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Definitions of "languages"

  • Plural form of language. noun

The word "languages" in example sentences

Stackhouse points out that there is no word in either of the biblical languages translates as "culture.". [Kruse Kronicle]

Knowing other languages is the doorway and besides, it's fun.. [fifille - French Word-A-Day]

Help with other languages is available on the Census website or by phone.. [How Census counts America in 2010]

CONAN: Well, just let me add this email that we have from Amon (ph) in Sunnyvale: The ability to speak multiple languages is always useful, even if you don't use those languages very often.. [What's The Point Of A Degree In French?]

Ms. McCALL: Well, we are very strong in languages, absolutely.. [What's The Point Of A Degree In French?]

EFBA President Gabrielle Durana says the next step would be to launch a full-blown French language immersion program at a Bay Area public school, similar to existing programs that where students are taught primarily in languages such as Mandarin or Spanish.. [French Program Divides Community]

I agree with everyone that to speak a few different languages is so great!. [fifille - French Word-A-Day]

This is why now they insist on teaching kids at least two languages from the very beginning.. [fifille - French Word-A-Day]

One of the best reasons for not learning foreign languages is that one can enjoy opera without actually understanding the words ..... [The Volokh Conspiracy » The Ongoing Debate Over Jewish Fantasy Literature]

What if Congressional sessions started being conducted in languages other than English.. [ Fafblog Is Still Fafblog]

Firms which employ many illegals commonly operate in languages other than English and exploit employees in ways that citizens (who needn't fear deportation) would not tolerate.. ["The Jobs Americans Won't Do": The Fallacy and the Reformulation, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Actually there ARE provisions in languages for this kind of thing.. ["I am Aunty Mary"]

If I set my language settings to search for a word in a language other than English, unchecking English in the list of languages is ignored and English language results come up as well.. [Authoritarian Google]

But to have it included by default in any selection of search languages is quite unreasonable.. [Authoritarian Google]

And in languages that have great phonetic differences, like Chinese and Japanese, they are often unrecognizable.. [Matthew Yglesias » The Shroud of Torino]

One big difference between the two languages is that Russian words have gender attribution.. [Singular “they” and the many reasons why it’s correct « Motivated Grammar]

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Organic Traffics

@himchansass: yongguk is looking for people who are - proficient in languages - good at photography - has experience in BAP fanclub act…


@itssitu: Dear @BJP4India Plz come up with a #NamoAgain table calendar (in regional languages), each month featuring a successful schem…


@Uber_Support @UberINSupport This tag seen in Bengaluru @Uber cab. FYI, Bengaluru is in Karnataka state. It's offic…


@Teeqo: This is not a flex OKAY cuz I know some (probably a lot) can relate to this but knowing 2 languages is AWESOME! I'll count in S…


@tinucherian Left wingers changing writing their names in Arabic after RW changed names to regional languages

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  • PronunciationsL AE1 NG G W AH0 JH AH0 Z
  • Character9
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