Definitions and meanings of "Last"

What do we mean by last?

A block or form shaped like a human foot and used in making or repairing shoes. noun

To mold or shape on a last. transitive verb

Being, coming, or placed after all others; final. adjective

Being the only one left. adjective

Just past; most recent. adjective

Most up-to-date; newest. adjective

Highest in extent or degree; utmost. adjective

Most valid, authoritative, or conclusive. adjective

Least likely or expected. adjective

The least desirable or suitable. adjective

Being the latest possible. adjective

Lowest in rank or importance. adjective

Used as an intensive. adjective

Of or relating to a terminal period or stage, as of life. adjective

Administered just before death. adjective

After all others in chronology or sequence. adverb

Most recently. adverb

At the end; finally. adverb

Final, ultimate, coming after all others of its kind.

Most recent, latest, last so far.

Farthest of all from a given quality, character, or condition; most unlikely, or least preferable.

Being the only one remaining of its class.

Supreme; highest in degree; utmost.

Lowest in rank or degree.

Anything behind first place.  Urban Dictionary

A slang term for being "lazy". It also relates to a negative connotation for African Americans. The word originates from the baseball player Lastings Milledge in reference to his attitude and behavior.  Urban Dictionary

In the end, finally, ultimately  Urban Dictionary

LAST is an acronym for Latino American Standard Time. There are essentially three guiding principles behind LAST. 1.) To be “on time” means one can show up at any point up to 1 hour after the agreed upon time. 2.) If one arrives between 1 hour up to 2 hours after, it’s “cutting it close”. 3.) Lastly, if one arrives anytime after 2 hours they are officially “late”, and any time before the agreed upon time qualifies them as a “lunatic” (or any other variant of this word). e.g.) If the agreed upon time is 12:00 pm: one arrives “on time” between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm, “cutting it close” would be between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm, arriving any time after 2:00 pm is “late”, and arriving any time before 12:00 pm makes one a “lunatic”.  Urban Dictionary

The broken and broken hearted, tired, scared, hurt and fearful. The lonely and beaten, the sick and beaten up and the beaten down. The passion of Christ who have captured His heart, focus, will and determination to bring them all the home. Home to his throne. That is their destination.  Urban Dictionary

(adj) representing the worst of something. horrible, repulsive, disgusting, annoying, bad idea, indication that if the world was ending in an hour this is the "last" of that item that you would want to be dealing with. Can also be used as an expression of disgust or hatred. (noun) the worst, lamest, epitome of a chauncey. Abbreviation: Lau  Urban Dictionary

Correct way to write lastly but people just don't know it yet.  Urban Dictionary

Song by the Sweedish Heavy Metal band Sabaton from their album of the same name. The song is very commonly used for For Honor and Crusade memes The song is commonly mistaken to describe the Crusades but instead depicts the Sack of Rome in 1527 during which combined forces of around 5,200 soldiers including 189 swiss guard defended Rome from mainly Spainish troops. The song focuses on the last stand of the Swiss guard and their "service to heaven" in which they defended the Pope and "gave their lives on the steps of heaven" These steps being the steps of St. Peter's Basilica from where the Pope planned to escape from via his (not so secret) secret passageway known as the Passeto Di Borgo to his Impregnable fortress called Castel Sant Angelo. The Pope was accompanied and defened by the remaining 42 Swiss Guard that was left. The escape to the fortress is referenced in the verse "Under guard of 42 Along a secret avenue Castle saint Angelo is waiting" 147 of the 189 Swiss guard were killed during The Sack of Rome along with 500 millita and around 45,000 civillians who were killed, exiled or taken prisoner.  Urban Dictionary

An amazing band from Brisbane, Australia.  Urban Dictionary

A battle that is considered the final defense of what is left of a military group, against an overwhelming opposition (example: 500 defenders vs. 2000 attackers). Here, the defending force will unleash all of their strength, motivated by a fighting spirit. Usually this results in either the annihilation of the defending force, or in rare cases, the retreat of the attacking force, depending on the circumstances (example: Out of supplies, or have received heavy casualties). Whilst in a last stand, the defending force has an opportunity to surrender, but that could also lead to their deaths. This however is really a moral question on if they should surrender or not, because the defending force really has nowhere else to retreat to should they be defeated. Mostly, the concept of a last stand is to ultimately 'go down fighting'.  Urban Dictionary

The word "last" in example sentences

How to use last in a sentence? Example sentences with the last, a sentence example for last, and how to make last in sample sentence, how do I use the word last in a sentence? How do you spell last in a sentence?

TWO major thoroughfares because the highway twists like vines as lanes spin up or down around each other - and the roads bend and warp until at last - at *last* - the road bears its own name on a sign. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Your mind begins to spin, as the last of your brain's oxygen is used up, conjuring whatever images it can come up with… your past, the future you're never going to see, your dreams, your nightmares… until finally, at long last… ❋ Jaxraven (2001)

In dates of the last and present century, the expression of the _last two figures_ is sufficient. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

But then it is _all_ they can do -- it is the last card and the _last_ man, and if we make one stupendous effort, we must inevitably crush it. ❋ Various (N/A)

And then, when the hour _has_ come at last, have you been able to take your departure without some half-reproachful feeling akin to melancholy -- without some slight shade of regret to think that much as you have hated it, you look upon it all now for the _last_ time? ❋ G. J. Whyte-Melville (N/A)

Evelyn at a concert, for which I had tickets, but I was too tired to go; this morning we went to hear Dr.P. Brooks, the great preacher who everyone was raving about last spring in London, (or was it _last_ year?) his church is like a great _temple_, or public hall, and cost [pound symbol] 180,000. ❋ Clara Rayleigh (N/A)

I found a feeling of sincere companionship ... a companionship that without ostentation and as a matter of course, shared the last cent the last meal ... when every cent _was_ the last cent, every meal the _last_ meal ... the rest depending on luck and ❋ Harry Kemp (1921)

” Seward pleaded for delay, fearing that on account of the depression of the public mind the proclamation might “be viewed as the last measure of an exhausted government, a cry for help, the government stretching forth its hands to Ethiopia” in a “last shriek on the retreat. ❋ Unknown (1917)

The love of it clung to him to the last moments of his life; but tho he felt that “last infirmity of noble minds, ” never did there breathe a human being who had a more lofty disdain for the shallow and treacherous popularity which is to be courted by subserviency, and purchased at the expense of principle and duty. ❋ Unknown (1906)

_Passion_, because he had his best things last; for _first_ must give place to _last_, because _last_ must have his time to come: but _last_ gives place to nothing; for there is not another to succeed. ❋ Eva March Tappan (1892)

My last hours were spent lying on the sofa on the gallery, with Lydia at my feet, Helen Carter sitting on the floor at my side, while all the rest were gathered around me as I played for the _last time_ "the centre of attraction." ❋ Sarah Morgan Dawson (1875)

Perhaps the feeling was caused in part by the idea that when they took their last look at it, it might possibly be their _last_ sight of land. ❋ Unknown (1859)

Northern Italy, and laid siege to Florence, which was reduced to its last necessity, when the victor of Pollentia appeared beneath its walls, with the _last_ army which the empire could furnish, and introduced supplies. ❋ John Lord (1852)

The last shadow of pretext has vanished for maintaining with Tischendorf that ‘Mark the Evangelist knew nothing of’ these verses: — with Tregelles that ‘The book of Mark himself extends no further than ἐφοβοῦντο γάρ:’ — with Griesbach that ‘the _last leaf of the original Gospel was probably torn away_.’ ... ❋ John William Burgon (1850)

This is the way of it: This last quarrel (you shall know why the author has called it the _last_), is always terminated by a solemn, sacred promise, made by scrupulous, noble, or simply intelligent women ❋ Honor�� De Balzac (1824)

Let it be recollected, that all my previous opinions of Mr. Bowles's poetry were _written_ long before the publication of his last and best poem; and that a poet's _last_ poem should be his best, is his highest praise. ❋ Thomas Moore (1815)

[433] In the last number of _The Idler_ Johnson says: -- 'There are few things not purely evil of which we can say without some emotion of uneasiness, _this is the last_ .... ❋ James Boswell (1767)

Three hours before the midnight deadline late last night, Dan Totten, president of the Boston Newspaper Guild, sat across from Globe executives in a small conference room and handed them what he called the Guild�s �last, best offer. ❋ Unknown (2009)

if you [ain't] [first], you're last! ❋ Jeff Ham (2008)

I was [too tired] to go to work today, so I stayed in bed, called my boss and took a lastings day. / After a big [lunch], I feel very lastings and try to sleep for [an hour]. ❋ Ray Boston95 (2009)

[At last], I've become [the king]. ❋ Chapa-C (2015)

(Boss:) I’ve noticed that you’ve been coming in way past an hour late to work every day consistently for the last few weeks. ([Fulano]:) Sorry, I’m not sure [I understand] what you’re talking about. (Boss:) Do you not see everybody else working? Work started over an hour ago! You just show up, equipped with your Starbucks, over an hour late as if you don’t have a job to do?! (Fulano:) Surely not! I would never show up late! (Boss:) So even though work started over an hour ago you’re not late? (Fulano:) Ohhhh, I think I understand the problem now. I’ve been in LAST for about two or three weeks. (Boss:) Oh, that makes a lot of sense now! Sorry for getting upset, you know how passionate I am about my job as your boss. (Fulano:) It’s completely okay, [apology] accepted. I’m glad we could move past our differences. (Boss:) Me too, thank you for keeping my ego [in check]. (Fulano:) [My pleasure]. ❋ Dumbboy69 (2019)

The Last will be [scooped up] by Jesus and carried in those precious arms to sit in His [throne] at the right [hand of God]. God will joyfully and lovingly smile at them sitting their in that special chair while Jesus worships Him with dancing, praise and singing until all the pain, sadness and fear is not even a memory. ❋ Kathy Aumont (2004)

Dude, that chick is soo last. Last! I don't want to go see "In Her Shoes" again Brendan. Bros, you know that [chauncey] Johnny [Four Fingers]? He's the last. [Lau]! ❋ Johnny Two Bags (2007)

[Lastely], [Jay] is the bottom [B*tch] of the whole project and everyone knows. ❋ NivekGneh (2020)

'hey did you see that [lastest] [For Honor] meme?' 'the one that used The Last Stand by [Sabaton]?' 'Yeah that one' ❋ Badcat118 (2020)

Last Dinosaurs, [Amazing]. ❋ 2000lies (2010)

[Battle of Thermopylae] Battle of [the Alamo] Battle of Port [Hudson] Battle of Hill 3234 Battle of Long Tan 5 examples of a last stand ❋ Jghrgfngierjfi (2009)

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