Definitions of "Latigo"

A strap for tightening a saddle-girth. noun

A strap for tightening a saddle girth. noun

A strap used to tighten a cinch noun

The word "Latigo" in example sentences

She finished adjusting the latigo strap on her own horse and turned back to the Jenkins. Total War

After maneuvering around the corral several times, Ted managed to dodge the flying hoofs long enough to slip the saddle and tie the latigo. Ted Strong in Montana With Lariat and Spur

With the reins in his teeth, he worked loose the latigo and cinch, taking care not to trip the speeding horse. Kid Wolf of Texas

I asked sharply, and MacRae flung the same query over one shoulder as he fumbled at the tight-drawn latigo-knot. Raw Gold A Novel

Swinging from the saddle he threw the stirrup over the seat and became immediately absorbed in the readjustment of his latigo strap. The Texan A Story of the Cattle Country

"Tough luck," he remarked, as he adjusted the latigo strap. The Gold Girl

While beneath the legend was depicted a fat, vermilion clad cowboy mounted upon a tarantula-bodied, ass-eared horse of pink, in the act of hurling a cable-like rope which by some prodigy of dexterity was made to describe three double-bows and a latigo knot before its loop managed to poise in mid-air above the head of a rabbit-sized baby-blue steer whose horns exceeded in length the pair of Texas monstrosities that graced the doorway. The Texan A Story of the Cattle Country

Endicott pressed the outstretched hand with a mighty grip and turned swiftly away to fumble at his latigo strap. The Texan A Story of the Cattle Country

The girl glanced around and saw that Don Mike was busy with the latigo, so she leaned down, drew her arm around the astounded Conway's neck, and implanted on his ruddy, bristly cheek a kiss as soft -- so Bill The Pride of Palomar

He makes tighter the saddle; he is tying those latigo and he have the head bent leetle hit while he pull those latigo through the ring. The Pride of Palomar

"I guess you're ridin 'the best horse to-day," said Smith, as he dropped from the saddle to retie his latigo. 'Me--Smith'

She asked him to loop her latigo, which was trailing, and his hand shook as he fumbled with the leather strap. 'Me--Smith'

And she smiled before she added, ` ` A latigo is just the strap that fastens the cinch. Jean of the Lazy A

When she had tightened the cinch and looped up the latigo, and explained to Muriel just what she was doing, she immediately unsaddled him and laid the saddle down upon its side, with the blanket folded once on top, and stepped close to the manger. Jean of the Lazy A

` ` I should worry about the country, '' said Muriel despondently, ` ` if somebody would kindly tell me what looping up your latigo means. Jean of the Lazy A

What does latigo mean?

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