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Later Future, the indefinite time period after the present Later (talk show), late-night U.S. television talk show broadcast by NBC from 1988 to 2001 Later (magazine), UK men's magazine published from 1999 to 2001 "Later" (song), a house song performed by Example, released in August 2016 Later... with Jools Holland, UK music television programme that premiered on BBC Two in 1992...

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Definitions of "later"

  • Subsequently; afterward. Often used with on: She arrived on the ferry, and he came later. He later felt that he was wrong. Later on, we watched a movie. adverb
  • Informal Used to express goodbye. interjection
  • comparative form of late: more late adverb
  • Afterward in time (used with than when comparing with another time). adverb
  • At some unspecified time in the future. adverb
  • comparative form of late: more late adjective
  • Coming afterward in time (used with than when comparing with another time). adjective
  • At some time in the future. adjective
  • See you later; goodbye. interjection
  • Dismissive term to minimize importance of an annoying persons. interjection
  • Compar. of late, a. & adv. adjective
  • A brick or tile. noun
  • At a subsequent time or period; afterward; hereafter: also used with (redundant) on: as, I will see you later; it may be done later on.
  • at or toward an end or late period or stage of development adjective
  • happening at a time subsequent to a reference time adverb
  • coming at a subsequent time or stage adjective
  • comparative of the adverb `late' adverb
  • at some eventual time in the future adverb

The word "later" in example sentences

LOVES "One for now & one for later" * .... * jealous I don't have chips for now OR later*. [Latest from PALGN]

i will update more later ... i have conversing and cookies and milk ... later*. [vampishone Diary Entry]

Or was the term later applied to music of the kind first called jazz in Chicago?. [The English Is Coming!]

We wound up talking about smoking pot with Peter Tosh, seeing The Rolling Stones as a youngster and signing the band to his label later, plus a lot more.. [NPR Topics: News]

Science historian Howard Markel discusses how the term later came to refer to a bevy of genetic manipulations.. [NPR Topics: News]

When we started using the term later, it was turbocharged by interactive technologies.. [Marian Salzman: Prosumers in E-Love]

The Emirates crowd got behind Nasri against Liverpool, applauding him warmly when he went to take an early corner and chorusing his name later in the game.. [Samir Nasri misses Arsenal's Udinese tie after Arsène Wenger climbdown]

Ms. ROSNES: Well, I wrote the composition with the two pianos in mind and came to the title later on.. [Bill Charlap, Renee Rosnes Duet In 'Double Portrait']

First among these is Richard Vine, who was my original sounding board, continued to offer great advice, and came up with the title later on I was to discover a poem of the same name by Constantine Cavafy.. [BREAKFAST WITH SOCRATES]

From the "patriotism" of America's first president George Washington to the "artistry" of Georgia O'Keeffe and the "courage" of baseball player Jackie Robinson, the 40-page book is "an inspiring marriage of words and images, history and story", said Chip Gibson, president and publisher of Random House Children's Books, whose imprint Alfred A Knopf Books for Young Readers will release the title later this autumn.. [Obama to publish children's book]

No surprise either that, a term later, she takes Roald away from the school.. [Storyteller]

The term later returned to science at the metalevel, to describe developments within science itself (e.g., “the Copernican Revolution”).. [Scientific Revolutions]

It will be interesting to see just how long Sean can last, even if he is elected for another term later tonight.. [Archive 2008-05-01]

Who had made his name in 1796 with a book describing his holistic approach to medicine and titled Macrobiotic a word later hijacked by nutrition freaks.. [American Connections]

Peter Pace is retiring according to Reuters: The top U.S. military officer, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, will retire at the end of his term later this year and be replaced as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by Navy Adm.. [06/08/2007]

Eddie made a note to have a word later with Tomkins about the accuracy of his investigations.. [Creative Couplings]

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TurkishLater English to Turkish Translate
sonra. geç. geç kalınmış. daha sonra.sonra. geç. geç kalınmış. daha sonra.

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@suksoji: sungwoon said that even when they're tired, they lie down and stay up until later to chat before they sleep. minhyun added the…


@BillyRocks_13 I'll watch it with subs later. But plz give me spoilers. 😊


A New Categorization for River Dolphins in IUCN s Red List: 10 years later, the #species Inia geoffrensis returns to IUCN… @environmentguru

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Later - Fra Lippo Lippi
Later - Fra Lippo Lippi
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Later by Fra Lippo Lippi Lyrics.wmv
LIVE: Arriving LAGOS, will be attending UNILAG’s Town Hall Meeting Later Today #TakeItBack
LIVE: Arriving LAGOS, will be attending UNILAG’s Town Hall Meeting Later Today #TakeItBack

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Later Word Data

  • Pronunciations(lāˈtər)
  • Character5
  • Hyphenation ‖La ter lat er


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