on Lad (video game), 2012 iOS game The Lads, a New Zealand Christian rock-pop band Judaeo-Spanish ISO 639 alpha-2 language code (also known as Ladino)LAD is a three letter acronym that can stand for:.

What does the word lad mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word lad in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with lad and anagrams of lad.

Definitions of "lad"

  • A young man; a youth. noun
  • Informal A man of any age; a fellow. noun
  • A boy or young man. noun
  • A jack the lad; a boyo. noun
  • A familiar term of address for a young man. noun
  • A groom who works with horses (also called stable-lad). noun
  • The penis. noun
  • p. p. of lead, to guide.
  • A boy; a youth; a stripling. noun
  • A companion; a comrade; a mate. noun
  • A boy; a youth; a stripling: often used familiarly or affectionately in speaking of or to a man of any age. noun
  • A male sweetheart: correlative to lass. noun
  • A servingman; a servant. noun
  • An obsolete preterit and past participle of lead. noun
  • A thong of leather; a shoe-latchet. noun
  • a male child (a familiar term of address to a boy) noun
  • a boy or man noun

The word "lad" in example sentences

If the lad is anything like his father, he'll grow to a man you can be proud of.. [You never know!]

However my lad is a currently serving bobby who joined just after I left and just talking to him always reflects the attitudes in the comments on this blog.. [Watch This Space « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

Special Brew (what our pictured lad is drinking) is to UK alcoholics what Thunderbird/Mad Dog is to US drinkers.. [When you booze you lose « Awful Library Books]

I hope the lad is steered in the right direction, take him down the Army recruitment office, there is a family there like he has never seen. on April 28, 2009 at 7: 42 pm AnneDroid. [Another Day At The Office « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

But the best place you should look for stuff for the lad is Cabellas. com/archery.. [Remember the bow from Cpt. Brad? Well Wesley will need some other stuff like a sight, arrows ect.]

I hope the poor lad is ready for all of that love.. [Pink is the New Blog | Everybody's Business Is My Business » 2010 » June » 01]

That lad is trying quite hard to be one of the boys.. [Purple Pain « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

"I live with someone who uses the word lad without a hint of irony or shame," says Tony Rowlinson.. [England v Bangladesh - as it happened]

The boy and the tribe reach Dawson and when an RCMP officer asks his name and Hoockla-Heen replies "Jimmy," the mountie opens the boy's shirt, sees the lad is white and calls for a man named Jim McDermott, a bonanza king who came to the Yukon in '94 with his son and a number of Alaskans.. [“And must I. . .who am weary, travel always your trail until I die?”]

Full of hackerly vim, our sturdy lad is all things to everyone, a tinkering geek as agile as a falling cat.. [Self-Reliance 2008]

I call the lad who rides before me, who is young and faithful and will go fast.. [The Red Queen]

Such a lad is generally regarded as a nuisance by men, and with reason.. [New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn]

I like the commenter on Alison Morris's new ShelfTalker blog at PW (welcome, Alison) who says that the cover for the new Harry Potter looks like our lad is serving a tennis ball.. [Archive 2007-03-01]

This terrific lad is Mortal Ghost podcast reader Bill Uden, who also happens to be lead singer of the band Primal Jukebox.. [Tomorrow he's heading for the studio]

This lad is going to play for England In the Near future as an all rounder.. [A new English leg-spinner]

Not only that but this lad from the Highlands had fell into step with me the past hour, he would have been about my age and he had been to get a tooth pulled.. [Excerpt: The Observations by Jane Harris]

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TurkishLad English to Turkish Translate
(i.) büyücek erkek çocuk, delikanlı, genç erkek.(i.) büyücek erkek çocuk, delikanlı, genç erkek.

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@reddogsusie: #TN #MEMPHIS 🆘🆘CRITICAL Baskin 3yo boy sweet, handsome, sociable with other dogs, a super pet! Adopted but found stray thi…


@rotten78864345 デュオやったらまず笑わない事がない笑


w e w e w lad

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Sonbird - Ląd
Sonbird - Ląd
SONBIRD - Ląd (koncert w pociągu)
SONBIRD - Ląd (koncert w pociągu)
I lost the lad's lunchbox and was forced to improvise......
I lost the lad's lunchbox and was forced to improvise......

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  • Pronunciations(lăd)
  • Character3
  • Hyphenation lad


Male child Boy


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