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The word "ladderlike" in example sentences

Two of Smith's untitled, long vertical paintings, one from 1956 in which suggestions of Jackson Pollock shine forth from a ladderlike assemblage of forms, and another from 1958 in which blunt, Guston-like dark lines give form to a spray enamel surface, are some of the most exuberant objects in either show. ❋ Philip Kennicott (2011)

The result would be ladderlike and appear to be a triumphal march to the Rhesus Macacque, with apes merely a stage along the way. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The tree shows branching of each fossil from a lineage, but it has a ladderlike form that is easy for the reader to misunderstand as a Great Chain of Being. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Before the treaty the American West consisted of the old Louisiana Purchase lands that rose in ladderlike fashion from the mouth of the Mississippi, climbed the courses of the Missouri, and touched the rocky, fog-shrouded shores of the Northwest. ❋ S. C. Gwynne (2010)

We pulled the stairs to the attic down from the ceiling and made our way up the creaky ladderlike steps. ❋ Harry Hamlin (2010)

This tight vertical shaft had ladderlike handholds, too, making progress quite easy. ❋ Matthew Reilly (2006)

Elise balanced on one ladderlike step, pushed up on the trapdoor's splintered wood with one hand and peered through. ❋ Saintcrow, Lilith (2006)

Toby had to feel his way along the counter and grope for the back stair, a ladderlike shaft up to the "modern" addition. ❋ Unknown (2003)

Half an hour later we all sat on the ladderlike front steps balancing saucers on our knees and sipping hot tea. ❋ Barbara Robinette Moss (2001)

A large model of the double helix, with its ladderlike strands of DNA in bright primary colors, sat before me on the desk. ❋ Linda Fairstein (2001)

He followed her up several flights of stairs, down a corridor on the fourth floor that she said was part of the staff's area, and up a short set of ladderlike stairs. ❋ Lackey, Mercedes (1995)

Ayla noticed people scurrying up a ladderlike connection between the dock and the boat. ❋ Auel, Jean M. (1990)

Their suffocating constriction and padded, ladderlike steps summoned up a thousand memories of gambades and trysts: coursing the white wolves, scourging the prisoners of the antechamber, reencountering Oringa. ❋ Wolfe, Gene (1987)

She did so, carefully, holding to the sides of the ladderlike stairs. ❋ Norman, John (1986)

By means of the moonlight I could see a reticulated pattern of light and shadows there, which fell across two girls, one Publia, sleeping, the other, Claudia, still standing, near the bottom of the ladderlike stairs, who looked up at me. ❋ Norman, John (1986)

Ross crawled free and clung dizzily to a ladderlike disembarking structure. ❋ Andre Norton (1958)

When Judith left Andy in charge of her patient and mounted the ladderlike stair to her own small room under the eaves, she felt no disposition to sleep. ❋ Alice MacGowan (N/A)

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