Definitions of "Lester"

A dry sirocco in the Madeira Islands. noun

The word "Lester" in example sentences

Typical. it said all people with the name lester are worthless pieces of crap. MMA Mania

We left the hostel and hopped on the tube to get to Leicester Square (pronounced "lester" square) to meet Patrick. TravelPod.com TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at TravelPod.com

Michael Ledeen is a crank conspiracy theorist, the neocon equivalent of Lyndon LaRouche and Alex Jones (though, in fairness to Jones, at least he is right about somethings). lester Ledeen Once Again Has His Hand on the Iranian Pulse « Antiwar.com Blog

April 1st, 2009 at 6: 59 am selling off the gold?. lester The Greatest Blunder in British History « Antiwar.com Blog

September 9th, 2009 9: 33 pm ET the current system is broken, so why are the people so scared to change? lester smith Obama: Nation is at 'a breaking point' over health care

They get us fighting among ourselves as liberals or conservatives while they go on their merry way starting wars and spending us into oblivion. lester CPAC Warmongering Etc. « Antiwar.com Blog

You know, cause the ‘regime changing’ Amerikans are gonna save their day. lester The Suffrage Green Preservation Society « Antiwar.com Blog

Photo By lester crisman one misty foggy morning around the bend in the road, here stands this beautiful buck standing in the water just off the beach area of lake como, wi. a once in a life time photo. i grabbed my camera and snapped a photo before spooking the deer. just after i took the picture, the buck chased a doe in front of my truck! rutting season. Field & Stream

Can you imagine a more insensate bunch of bozos than the American voters? lester Elliott Abrams as McCain’s Top Foreign Policy Aide? « Antiwar.com Blog

It would also be nice if they understood that arguments for continued occupation and for ASAP-withdrawal can be launched from any of those camps. lester McCain as Neo-Con, Obama as Neo-Con « Antiwar.com Blog

As for luxuries like a trillion dollar a year army – Good-bye to all that. lester Muravchik: McCain Will Bomb Iran « Antiwar.com Blog

Why send someone who gets tongue tied and looks like a dimwit? lester Justin Raimondo vs. Christopher Hitchens on al-Jazeera « Antiwar.com Blog

September 30th, 2008 at 5: 01 am the sun shines out of its backside and thats how it should be used (the soft tissue version) lester Neocon Sun Setting « Antiwar.com Blog

What matters this distraction say as mainstream media sideshow for groundlings? lester Klein-Neocon Conflict Gathers Steam « Antiwar.com Blog

Only Cheney, the neocons, and Israel favor it. lester Cheney Must Be Very Angry « Antiwar.com Blog

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