Definitions and meanings of "Later"

What do we mean by later?

Subsequently; afterward. Often used with on. adverb

Used to express goodbye. interjection

At a subsequent time or period; afterward; hereafter: also used with (redundant) on: as, I will see you later; it may be done later on.

Compar. of late, a. & adv. adjective

A brick or tile. noun

comparative form of late: more late adverb

Afterward in time (used with than when comparing with another time). adverb

At some unspecified time in the future. adverb

comparative form of late: more late adjective

Coming afterward in time (used with than when comparing with another time). adjective

At some time in the future. adjective

See you later; goodbye. interjection

Dismissive term to minimize importance of an annoying persons. interjection

At or toward an end or late period or stage of development adjective

Happening at a time subsequent to a reference time adverb

Coming at a subsequent time or stage adjective

Comparative of the adverb `late' adverb

At some eventual time in the future adverb

Near the end of a period of time.

Specifically, near the end of the day.

(usually not comparable) Associated with the end of a period.

Not arriving until after an expected time.

Not having had an expected menstrual period.

Deceased, dead: used particularly when speaking of the dead person's actions while alive. (Often used with "the"; see usage notes.)

Existing or holding some position not long ago, but not now; departed, or gone out of office.

Recent — relative to the noun it modifies.

Of a star or class of stars, cooler than the sun.

A procrastinator's way of saying never.  Urban Dictionary

Short for see you later.  Urban Dictionary

A way of saying ‘no way’. Typically used by Londoners  Urban Dictionary

1. when a girl says later. she means never, chin up, bucko! 2. checking the time and seeing it is now an uneven time and telling yourself you simply can't do homework now!  Urban Dictionary

Could be said with a wink for a sexual code.  Urban Dictionary

Mexican american term meaning in a while  Urban Dictionary

To delay; push back or make later  Urban Dictionary

A way of saying good bye or see you later  Urban Dictionary

(v.) to put off for later  Urban Dictionary

Later is 2-3 hours from the period of saying or doing something later.  Urban Dictionary

The word "later" in example sentences

How to use later in a sentence? Example sentences with the later, a sentence example for later, and how to make later in sample sentence, how do I use the word later in a sentence? How do you spell later in a sentence?

LOVES "One for now & one for later" * .... * jealous I don't have chips for now OR later* ❋ Unknown (2009)

i will update more later ... i have conversing and cookies and milk ... later* ❋ Vampishone (2002)

Or was the term later applied to music of the kind first called jazz in Chicago? ❋ Leslie Dunton-Downer (2010)

We wound up talking about smoking pot with Peter Tosh, seeing The Rolling Stones as a youngster and signing the band to his label later, plus a lot more. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Science historian Howard Markel discusses how the term later came to refer to a bevy of genetic manipulations. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The Emirates crowd got behind Nasri against Liverpool, applauding him warmly when he went to take an early corner and chorusing his name later in the game. ❋ Unknown (2011)

When we started using the term later, it was turbocharged by interactive technologies. ❋ Marian Salzman (2011)

Ms. ROSNES: Well, I wrote the composition with the two pianos in mind and came to the title later on. ❋ Unknown (2010)

First among these is Richard Vine, who was my original sounding board, continued to offer great advice, and came up with the title later on I was to discover a poem of the same name by Constantine Cavafy. ❋ ROBERT ROWLAND SMITH (2010)

From the "patriotism" of America's first president George Washington to the "artistry" of Georgia O'Keeffe and the "courage" of baseball player Jackie Robinson, the 40-page book is "an inspiring marriage of words and images, history and story", said Chip Gibson, president and publisher of Random House Children's Books, whose imprint Alfred A Knopf Books for Young Readers will release the title later this autumn. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I'll [finish this] later. ❋ ManMan36 (2016)

[Ok] [have a good] time. [Later]. ❋ Pingz (2003)

[Friend]: ‘[do you] like him?’ Me: ‘[LATER]!’ ❋ DiamondLDN (2017)

1. I texted her [Netflix and chill]? she said later [woop woop]!! 2. I got home at 3:[01] I'll do my homework later! ❋ Ummamelaniestan (2018)

[boy]: [i want] some! girl: later [babe] ; ❋ Make Dream Right (2010)

wife: when are you going to fix that pinche car?! husband: aye [cabrona]! [I'll do it later]. wife: [pinche pendejo]! do it now. not later later. ❋ Korin =] (2006)

[We should] laterize [the party] to 9pm. ❋ Cooksinator (2011)

Person 1: [well i] [got to] got now Person 2: [okay] Person 1: later on Person 2: later ❋ Emma Porter (2005)

I'm [gonna] laterize this [assignment] ❋ Airpollution (2011)

"Talk to you later" " [how long] is later?" "Later is 2-3 hours from the period of saying or [doing something] later" "Okay [see you later]" ❋ Victoria Artemis (2014)

What does later mean?

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