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What do we mean by lethargia?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word lethargia. Define lethargia, lethargia synonyms, lethargia pronunciation, lethargia translation, English dictionary definition of lethargia.

This is an extreme laziness that is often brought on by sitting in a dark room for 3 months masterbatingn and watching various American comedies for every hour when you are not at work or doing something that is compulsory. Urban Dictionary

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The word "lethargia" in example sentences

[11] _Decidit in acutam (febrem) quam cum multis diebus fovisset nec a citris quibus in magna quantitatæ et ex consuetudine vescebatur ... minime abstineret ... ad ultimum in lethargia prolapsus vitam finivit. ❋ Paul Sabatier (1893)

" i'd go into further [detail] about my [illness] doctor, but i seem to be [suffering] from Lethargia ❋ Danny McFudgehole (2009)

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What does lethargia mean?

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