Definitions and meanings of "Light"

What do we mean by light?

Electromagnetic radiation that is visible, perceivable by the normal human eye as colors between red and violet, having frequencies between 400 terahertz and 790 terahertz and wavelengths between 750 nanometers and 380 nanometers. noun

Electromagnetic radiation of any frequency or wavelength. noun

The sensation of perceiving light; brightness. noun

A source of light, especially a lamp, a lantern, or an electric lighting fixture. noun

The illumination derived from a source of light. noun

The particular quantity or quality of such illumination. noun

The pathway or route of such illumination to a person. noun

A source of fire, such as a match or cigarette lighter. noun

A mechanical device that uses illumination as a signal or warning, especially a beacon or traffic signal. noun

Daylight. noun

Dawn; daybreak. noun

Something, such as a window, that admits illumination. noun

One of two or more openings in a window divided by a mullion or mullions. noun

Something that provides information or clarification. noun

A state of awareness or understanding, especially as derived from a particular source. noun

Visible electromagnetic radiation. The human eye can typically detect radiation (light) in the wavelength range of about 400 to 750 nanometers. Nearby shorter and longer wavelength ranges, although not visible, are commonly called ultraviolet and infrared light.

A source of illumination.

Spiritual or mental illumination; enlightenment, useful information.

(in the plural) Facts; pieces of information; ideas, concepts.

A notable person within a specific field or discipline.

The manner in which the light strikes a picture; that part of a picture which represents those objects upon which the light is supposed to fall; the more illuminated part of a landscape or other scene; opposed to shade.

A point of view, or aspect from which a concept, person or thing is regarded.

A flame or something used to create fire.

A firework made by filling a case with a substance which burns brilliantly with a white or coloured flame.

A window, or space for a window in architecture.

The series of squares reserved for the answer to a crossword clue.

A cross-light in a double acrostic or triple acrostic.

Open view; a visible state or condition; public observation; publicity.

The power of perception by vision.

The brightness of the eye or eyes.

A traffic light, or, by extension, an intersection controlled by one or more that will face a traveler who is receiving instructions.

Really bright stuff.  Urban Dictionary

Not difficult, facile  Urban Dictionary

Easy; short for "light-work"  Urban Dictionary

A lighter, matches, or a magnifying glass (when doing solars) used to light a cigar, cigarette, pipe, bowl, bong, binger, bubbler, joint, junt, blunt, or spliff  Urban Dictionary

Consists of photons, quanta of electromagnetic field  Urban Dictionary

Short on cash, unable to pay one's way  Urban Dictionary

To blow up violently, usually through shooting.  Urban Dictionary

Something that Mario didn't bring when it was kinda dark.  Urban Dictionary

An object that produces a flame for igniting something.  Urban Dictionary

1) hella good 2) easy as pie 3)happy 4)high, drug induced  Urban Dictionary

The word "light" in example sentences

How to use light in a sentence? Example sentences with the light, a sentence example for light, and how to make light in sample sentence, how do I use the word light in a sentence? How do you spell light in a sentence?

This effect of great light, is an almost invariable accompaniment of supra-consciousness, although there are instances of undoubted cosmic consciousness in which the realization has been a more gradual growth, rather than a sudden influx, in which the phenomenon of _light_ is not greatly marked.   ❋ Unknown (N/A)

We also hold these lights in our hands to honor Christ, and to acknowledge him as the _true light_, [5] whom they represent under this character, and who is called by holy Simeon in this mystery, _a light for the enlightening of the   ❋ Alban Butler (N/A)

A change in the direction of a small portion of the sun's light passing by the solid body of the moon, it being deflected outward by repulsion or reflection from its surface, and other portions being deflected inward after passing the body by mutual repulsion of its own elements toward a _light vacuum_ or space devoid of the element of vibration.   ❋ Various (N/A)

"Variable as the shade, by the light quivering aspen made"; but variable as the _light_, manifold in fair and serene division, that it may take the color of all that it falls upon, and exalt it.   ❋ Various (N/A)

It may be that the mental side is weak; that it is lazy and does not want to think; that the only food it craves is the sensational, and light, _very light_ reading and not much of that.   ❋ Margaret Slattery (N/A)

A correspondent of Mr. Knight's suggests {114} for the word _delight_ in this passage, also, a new derivation; using _de_ as a negation, and _light (lux), delighted_, removed from the regions of light.   ❋ Various (N/A)

They report: 'Instead of the gas giving increased light as the rate of consumption is increased, it will be seen that _in every case_ there is a point beyond which the _light decreases_ relatively to the proportion of gas consumed.   ❋ Various (N/A)

_Delight_ is naturally formed by the participle _de_ and _light_, to make light, in the same way as "debase," to make base, "defile," to make foul.   ❋ Various (N/A)

This is sometimes used as a source of light, under the name of _Drummond_ or _lime light_.   ❋ William McPherson (N/A)

Christ Himself is called "the light of the world," and that He once made the very significant remark: "If thine eye be single, _thy whole body shall be full of light_."   ❋ Hereward Carrington (1919)

In this conflict of light against darkness I do battle for the right, but I sometimes imagine that I have gone over to the enemy, that I am a vile deserter; and I hear a voice from Patmos saying, “And men loved darkness rather than light”; and then I am filled with terror, and I look upon myself as lost.   ❋ Unknown (1917)

It is only when they preach or teach these preliminaries, these accessories, to be more important than Literature itself—it is only when they, owing all their excuse in life to the established daylight, din upon us that the precedent darkness claims precedence in honour, that one is driven to utter upon them this dialogue, in monosyllables: And God said, ‘Let there be light’: and there was light.   ❋ Unknown (1916)

The opposite party, however, did their utmost to darken the light; for they maintained that _shade is a part of light_.   ❋ Kuno Francke (1892)

God is He who dwelleth in a light that is unapproachable, whom no man hath seen or can see: it is the _light_ of the knowledge of the _glory_ of God that He gives into our hearts.   ❋ Andrew Murray (1872)

If then we can only make this light _available_, it is clear that we shall have acquired a large increase of _light_ from the distant object.   ❋ Unknown (1862)

Those who are walking in the light can see what sort of requests to put up, when to put them up, and how to put them up; they see it all, because they are _in the light_.   ❋ Catherine Mumford Booth (1859)

Those who witnessed the visible exhibitions of His power were prepared to listen with the deepest interest to His words when He declared -- "I am the light of the world; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the _light of life_."   ❋ Unknown (1854)

In other words, they are THE VERY SUBSTANCE of light, _in_ the Deity: _Fire_, which is that light, limited and furnished with attributes, so that it _can_ be revealed, but yet remains unrevealed, and its _splendor_ or out-shining, or the _light_ that goes out from the fire.   ❋ Albert Pike (1850)

"Shit, look at all that whiteness" "Yep, that's light" "Wow" ❋ Anon (2005)

That math test was mad light. ❋ Jason Vernon (2004)

Evan: how was the history test? mike: it was light ❋ Joshua, S (2007)

Hey man can i get a light, i'm tryin'a burn one. ❋ Marklloyddrosnes (2006)

Green light has a wavelength around 500nm ❋ BRHeckman (2005)

I can't pay you back just yet. I'm a little light for the rest of the month. ❋ Friscola (2012)

Light his ass up. We're going to drive by and light your front door up. ❋ Domino (2006)

Mario: Gee it's kinda dark. Luigi: You bring a light? Mario: NO. ❋ Keyslayer101 (2010)

Pass me the light and a cigarette. ❋ FJS (2006)

1) mmmm this ice cream is hella light 2)person1:did you take mrs. b's test? person2:yeah, that test was light 3)person1:mmmmmm, this ice cream makes me light 4) person1:dude, after smoking that blunt i felt light as fuck person2:church ❋ MEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (2007)

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