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Hyphenation N/A
Pronunciations /ˈlɒɹəld/

Definitions and meanings of "Laurelled"

What do we mean by laurelled?

To decorate with laurel, especially with a laurel wreath.

To enwreathe.

To award top honours to.

The kind of girl who laughs while reading all of this because it's scarily true. Urban Dictionary

Laurel- The most gorgeous girl in the universe. All she ever asks out of anyone is to be loved. Once you meet her, you never want to leave her side. No other girl can compare to her unworldly beauty. An angel in disguise. A girl that won't let life slip away. A girl that will wake up early just to watch the sunrise, and stay up late just to see the moon and count the stars. She has an amazing personality, and is completely lovable. You would kill just to see her smile. Likes performing. Usually a dancer. A little insecure at times, but can be very confident. A girl that brings the party wherever she goes. Gets hurt easily, but doesn't show it. Also has a tedency to repeat herself. The reason you wake up in the morning. THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND. A girl that will listen to your problems and makes you forget about all the bad in the world. Without her, life would be meaningless. Also known for her great fashion sense, and great taste in music. An amazing kisser. Loves the ocean. Completely unique, like her name. If you ever are lucky enough to come across a Laurel, hang on to her. Make her your bestfriend. And never let her go. Urban Dictionary

(adj.)- someone crazy(in a good way), sweet, silly, cute and ultimately a child at heart. Urban Dictionary

A girl that will take your breath away, without even trying. The crown jwel of everyones life around her. No matter what, if you see her smile it's impossible to frown. The girl that you would do anything just to see her smile. That smile makes your heart melt, and sends tingles down your spine. You can have fun with her, just doing nothing, swingging life away. Every second away from her is another second closer to the next time you will see her. The total package. You can try but, words can't even describe her. Urban Dictionary

A beautiful girl whos greatest wish is to be loved unconditionally. She loves dancing in the rain, spinning in endless circles till she collapses from exaustion and watches the colours of the rainbow fly overhead. Urban Dictionary

A beautiful, sweet-spirited, intelligent girl. Strong in her faith, prayerful but feisty! A home-body but still likes to see new sights and travel. Brilliant, competitive and a true friend! Urban Dictionary

A girl that is the total package. She has a beautiful face and a great body. Urban Dictionary

A beautiful, funny, crazy (in a good way) girl, who will always be there for you if you are her friend. she is an incredible person, although at times she is strange. but beware if you fall for her, you won't be the only one, and she is very indecisive. so scoop her up before someone else does. Urban Dictionary

A very pretty girl, with beautiful eyes and nice legs. Urban Dictionary

She is the best person on the face of the planet, she will melt your heart if she is even in the same room as you. She is beautifull, amazing, awesome, the best, kind, caring, etc. She is kind to everyone, but only has one boy in mind. Probbaly has brown hair and brown eyes. She puts all other girls to shame. Every boy has a secret crush on her. Her zodiac sign is probably ♋️. Urban Dictionary

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The word "laurelled" in example sentences

But now that the 80-year-old Mr. Eastwood has become a kind of grey panther of American auteurs, prolific and frequently laurelled, he's approaching the infinite with a new regard. ❋ Greater New York Staff (2010)

M. Paul Emanuel (it was he) returned from Rome, and now a travelled man, was not likely to be less tolerant of insubordination now, than before this added distinction laurelled his temples. ❋ Unknown (2003)

I have no doubt that Dwight Eisenhower will be laurelled with the Presidency any time he wants it, on either ticket. ❋ Michener, James (1982)

Hudson, Vicksburg, Morris Island, and elsewhere, stand forth in imperishable attestation of the fact that the distinction of being laurelled during life as victor, or filling [239] in death a hero's grave, is reserved for no colour, but for the heart that can dare and the hand that can strike boldly in a righteous cause. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

On the strongest shoulders he rides, and pulls the hair of laurelled heads. ❋ Benj. N. Martin (N/A)

Could not that laurelled head the flames restrain? ❋ 54 BC-19 BC Tibullus (N/A)

On the return of the Victorians from Sydney, a reporter for the _Herald_ designated them 'the laurelled warriors.' ❋ Horace Wyndham (N/A)

Party_, and of such a party he became the laurelled champion and leader. ❋ George Washington Williams (N/A)

Him the wise assembly of prophets attendeth, the venerable senate of apostles embraceth, the laurelled army of martyrs exalteth, the white-robed company of confessors accepteth, and the innumerable number of the elect receiveth with all honor and with all glory. ❋ Various (N/A)

The _Princess_ is a gentle satire on the age; and though, in striving for the reputation of originality, he sometimes mistakes the original for the beautiful, he is really the laurelled poet of England in merit as well as in title. ❋ Henry Coppee (N/A)

Hath fallen in his country's cause and found a laurelled grave -- ❋ Various (N/A)

Ovid dares to group him with the laurelled shades of Catullus and Gallus, of whom the former had lampooned the divine Julius and the latter had been exiled by Augustus. ❋ 54 BC-19 BC Tibullus (N/A)

Around him in that hallowed spot gathered a company more precious to God than ever assembled around the bier of a fallen emperor; there went up to heaven a wail of sorrow as heartfelt as ever was uttered over the grave of son or sire; and the death was as full of sadness and importance as could have been the demise of a laurelled chieftain or a titled senator. ❋ Daniel C. Eddy (N/A)

Not dazzling battle-bursts alone, not alone victorious charges on the trampled plain, not splendid triumphs, when laurelled legions march home from conquered provinces and humbled lands, not the mighty deeds of mighty men in camps, nor the mighty words of mighty men in senates, though all these do their part, and a grand part too -- not these alone give the great land its character and might. ❋ Various (N/A)

And in the morning I found one of the laurelled posts torn off and lying at random on the rainy ground; while the other still stood erect, green and glittering in the sun. ❋ Maisie Ward (1932)

Riding triumphantly laurelled to lap the fat of the years, -- ❋ Louis Untermeyer (1931)

And mourn our laurelled memories when we're killed. ❋ Siegfried Sassoon (1926)

From it, the high officials went out to be governors of distant provinces, and the lesser ones followed them to minor posts, but in spite of the distinction of such positions, distance and the inconvenience of travelling made the going a sort of laurelled banishment. ❋ B. 974? Murasaki Shikibu Izumi Shikibu (1920)

Riding triumphantly laurelled to lap the fat of the years, — ❋ Unknown (1920)

And mourn our laurelled memories when we’re killed. ❋ Unknown (1918)

[I'm a] Laurel and [this is] [hilarious] ❋ A Laurel (2011)

Justin: "DAMN. Laurel is so beautiful. I wish I was her boyfriend." David: "Dude, I know. But I [doubt] you'd get anywhere near her. I doubt ANYONE will get anywhere near her........[sigh]..." *walks away* Justin: "[FML]..." ❋ Iloveyouonetwothreefourfive (2011)

Laurel ❋ WildChildx23 (2010)

Yeah, thats [my girlfriend], shes [the laurel] of [my life] ❋ Whodoyouthinkiam54321 (2010)

[She is] so [amazingly] Laurel! ❋ Lauri Price (2007)

Laurelle is like [Ruth] or [Esther] in [the Bible] ❋ Bronwyny (2010)

"[Jessica Alba] is a laurel!" "[Dayum] [look at that] laurel!" ❋ Yeahiknowitwasyou (2008)

[Brian]:"Wow, Laurel is amazing and beautiful" [Danny]:"Yeah, I know, I want her to be my girlfriend" Brian:"[Me too]!" ❋ Heyheyhey1129 (2010)

Laurel she's some [pretty good] [lookin'] girl [I know]. ❋ Fanyhtjnyuh (2007)

[Joey]," Man I wish Laurel liked me." [Warren],"Laurel is [beautifull]." ❋ Apercyjacksonreader (2019)

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