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What does the word left mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word left in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with left and anagrams of left.

Definitions of "left"

  • Of, belonging to, located on, or being the side of the body to the north when the subject is facing east. adjective
  • Of, relating to, directed toward, or located on the left side. adjective
  • Located on the left side of a person facing downstream: the left bank of a river. adjective
  • Of or belonging to the political or intellectual left. adjective
  • The direction or position on the left side. noun
  • The left side. noun
  • The left hand. noun
  • A turn in the direction of the left hand or side. noun
  • The people and groups who advocate liberal, often radical measures to effect change in the established order, especially in politics, usually to achieve the equality, freedom, and well-being of the common citizens of a state. Also called left wing. noun
  • The opinion of those advocating such measures. noun
  • Sports A blow delivered by a boxer's left hand. noun
  • Baseball Left field. noun
  • Toward or on the left. adverb
  • Past tense and past participle of leave1. verb
  • The opposite of right; toward the west when one is facing north. adjective
  • pertaining to the political left; liberal adjective
  • On the left side. adverb
  • Towards the left side. adverb
  • The left side or direction. noun

The word "left" in example sentences

Small point of pedantry... the Sedgefield speech was not on the day Blair left Downing St well he did of course leave Downing Street to get there, but it wasn't the day he *left* Downing Street.. [Wonder how much that seat cost?]

Only people who cling to old-fashioned customs still fold over the right side of a visiting-card to show that the card was left _in person_, and also fold over the _left side_ to show that the call was intended for _all_ the women of the household.. [Etiquette]

A square knot is tied by holding an end of a bandage or cord in each hand, and then passing the end in the _right_ hand over the one in the left and tying; the end now in the _left_ hand is passed over the one in the right and again tied.. [A Practical Physiology]

It should also be remarked that the cow-pony is guided, not by pulling either the right or left rein, but by the rider carrying his bridle hand over to the _left_ if he wants to go to the left, and vice versa.. [Ranching, Sport and Travel]

And she’s left no leggicies to speak on, —left it all in a lump to her husband’s nevvy.. [VII. Enter the Aunts and Uncles. Book I—Boy and Girl]

Likewise if you move the rear sight to the left (take left windage), the bullet will strike to the left_.. [Manual of Military Training Second, Revised Edition]

Pressing and rubbing _downward_ with the left hand on the lower _left_ side of the belly will do much to induce a movement of the bowels.. [Manual of Military Training Second, Revised Edition]

Raise the skirt, thus, the left foot in advance; the _left_, Peggy, child of despair! now bend the right knee, and slowly, slowly, sink thus, with grace and dignity.. [Three Margarets]

When we speak of _the left hand_, the form _left_ is really Kentish, and occurs in the _Ayenbite of. [English Dialects From the Eighth Century to the Present Day]

Away flies the punt to the left, and he is just about to bend to the sculls with the force of Goliath, when he perceives his mistake -- the divergence was to the _left_!. [The Red Man's Revenge A Tale of The Red River Flood]

When the horse is passing to the right, if the indications of the legs are continued the same and those of hands reversed, that is, if the left rein is felt stronger than the right, the horse changes from right pass to “_left shoulder in_” (in towards the centre of the school) that is, he continues to cross his legs and go sideways to the right, but he bends and looks to the left.. [Hints on Horsemanship, to a Nephew and Niece or, Common Sense and Common Errors in Common Riding]

Normal Attacks A - Slash to left [X] - Forward Stab -- > Combination Attacks A - Slash to left____ | \ A - Slash to right___ [X] - Downward slash to right | \ A - Downward slash [X] -. [IGN Complete]

Most right wing parties (excluding hyper-nationalistic ones) or in most of the Western world (Canada, France, etc) are to the left of the spectrum of the so called * left* wing main party in the US.. [Top Stories - Google News]

“That’s right for only 10 min a day you can Obamasize the fat-cats right out of Washington” “and 5 and 6 and left, left…far left..left…”. [Beat 360° 10/14/08]

Nothing directly was said of the interval until he described the main assault of the Federals: “they continued …,” he wrote, “still to press forward and before General A. P. Hill closed the interval which he had left between Archer and Lane, it was penetrated, and the enemy, pressing forward in overwhelming numbers through that interval, turned Lane’s right and Archer’s ’left.”. [Lee’s Lieutenants]

Speaking of the sweetness of Charles Lamb's smile, he says that "there is still one man living, a stockbroker, who has that smile," and adds: "To those who wish to see the only thing left on earth, _if it is still left_, of Lamb, his best and most beautiful remain -- his smile, I will indicate its possessor, Mr. ---- of Throgmorton. [English Men of Letters: Coleridge]

Left Translates

TurkishLeft English to Turkish Translate
s., i. sol, solda, sola ait; i. sol taraf; sol kanat. be in left field yedeğe alınmak. left hand sol taraf. left wing pol sol kanat.s., i. sol, solda, sola ait; i. sol taraf; sol kanat. be in left field yedeğe alınmak. left hand sol taraf. left wing pol sol kanat.

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