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Definitions of "lady"

  • A well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior. noun
  • A woman regarded as proper and virtuous. noun
  • A well-behaved young girl. noun
  • A woman who is the head of a household. noun
  • A woman, especially when spoken of or to in a polite way. noun
  • A woman to whom a man is romantically attached. noun
  • Informal A wife. noun
  • Chiefly British A general feminine title of nobility and other rank, specifically: noun
  • Chiefly British Used as the title for the wife or widow of a knight or baronet. noun
  • Chiefly British Used as a form of address for a marchioness, countess, viscountess, baroness, or baronetess. noun
  • Chiefly British Used as a form of address for the wife or widow of a baron. noun
  • Chiefly British Used as a courtesy title for the daughter of a duke, a marquis, or an earl. noun
  • Chiefly British Used as a courtesy title for the wife of a younger son of a duke or marquis. noun
  • The Virgin Mary. Usually used with Our. noun
  • Slang Cocaine. noun
  • The mistress of a household. noun
  • A woman of breeding or higher class, a woman of authority. noun
  • The feminine of lord. noun
  • A title for someone married to a lord. noun

The word "lady" in example sentences

The lady of the Spanish minister is a _lady_ in every sense of the word.. [Mexico and its Religion With Incidents of Travel in That Country During Parts of the Years 1851-52-53-54, and Historical Notices of Events Connected With Places Visited]

'Oh, she's no lady -- she's some common person -- no _lady_ would behave in that manner.'. [The Continental Monthly, Vol 2, No 6, December 1862 Devoted to Literature and National Policy]

He required a lady -- a _lady_ (Mrs. Major smiled deprecatingly) who should devote herself to his cats.. [Once Aboard the Lugger]

When Mary said to him she would miss her pupil, he smiled in a sort of abstracted way, as if not quite apprehending what she said, which seemed to Mary a little odd, his manners in essentials being those of a gentleman, as judged by one a little more than a lady; for there is an unnamed degree higher than the ordinary _lady_.. [Mary Marston]

The fair lady of the gentleman in charge of the fort was the _only lady_ at the place, and indeed the only one within a circuit of six hundred miles -- which space, being the primeval forest, was inhabited only by wild beasts and a few Indians.. [Hudson Bay]

BERCH'TA ( "_the white lady_"), a fairy of southern Germany, answering to Hulda ( "the gracious lady") of northern Germany.. [Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol. 1 A Revised American Edition of the Reader's Handbook]

Avis, in the position of _lady abbess_ of a convent in one of your eastern cities, which it is settled she will have, will stand quite as high, I guess, as in the position of lady Elwood.. [Gaut Gurley]

The lady, too, is a votary of the muses; and as I think myself somewhat of a judge in my own trade, I assure you that her verses, always correct, and often elegant, are much beyond the common run of the _lady poetesses_ of the day.. [The Letters of Robert Burns]

"Oh!" replied Spicer, who had heard of Sir Hercules and his lady, "so the _lady_ sent it to you?. [Poor Jack]

So much so, that I was forced to reprimand the young lady I use the term lady very loosely about her lack of class and bad manners.. [CineVegas Film Festival…a desert joke! Trevor Groth fumbles, Staff insult Press & Filmgoers, Honoree Soiree a sham! « Julian Ayrs & Pop Culture]

The title lady in that epic, an innocent country girl, left an unhappy home life to seek employment in New York City.. [Archive 2007-02-01]

LAMB: You actually define the term lady in your book.. [Mothers of Invention: Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War]

The term lady, here employed in personifying a prosperous city, is one of various significations.. [The Young Maiden]

But our present associations with the term lady being such as they are, and so many in every condition being jealous of their claims as ladies, I am compelled to adopt that appellation in order to guard against injurious misapprehensions.. [The Young Maiden]

So, that woman, "The View" co-host Joy Behar I won't use the term lady, she does not merit it, called another public figure a - well, rhymes with "witch.". [Standing Tall: The Rise and Resilience of Conservative Women - Michelle Malkin - Townhall Conservative]

And in this case we mean the term lady very literally.. [Sky Showbiz - Latest]

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