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Definitions of "laden"

  • intransitive verb
  • Weighed down with a load; heavy. adjective
  • Oppressed; burdened. adjective
  • Past participle of lade. noun
  • Loaded; freighted; burdened adjective
  • Weighed down with a load, burdened. adjective
  • Heavy. adjective
  • Oppressed. adjective
  • : In the form of an adsorbate or adduct. adjective
  • Past participle of lade verb
  • burdened psychologically or mentally adjective
  • filled with a great quantity adjective
  • fill or place a load on verb
  • remove with or as if with a ladle verb

The word "laden" in example sentences

If Osama bin laden is alive he must be cracking up over the stupidity being shown by the teapartiers.. [Think Progress » Once again, conservatives see Muslim conspiracy in an administration logo.]

May 20th, 2008 11: 50 am ET there will be no "healing" of the democratic party to propel obama bin laden into the white house. i am a yellow dog democrat and come from a lomg line of them. obama bin laden is destroying the democratic party. i will never vote democratic again should the republicans succeed in getting him nominated. goodbye democrats turn out the light the party is over.. [Clinton fights on, Obama returns to Iowa]

Americans (and brits) need to remember that Osama Bin laden is a Saudi and that 15 of the 19 hijackers that attacked the WTC were Saudi.. [Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week « Blog]

Abandon Iraq (even though we are finally making progress – yes political progress and security) and focus on 7 year old information telling us that Osama bin laden is still in Afghanistan.. [Lieberman attacks Obama over foreign policy]

"Civility" is a term laden with special meaning to those who have goals to change the governance structures of society at the international level.. [Herescope]

That’s like saying that osama bin laden is not responsible for the movement he created.. [Wonk Room » Alleged Minuteman Killer Co-Hosted Anti-Immigration Event Featuring GOP Presidential Candidates]

May 19th, 2008 12: 15 pm ET and we the public question the GOP judgement concerning the fear mongering tapes of bin laden. i do not know wether bin laden is alive or dead but i do know that all the audio tapes abt bin laden are not from him but are fabricated by the GOP to scare voters until election day. yes thats the truth we will fight this fear factor until election day like you. because GOPwill be playing the false bin laden tapes until election day. we know they are all false and we will try and educate as many people as we can that this is nothing but fear mongering to win election. you played the same card last time. not this time.. [McCain will again question Obama's judgment]

No, after eight years of failing to find bin laden (our original reason for being in Afghanistan) the President needs to make sure no more American lifes are lost needlessly.. [CNN Poll: Is Obama taking too long on Afghanistan decision?]

How many times was Bin laden offered to Bill "bj" Clinton?. [McCain: CIA secrecy story just beginning]

How many times was Bin laden offered to Bill "bj" Clinton?. [McCain: CIA secrecy story just beginning]

BTW – didn't mcnasty say that he knew where bin laden was during a debate?. [McCain: Obama was wrong on stimulus either then or now]

How many times was Bin laden offered to Bill "bj" Clinton?. [McCain: CIA secrecy story just beginning]

It dulls the pain, eliminates nausea, and makes you hungry for a protein laden meal.. [Hangover Cures: Myth, Legend, Fact | Lifehacker Australia]

As to his wanton attacking of other countries, are you referring to when he tried to kill bin laden after the embassy attacks in Africa? when all your republican buddies in congress did everything they could to stop him from getting the guy that attacked in Africa?. [Think Progress » Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Views Divide Southern Republican Leadership Conference]

President Clinton not only warned the bush about bin laden he tried to kill him while he was still president, only to have the republicans obstruct him because they wanted to impeach him.. [Think Progress » Purported doctor on Texas A&M message board claims he ‘laid off my first Obama voting employee.’ (Updated)]

For the umpteenth time, the American war against Afghanistan is NOT about fighting terrorism, al-Queda, or getting “former” CIA asset Usama Bin laden, whom for all we know could be long dead.. [Obama’s War « Blog]

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@GuardianUS: Pensacola: suspect reportedly criticized US on social media before shooting


you mean like Osama bin Laden or the hijackers who perpetrated 9/11, that kind of love?


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@orchardcitygal: Screenshots of tweets found on #Pensacola shooters Twitter account. He ideologically aligned with the Muslim Brotherhoo…


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