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Definitions of "language"

  • Communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. noun
  • Such a system including its rules for combining its components, such as words. noun
  • Such a system as used by a nation, people, or other distinct community; often contrasted with dialect. noun
  • A system of signs, symbols, gestures, or rules used in communicating: the language of algebra. noun
  • Computer Science A system of symbols and rules used for communication with or between computers. noun
  • Body language; kinesics. noun
  • The special vocabulary and usages of a scientific, professional, or other group: "his total mastery of screen language—camera placement, editing—and his handling of actors” ( Jack Kroll). noun
  • A characteristic style of speech or writing: Shakespearean language. noun
  • A particular manner of expression: profane language; persuasive language. noun
  • The manner or means of communication between living creatures other than humans: the language of dolphins. noun
  • Verbal communication as a subject of study. noun
  • The wording of a legal document or statute as distinct from the spirit. noun
  • A form of communication using words either spoken or gestured with the hands and structured with grammar, often with a writing system. noun
  • The ability to communicate using words. noun
  • Nonverbal communication. noun
  • A computer language. noun
  • The vocabulary and usage used in a particular specialist field. noun
  • The particular words used in speech or a passage of text. noun
  • Profanity. noun

The word "language" in example sentences

“Yet, the Esperanto movement believes that tourists can truly have cross-cultural experiences when they speak only a foreign, constructed language and give no attention to the local language”. [ REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.]

The Immigration Restriction Act (federal) provided that an immigrant, on demand, must demonstrate ability to pass a test in a European language (changed in 1905 to “a prescribed language” to spare Japanese susceptibilities).. [1891, March-April]

Of course it was not only in Latin that he wished to make pupils think of it as a "spoken language," for Mr. Darbishire tells us that "one of his special endeavours was to accustom his students to deal with Greek _as a spoken language_" [Footnote: It will be remembered that Francis Newman introduced the "new" pronunciation of Latin.] (as, for instance) "in reading Greek plays.". [Memoir and Letters of Francis W. Newman]

The fact that they had but one language furnishes reasonable proof that they were of one blood; and the historian has covered the whole question very carefully by recording the great truth that they were _one people_, and had but _one language_.. [History of the Negro Race in America From 1619 to 1880. Vol 1 Negroes as Slaves, as Soldiers, and as Citizens]

In truth, however, it was _not language that generated the intellect; it is the intellect that formerly invented language: and even now the new-born human being brings with him into the world far more intellect than talent for language_.. [The Mind of the Child, Part II The Development of the Intellect, International Education Series Edited By William T. Harris, Volume IX.]

Cool, but the last sentence sorry this is just a language understanding error, what do you mean by it. * english isnt my first language* lol.. [[Help] Most Recent Posts]

O.K. try to use "lrelease $$language; \" with NO option (neither - compress nor - nocompress) in the language Makefile and it will probably work.. [ Content]

Slide 20: Parent-Child Interactions Creating a Visual Environment • Follow the interests of your child • Notice what he / she is focused on • Wait for him / her to shift focus from the object to you • Respond to his / her eye contact with smiling and signing about the object of interest *** Repeat all of these interactions so your child will learn to connect these experiences with language, link objects with meaning, and continue to develop language***. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

The prestige enjoyed by the French language, which, in the 14th century, the author of the _Manière de language_ calls "le plus bel et le plus gracious language et plus noble parler, apres latin d'escole, qui soit au monde et de touz genz mieulx prisée et amée que nul autre. [Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Part 1, Slice 1]

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These forms are freer to "be themselves" -- to create a closed-off space where aesthetic qualities are allowed a degree of autonomy -- than literature because the latter occurs in language and language is the means by which we conduct our everday affairs and through which we make the world meaningful.. [Saying Something]

However, the Times based its argument in language from a draft of a declaration — not from the document itself.. [Wonk Room » Despite The New York Times Naysayers, International Climate Talks Are Progressing]

When you are writing about logical language, then you must remember that in language is very important to “say about emotion”.. [Guest Post: What’s the Logic of Language? « Motivated Grammar]

March 11th, 2010 at 11: 51 am tombaker says: to think that difference in language is what divides a broader society is silly and simplistic.. [Think Progress » NJ Superior Court Judge Reprimanded For Mocking One Defendant’s English, Comparing Another To O.J. Simpson]

But change in language is only positive if a new word adds something to the spectrum of meaning embraced by the vocabulary, or if an old word has grown obsolete.. [My mechanic Steve]

But I do have to warn that inferring the preference language from the document language is mono-lingual myopic.. [hCard for OpenID Simple Registration and Attribute Exchange | FactoryCity]

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@Morgxn2001: Warning: STRONG LANGUAGE Make this go viral Show the world who the real racists are... the leftists. …


@Morgxn2001: Warning: STRONG LANGUAGE Make this go viral Show the world who the real racists are... the leftists. …


@TheRealChelzzz: Pay close attention to body language. That shit doesn't lie

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