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Define liker, liker synonyms, liker pronunciation, liker translation, English dictionary definition of liker. Democracy's premise rests on the notion that the collective wisdom of the majority will prove right more often than it's wrong; that given sufficient opportunity in the pursuit of happiness, your population will develop its talents, its intellect, its better judgment; that over time its capacity for discernment and self-correction will be enlarged. [Ben Fountain]

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How to use liker in a sentence? Example sentences with the liker, a sentence example for liker, and how to make liker in sample sentence, how do I use the word liker in a sentence? How do you spell liker in a sentence?

I liker the retro-40s look for Carol and how they managed to make one of those cheap plastic giveaway promo GL rings look good in the one shot. Another Green Lantern Fan Made Movie Trailer | /Film

So a real fan or terminator liker have to recognize that we are against a serious problem of this T5 plan.... McG Plans To Bring The Future War Back in Time in Terminator 5 | /Film

Emperor with something liker an obeisance than he had hitherto paid. Count Robert of Paris

Merkel is no big liker of LeChimp, but she is Corporatist. Report: Bush Officials Not Happy About Possible Obama Speech At Brandenburg Gate

It calls for a new form of measurement which takes into account a whole new set parameters including the "liker's" level of engagement with the brand, duration of being a "liker" and more. The Next Web

In this respect, he falls in the tradition of the southern demagogue: grinning with and sharing pot liker and cornbread with black folks, while signifying about them before whites. Going Old South On Obama: Ma and Pa Clinton Flog Uppity Black Man

So if you're a Toronto FC liker who likes Red Bull the drink, eep. Sober Second Thoughts: That one kinda hurt

But back in flashback land we start to see things heading south between Angela and her sister Alice, who can control the weather like it ain’t no thing, as Angela starts to plan an escape from the facility with some other ability abled youngsters liker herself. TV Review: ‘Heroes’ Episode: ‘1961′ | We Are Movie Geeks

In reality though, extroversion was not related to being a liker or expecting to be liked. Who Is Popular at First Sight?

Just liker their Ponzi-scheme economy it was all a total fraud. WAKE UP and smell the coffee - Free Market Capitalism Has Failed!

One contributor put it best when he said, "So instead of Facebook fans, marketers will have Facebook" liker "? Affiliate Classroom Blog

But therein lies the rub - I'm largely a music liker, not a music lover. September 2008

I still think the Magellanic Streams should be studied in light of other ancient stellar streams located in the halo of the Milky Galaxy like the Sagattarius stream parts A & B as well as other putative stellar streams liker the orphan stream, etc. Spitzer, the Wallpaper Factory, Does it Again | Universe Today

Definitely a Whedon-liker (okay, devoted fan but I don't like to admit it about anything or anyone) and looking very much forward to the show and my first reaction was a mighty "WTF" when I saw the headline. Joss Whedon Shuts Down Dollhouse Production for Two Weeks | /Film

But therein lies the rub - I'm largely a music liker, not a music lover. [Tuesday Push]

And when it came to The Shimmer, I was only a book liker. Archive 2009-08-01

Logan also understood Veronica better than her other boyfriends because he had issues just liker her. Win VERONICA MARS Season 3 on DVD | the TV addict

And when it came to The Shimmer, I was only a book liker. Book Review: "The Shimmer" by David Morrell

Aimee doe ya fink they should make em liker like 25 mins Cars Toons Clips | /Film

In contrast, it's worth noting that those more sophisticated hedge fund investors -- liker the insiders -- are also taking the recent market rally -- a string of 7 consecutive winning sessions in which the Dow jumped 508 points -- with a grain of salt. Dan Dorfman: Pamplona Bulls Wall Street Bound?

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What does the word liker mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word liker in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with liker and anagrams of liker. Looking for online definition of liker in the dictionary? Liker explanation free. What is liker? Meaning of liker term.

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