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Definitions and meanings of "Lampion"

What do we mean by lampion?

An oil-burning lamp, often of colored glass, for outdoor use. noun

A small lamp suitable for illuminations. noun

A small oil lamp. noun

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Synonyms and Antonyms for Lampion

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The word "lampion" in example sentences

Bayou La Fourche in Louisiana have the same 'lampion' light! ❋ Various (N/A)

Odious candles fumed and dribbled a sooty wax upon some (though by no means all) of these tables, and a green and orange lampion with a torn shade swung in the center of the room, seeming to tremble at the high-pitched anger of the voices below it The backs of jostling onlookers obscured what was taking place there. ❋ Wolfe, Gene (1993)

Turning on his stool, Silk looked behind him; the injured man and the drunken woman were no longer beneath the lampion, though he had not heard diem go. ❋ Wolfe, Gene (1993)

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What does lampion mean?

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