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Definitions of "less"

  • Not as great in amount or quantity: had less time to spend with the family. adjective
  • Lower in importance, esteem, or rank: no less a person than the ambassador. adjective
  • Consisting of a smaller number. See Usage Note at few. adjective
  • With the deduction of; minus: Five less two is three. preposition
  • To a smaller extent, degree, or frequency: less happy; less expensive. adverb
  • A smaller amount: She received less than she asked for. noun
  • Something not as important as something else: People have been punished for less. noun
  • less than Not at all: He had a less than favorable view of the matter. idiom
  • much Certainly not: I'm not blaming anyone, much less you. idiom
  • To smaller extent adverb
  • In lower degree adverb
  • Minus; not including preposition
  • To make less; to lessen. verb
  • Smaller; not so large or great; not so much; shorter; inferior adjective
  • Not so much; in a smaller or lower degree adverb
  • Unless. conjunction
  • A smaller portion or quantity. noun
  • The inferior, younger, or smaller. noun
  • To make less; to lessen. verb-transitive

The word "less" in example sentences

"I do not doubt that, at least so far as _I_ am concerned, I have been friends with more -- with less -- I mean with more -- no, with _less_ intereresting people.". [Honor Edgeworth Ottawa's Present Tense]

_The more ... the more_, _the less ... the less_, are translated by means of the particles _ju_ and _des_.. [Esperanto Self-Taught with Phonetic Pronunciation]

Hatred, which an immoderate Zeal swells some bigotted Sectaries with, nor the unlucky Spoils of these poor People, render criminal or miserable the _most faithful_ of your Subjects; to whom their lawful King, as you are, is not _the less dear_, nor _less respected_, because of a _different Belief_ from _theirs_.. [An Essay on the Antient and Modern State of Ireland]

+Positive Degree+; that which expresses the quality in a greater or a less degree, as _sweeter_, _less sweet_, is of the +Comparative Degree+; and that which expresses the quality in the greatest or the least degree, as. [Higher Lessons in English A work on english grammar and composition]

If one man less admirable than another; if his friends and his entertainments are inclined to become rowdy and discreditable, does he need help _less_, or more?. [A College Girl]

The claims of evil become both less and more in Christian Science, than in human philosophies or creeds: _more_, because the evil that is hidden by dogma and human reason is uncovered by Science; and _less_, because evil, being thus uncovered, is found out, and exposure is nine points of destruction.. [No and Yes]

There had certainly been so many important changes in myself during the same period, that it becomes me to speak with hesitation on this point: but even the common class seemed less peculiar, less English, _less provincial_, if one might use such an expression, as applied to so great a nation; in short, more like the rest of the world than formerly.. [Recollections of Europe]

And to this I must negatively answer, _Not to be less religious, that we may differ the less_.. [The Life and Most Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner (1801)]

And the problem she faces is  to find a less physically compromising way, "- now listen to this -" a less  physically compromising way to express her blocked needs. ". [TEDBUNDY]

"Certainly not," assented Bates kindly, linking his arm in mine as he spoke; "certainly not; you would be something more or less -- _less_, I should be inclined to say -- than human if you could.. [The Pirate Slaver A Story of the West African Coast]

III. ii.3 (320,3) We know him for no less] That is, _we know him_ by report to be _no less_ than you represent him, though we are strangers to his person.. [Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies]

But I would be using the term less professionally than I prefer.. [The Will]

I prefer a semi-naked male chest - I always believe in less is best.. [Angels' Blood Countdown: Lora Leigh - Nauti Intentions ARC]

In each of the four major leagues, the best regular-season team has won the title less than half the time since 1966—with baseball 29% being easily the lowest.. [The Regular Season Is for Suckers]

Wilbur, searching for a simpler explanation, ascribed it to “pettiness,” observing that Ickes changed the name less than a week after Hoover visited the construction site for the first time as a private citizen.. [Colossus]

The Republican Party of Marathon County has stripped its spokesman of his title less than three months after he wrote a column critical of conservative .... [Sue Wilson: Talk Radio Rules Blue Dog States]

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