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Definitions and meanings of "Life"

What do we mean by life?

The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter, manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, and response to stimuli or adaptation to the environment originating from within the organism. noun

The characteristic state or condition of a living organism. noun

Living organisms considered as a group. noun

A living being, especially a person. noun

The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence. noun

The interval of time between birth and death. noun

The interval of time between one's birth and the present. noun

A particular segment of one's life. noun

The period from an occurrence until death. noun

A sentence of imprisonment lasting till death. noun

The time for which something exists or functions. noun

A spiritual state regarded as a transcending of corporeal death. noun

An account of a person's life; a biography. noun

Human existence, relationships, or activity in general. noun

A manner of living. noun

A specific, characteristic manner of existence. Used of inanimate objects. noun

The activities and interests of a particular area or realm. noun

The state of organisms preceding their death, characterized by biological processes such as metabolism and reproduction and distinguishing them from inanimate objects; the state of being alive and living.

The animating principle or force that keeps an inorganic thing or concept metaphorically alive (dynamic, relevant, etc) and makes it a "living document", "living constitution", etc.

Lifeforms, generally or collectively.

A living individual; the fact of a particular individual being alive. (Chiefly when indicating individuals were lost (died) or saved.)


A period of time during which something has existence.

Animation; spirit; vivacity.

A biography.

Nature, reality, and the forms that exist in it.

An opportunity for existence.

The life insurance industry.

A life assured under a life assurance policy (equivalent to the policy itself for a single life contract).

A sexually-transmitted, terminal disease. Urban Dictionary

The meaningless void between birth and death. Urban Dictionary

The activity you are participating in currently Urban Dictionary

Life's a test..... do you pass? Urban Dictionary

Punishment for eating an apple. Urban Dictionary

A phenomenon I found myself in one day. By no other means shall I try to explain it. Urban Dictionary

A terminal disease contracted during birth and has a 100% mortality rate. Urban Dictionary

Shit yes, it's shit and we are all gonna die in a few years Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

Context in which the good things are expensive, the yummy things make you fat and the fun things are sinful. Urban Dictionary

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The word "life" in example sentences

As 'nightmare' scenario unfolds in one plant, auto union fights for 'American way of life' yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'As \'nightmare\' scenario unfolds in one plant, auto union fights for \'American way of life\ ''; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: As bargaining for a new contract begins, GM, Ford and Chrysler will push autoworkers for wage and benefit concessions. ❋ Unknown (2007)

This is your life flashing before your eyes, this is your ~life~ passing you by. ❋ Wendchymes (2007)

This literature tends to show subjects 'self-ratings of well-being or happiness are based partly on pleasure, partly on the absence of negative affect, and partly on their views of how well they are achieving the ends they regard as important in life (their ˜life satisfaction™). ❋ Katz, Leonard D. (2006)

If what I have found so far and my search has not ended yet, nor will it ever likely is accurate- that life begins at fertilization both by the independent definition of “life” and a scientific understanding of the life cycle- then abortion must end. ❋ Unknown (2005)

He also credits Aristotle with saying: “Teachers who educated children deserved more honour than parents who merely gave them birth; for bare life is furnished by the one, the other ensures a good life” (p. 463). ❋ Unknown (1989)

_The girl must prepare for life work in the home, or life work outside the home, or a period of either followed by the other, or perhaps a combination of both during some part or even all of her mature life_. ❋ Marguerite Stockman Dickson (N/A)

Now those who regard literature as an important thing, playing a significant part in the life of a nation, must, as I have already indicated, seek in it something more positive than a _distraction_ from life; for them it must be an _addition to life_. ❋ Rolfe Arnold Scott-James (N/A)

Now, relying on these discoveries, as well as upon the successful demonstration, by inorganic means, of organic acids in chemistry, and starting from the supposition that the first appearance of life must necessarily be explained by those agencies which are already active in the inorganic nature, many scientists have attempted the so-called _mechanical explanation of life_. ❋ Rudolf Schmid (N/A)

There are, as I suppose, the following several kinds of life: (1) _Spirit life_; (2) _Moral life_; (3) _Electric life_. ❋ Daniel Clark (N/A)

In New York the frontier was just beyond the posts on the Hudson River; and in Virginia life outside of the oldest settlements was strictly "_life on the border_." ❋ William Worthington Fowler (N/A)

_After the death_, &c. 172, l. 3. _or_ else it _should cost life for life_; and that in a short time they should be like hogs kept for slaughter, by this vitious ❋ John Knox (N/A)

Not enough that you would barter my life -- yes, my _life_ -- for gold, sell my heart's blood for your own ease and comfort? ❋ Lawrence L. Lynch (N/A)

It appears to be the only kind of matter with which life is ever associated, and for this reason protoplasm is called the _physical basis of life_. ❋ Francis M. Walters (N/A)

By nature it is implanted in man that he should live in civil society, for since he cannot attain in solitude the necessary means of civilized life, it is a Divine provision that he comes into existence adapted for taking part in the union and assembling of men, both in the Family and in the State, which alone can supply adequate facilities for _the perfecting of life_. ❋ Various (N/A)

“The life of the kings of Egypt, ” says Diodorus, “was not like that of other monarchs who are irresponsible and may do just what they choose; on the contrary, everything was fixed for them by law, not only their official duties, but even the details of their daily life…. ❋ Unknown (1922)

“Private life, ” Weems avowed, “is real life”; and though, lacking first-hand knowledge, he was obliged to invent, he seemed intimate and credible to an audience somewhat overwhelmed by the heavy splendor of the more official orations and odes and sermons called forth by Washington’s death. ❋ Unknown (1921)

As Platonism began with the ideal of the good or the object of life, so the new idealism begins with the conviction of duty, or _the story of life_. ❋ Ralph Barton Perry (1916)

NATURAL phenomenon of human life brings us to the scientifical source of ethics and I prove that the so-called “highest ideals of humanity” have nothing of “sentimentalism” or of the “_super_natural” in them, but are exclusively the _fulfilment_ of the _natural laws_ for the _human class of life_. ❋ Alfred Korzybski (1914)

The true preacher can be known by this, that he deals out to the people his life, —life passed through the fire of thought. ❋ Unknown (1909)

We may then take it, without prejudice to any special belief, that the spiritual life we wish to study is _one life_; based on experience of one Reality, and manifested in the diversity of gifts and graces which men have been willing to call true, holy, beautiful and good. ❋ Evelyn Underhill (1908)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

[Life's a bitch], [and then] you [die]. ❋ Mr. Cynic (2005)

[Insert Name] is reading UrbanDictionary because it is the most intriguing activity that Insert Name could think of doing at the moment in his life. ([Sailor Jerry] [says hi]) ❋ Wittyname (2010)

At age 4, success is...not peeing [in your pants]. At age 12, success is...having friends. At age 16, success is...having [a driver's] [license]. At age 20, success is...having sex. At age 35, success is...having money. At age 50, success is...having money. At age 60, success is...having sex. At age 70, success is...having a driver's license. At age 75, success is...having friends. At age 90, success is...not peeing in your pants. ❋ Ay Yo (2004)

god damn [eve] and her [fat ass] for eating [an apple], life is her fault. ❋ DoUNoTylrDurden (2005)

[My life] is rapidly becoming a [pun] for a seriously [disturbed] joke. ❋ Bulletproof Marshmallow (2003)

Don't take life to seriously. [You'll never] [get out of it] [alive] ❋ Garabaldi (2003)

[Boy 1]: [how do] you think [your life] is? Boy2: Shit ❋ Megumisgf (2022)

[Life] is like [a dick], when it gets [hard fuck] it! ❋ I'll Never Tell (2003)

life in the 'emergin' [countries] ❋ Cordelia (2004)

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