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What do we mean by leaf?

A usually green, flattened, lateral structure attached to a stem and functioning as a principal organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in most plants. noun

A leaflike organ or structure. noun

Leaves considered as a group; foliage. noun

The state or time of having or showing leaves. noun

The leaves of a plant used or processed for a specific purpose. noun

Any of the sheets of paper bound in a book, each side of which constitutes a page. noun

A very thin sheet of material, especially metal. noun

Such leaves considered as a group. noun

A hinged or removable section for a table top. noun

A hinged or otherwise movable section of a folding door, shutter, or gate. noun

A section of drawbridge that moves upward or to the side. noun

One of several metal strips forming a leaf spring. noun

To produce leaves; put forth foliage. intransitive verb

To turn pages, as in searching or browsing. intransitive verb

To turn through the pages of. intransitive verb

(take a leaf from (someone)) To use (someone) as an example. idiom

(take a leaf from/out of) To use (someone) as an example. idiom

The usually green and flat organ that represents the most prominent feature of most vegetative plants.

Anything resembling the leaf of a plant.

A sheet of any substance beaten or rolled until very thin.

A sheet of a book, magazine, etc (consisting of two pages, one on each face of the leaf).

(in the plural) Tea leaves.

A flat section used to extend the size of a table.

A moveable panel, e.g. of a bridge or door, originally one that hinged but now also applied to other forms of movement.

A foliage leaf or any of the many and often considerably different structures it can specialise into.

In a tree, a node that has no descendants.

The layer of fat supporting the kidneys of a pig, leaf fat.

One of the teeth of a pinion, especially when small.


(4chan) A Canadian person.

/lēf/ NOUN informal offensive a contemptuous term for a Canadian person.  Urban Dictionary

To break a minor commitment, usually relating to attending a social gathering.  Urban Dictionary

Marijuana: Pot, reefer  Urban Dictionary

A person who choose the teams he's a fans of by the prevailing wind of who most likely to win the next championship. these fans are mostly in the NFC, Hence one year their a forty niner, the next a cowboy then green bay and so on and so  Urban Dictionary

Money (at least where im from)  Urban Dictionary

Any of the usually green organs borne by the stem of a plant and having photosynthesis and like several plants, predators which eat leaves like caterpillars.  Urban Dictionary

Canadian who let's his country get raped by bunch of monkeys and does nothing about it.  Urban Dictionary

Somebody who should start playing tfc again - god  Urban Dictionary

A peaceful thing that will take over your yard  Urban Dictionary

Verb meaning 'to give up a big lead and lose at the last moment', as the Toronto Maple Leafs did against the Boston Bruins in game 7 in the first round of the 2012/2013 NHL Playoffs.  Urban Dictionary

The word "leaf" in example sentences

How to use leaf in a sentence? Example sentences with the leaf, a sentence example for leaf, and how to make leaf in sample sentence, how do I use the word leaf in a sentence? How do you spell leaf in a sentence?

In a blender, macerate with water, fresh or dried drawing herbs: comfrey root or leaf, marshmallow root, burdock root, and/or plantain leaf*; with fresh or dried antimicrobial herbs: echinacea root, or leaves and flowers, and a fresh clove of garlic; or add a few drops essential oil of thyme to the finished poultice.   ❋ Andrea Candee (2000)

The term leaf should only be applied to the foliage.   ❋ Emma Peachey (N/A)

The first leaf was left blank; the second was the title leaf upon the top of which appeared the name of the Camp Fire, and at the bottom the date of the first council fire; following the title leaf each girl fills out her group of three leaves.   ❋ Irene Elliott Benson (N/A)

No; the mullein leaf is the best because it holds the water so nicely.   ❋ Unknown (1854)

For example, the Fini four leaf is better than the one leaf, and the Mazetti 4-leaf is better than its one leaf, but the Fini four leaf is a lot better than the Mazetti four leaf.   ❋ Meathead Goldwyn (2010)

The bark of the branch containing the bud and the leaf is then detached from the branch, by passing under it the bone handle of the budding-knife, which is made flat and thin on purpose, and raising it gradually up.   ❋ Jane (1845)

“A rule of thumb I always use is, when I can look down and identify what kind of leaf is at my feet,” Cota said.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Maybe the Soviets could take a leaf from the Jihad booklet and use terrorist bombings and assasinations to destabilise the West.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

In Maharashtra the banana leaf is laid vertical with the tip facing away from the body where as in South India the leaf is laid horizontal with the tip of the leaf pointing to the left.   ❋ Anjali (2009)

You never really touch them because your banana leaf is so laden with goodies.   ❋ Anjali (2009)

He's just picked a leaf from a bush, and he's trying it out now.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Now if the Government of Israel has taken a leaf from the Hafaz Assad playbook and, instead of using smart munitions to keep Palestinian casualties to a minimum, had instead arranged several hundred artillery pieces along the border with Gaza and turned that place into a free fire zone, then Mr. Farid would really have something to whine about.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Sits many variations include speckled and striped leaves, and exhibit a great deal of variety in leaf shape.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

And yes, I have a leaf from the tree. fostert Says:   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Atrazine has a half life of 72 hours on the ground in leaf litter.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

That fucking leaf keeps stinking up the microwave at work with his homemade poutine. ❋ JazzPoo (2016)

John was supposed to come to the party, but then he called and leafed. ❋ Never-will-i-leaf (2011)

Roll us up some of that leaf. Pretty soon we'll be down to seeds and stems again. ❋ Anonymous (2002)

Boy Andre was a Pats fan last year now he's crowing about the saints. yep he is nothing but a leaf! ❋ DARTH STEELER (2013)

A: yo, dude i need some leaf B: ok but no more! A: Aight, cheers man ❋ SpiderFlo (2006)

I got a leaf so the caterpillar can munch it up. ❋ JulianDB (2017)

"They are black, my SJW teacher taught me that I have to let them rape and pillage my home country and I'm too much of a worthless garbage to do anything about it" t: leaf ❋ Kiefkatcher (2017)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

What you got against a dang leaf, boi? ❋ Bonehead5000 (2020)

"The Halifax Mooseheads nearly leafed the 2013 CHL Memorial Cup final, but managed to hang on for the win." ❋ MarkAdamHFX (2013)

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