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Hyphenation N/A
Pronunciations /ˈleɪt.ɪst/

Definitions and meanings of "Latest"

What do we mean by latest?

Something that is the most recent or current of its kind. noun

(at the latest) No later than. idiom

Last; final.

Superlative form of late: most late. adjective

Last, final. adjective

Most recent. adjective

Superlative form of late: most late. adverb

At the latest. adverb

The most recent thing, particularly information or news. noun

The most recent news or development noun

In the current fashion or style adjective

Up to the immediate present; most recent or most up-to-date adjective

Near the end of a period of time.

Specifically, near the end of the day.

(usually not comparable) Associated with the end of a period.

Not arriving until after an expected time.

Not having had an expected menstrual period.

Deceased, dead: used particularly when speaking of the dead person's actions while alive. (Often used with "the"; see usage notes.)

Existing or holding some position not long ago, but not now; departed, or gone out of office.

Recent — relative to the noun it modifies.

Of a star or class of stars, cooler than the sun.

The latest refers to the most recent news to any situation. Urban Dictionary

Latest boyfriend/girlfriend. Not a serious relationship. Urban Dictionary

A term usually used in a derogatory manner to describe brand new things, and how sought after and fawned over they are by people who often already have perfectly good items said new thing would be replacing, usually in an attempt to stay hip or cool, be "first on the block," or keep up with the Joneses. Urban Dictionary

To void oneself of fecal matter in a computer literate way. Urban Dictionary

Something that always shows up when they think your a robot Urban Dictionary

Promise a game with less bugs than before, but comes out with more shitload than ever. Urban Dictionary

When you just get the "newest" or "latest" technology and then you see that the even newer version is to come out soon. And you mad. Urban Dictionary

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The word "latest" in example sentences

The latest improvements were hurried to the front, and adopted by both armies almost simultaneously; for hardly had the Federal bought, when the Confederate captured, and used, the _very latest_. ❋ Carlton McCarthy (1872)

While the term latest and greatest generally lasts only a day or two, the ❋ Unknown (2009)

Audrey gets the cool computers in this family – her latest is a laptop, a HP DV7-1183CL. ❋ Unknown (2009)

NPR's CEO Vivian Schiller said Williams 'comments were the latest is a series of troubling incidents over several years. ❋ Michelle Singletary (2010)

Last but not least, Larry (OF Blog of the Fallen) kick-started a heated debate on ASoIaF forum, questioning the premise that “the latest is also the greatest” - talking about debut efforts and (the veracity of) hype that builds around new authors – link. ❋ Unknown (2008)

This latest is a reversal after stonewalling the democrats on raising the federal minimum wage for several years and voting it down in session at least three previous times. ❋ Unknown (2006)

This latest is a comedy called The Great Buck Howard starring John Malkovich and his assistant Colin Hanks struggling to get their careers back on track. ❋ Unknown (2006)

I have tried every treatment known to medicine (I go to an excellent headache specialist), and the latest is an OTC preparation called Migravent. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Archeologists are presenting what they call the latest evidence that a traditional account of the peopling of the Americas is wrong. ❋ Jan (2008)

She continues to embrace what she calls the latest "advancements." ❋ Unknown (2007)

I read cookbooks like normal people read racy novels; and the latest is my copy of Molly Katzen's wonderful book "The Enchanted Broccoli Forest". ❋ Nupur (2005)

Lisa has been doing a series of rat sculptures - and the latest is a limited to 500 edition of a Neil Gaiman rat -- very cool, and if you've met Neil, you can DEFINITELY see him in this piece. ❋ Deep_bluze (2004)

He goes on to attack the Texas incantation of the Help America Vote intitiative, which he describes as the latest excuse to build a " giant, centralized, database for near real-time political-economic surveillance of everybody in this country, everywhere, all the time." ❋ Unknown (2005)

Citing what it calls latest and most accurate figures available, the report says that in the hake longline sector, fishing rights have been granted to 141 companies. ❋ Unknown (2002)

Mrs. Fisher, too, appearing frequently in the neighbourhood, drove over to impart her experiences and give Lily what she called the latest report from the weather-bureau; and the latter, who had never directly invited her confidence, could yet talk with her more freely than with Gerty Farish, in whose presence it was impossible even to admit the existence of much that Mrs. Fisher conveniently took for granted. ❋ Edith Wharton (1987)

"What's the latest with [Bitter]?" ❋ Mikesting (2014)

Matt: I've got [a girlfriend]. Sarah: [Ah], your [latest squeeze]? ❋ Miako_Samuio (2009)

The [Apple fanboys] always gotta have the latest and greatest, faithfully in line for new [iPads] and iPhones, even if their current ones are only a few months old and the new ones aren't that much different. Hayley, you already have 12 Prada bags, do you really need to chase down the latest and greatest? Gotta love how these spoiled hipsters use their [trust funds] on the latest and greatest! ❋ Kuahmel (2013)

Boss: "Who knows where [Milt] went? His report is late!" [Milt's] Work Bud: "I believe he is [downloading the latest software]." Boss: "Well, alrighty then. Gotta love his initiative!" ❋ KeVIInXI (2011)

[click] below to [start] reviewing [urban dictionary's] latest words! ❋ Ma Dude Bra (2019)

Dog, I did a [get latest] and my character is now rotating on himself while sliding Yesterday [my level] was playable, now everything is killing me, including the floor. [Hey boi], how you doin'? - Fine and you? - I did a get latest - I'm so sorry dude... ❋ GoldenCase (2018)

Ryan Keith Sams-hite acquired the newest [galaxy] right before seeing an ad for the [iPhone 6] causing him to contract the latest technology [blues]. ❋ Midnightdirtynames (2014)

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