Character 4
Hyphenation like
Pronunciations /laɪk/

Definitions and meanings of "Like"

What do we mean by like?

Used with a past infinitive or with to and a simple past form to indicate being just on the point of or coming near to having done something in the past. auxiliary verb

To find pleasant or attractive; enjoy. intransitive verb

To want to have. intransitive verb

To prefer. intransitive verb

To feel about; regard. intransitive verb

To believe or predict that (a certain competitor) will win a contest. intransitive verb

To perform well under (a given condition) or using (a given feature). intransitive verb

To be pleasing to. intransitive verb

To have an inclination or a preference. intransitive verb

To be pleased. intransitive verb

Something that is liked; a preference. noun

(like it or not) No matter how one might feel. idiom

Of similar form, appearance, or quality; of corresponding kind, amount, extent, degree, etc.; corresponding; equal or equivalent; analogous; agreeing in some noticeable respect: as, territory of like extent; two men of like pursuits and tastes.

Having resemblance; similar in any respect; resembling: followed by to or a dative case (sometimes by as), the word or phrase governed by to being, however, often omitted: as, they are as like (to each other) as two peas.

Likely; liable.

Synonyms Allied, cognate, analogous, parallel.

A person or thing resembling another; a counterpart; a resemblance; a similar character, condition, or example. noun

Body; form; the body of a human being or of any animal. noun

A dead body; a corpse. noun

(usually in the plural) Something that a person likes (prefers).

An individual vote showing support for, or approval of, something posted on the Internet.

The word "like" in example sentences

I dont think anything new or different could revive his career or the publics interest and frankly, he doesnt make a believable lead man, especially when it comes to romance… Will Ferrell or not, this movie seems like it will fail. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Plus I like absurd but not "dirty" Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey. ❋ Jeff C (2010)

I like not ordinary movies like these. not that i am gay or enything but. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Feels like to its alot of filler for February and we are just waiting for March 6th and …. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Just like producers in the music industry, most writers and directors in Hollywood are simply work for hire hoes that go from job to job in order to make a living. ❋ Dart Adams (2009)

*** Remember with us you can eat & drink what you like; read what you like; marry anyone you like; be gay if you like*** ❋ Unknown (2008)

He actually did look like the punisher.thats my 2 cents ,,like it's worth even 1,so enjoy or don't,but hey I didn't agree with the reveiwer but lets ease off the personal slammming it's pretty low rent. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Law & Order is annoying in a lot of ways but I like shows *like* that. ❋ Ann Althouse (2008)

At least the new school had nothing like "money for soup" hahahahhahahahahaha....still think my ending for the teacher would have been better she limped for a month after that! ❋ Princesa (2007)

I feel like my life is mostly "in place" ... except for having a job that I *love* ... hell, or even having a job that I *like* ❋ Vuboq (2006)

Better to give her ‘closed’ options well she is a person and we all like to have some “Would you like to go and swing or go for a walk”…that way you get out and she gets to choose the activity…you both win. ❋ Unknown (2006)

I walked over to Mom and put my arms around her and said stuff like "I didn't mean it" and "I don't want to go to Atlanta" and "I _like _tuna surprise." ❋ Unknown (2004)

I would like - to have one job instead of three, to have some classes I feel really involved in, a boy I actually * like*. ❋ Misspinkkate (2004)

She refused to believe that someone like that, could * like* someone * like* me. ❋ Calimae (2003)

I just love the abstraction of ordering things over the Internet; it makes me feel less like a real person and more like… well, a borg with really excellent taste in handbags. ❋ Kinaesthesia (2002)

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