Character 8
Hyphenation lim i ta ry
Pronunciations /ˈlɪmɪtəɹi/

Definitions and meanings of "Limitary"

What do we mean by limitary?

Of or relating to a limit or boundary. adjective

Limiting; restrictive. adjective

Marking or maintaining a limit or boundary; limiting; restrictive.

Subject to limitation; restricted within limits; limited.

That which constitutes a limit or boundary, as a stretch of land; a border-land. noun

Same as limiter, 2. noun

That which serves to limit; a boundary; border land. noun

A limiter. See Limiter, 2. noun

Placed at the limit, as a guard. adjective

Confined within limits; limited in extent, authority, power, etc. adjective

Limiting, or tending to limit; restrictive. adjective

Of or pertaining to a limit or boundary adjective

That limits or restricts adjective

Of or pertaining to a limit or boundary.

That limits or restricts.

Confined within limits; limited in extent, authority, power, etc.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Limitary

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The word "limitary" in example sentences

It is a perfect cosmopolite in essence and in action; it has nothing local or limitary in its nature; it participates the character of the soul from which it emanated. ❋ Unknown (2006)

He was reminded, however, that his power was limitary, and that he would not be allowed to exceed it. ❋ Unknown (2003)

For a philosopher should not see with the eyes of the poor limitary creature calling himself ❋ Unknown (2003)

The brilliant dare-devil from Italy despised alike the raw, limitary, reputable, priggish undergraduates and the dull, snuffling, smug-looking, fussy dons. ❋ Unknown (2003)

The Philippine Commission commenced its functions as the legislative body, with limitary executive powers in addition, on September 1, ❋ John Foreman (N/A)

He is finely _imagined_, and poorly _conceived_, -- true, that is, to the inspiring substance of man, but not true to his limitary form: for imagination gives the revealing form, conception the form which limits and conceals. ❋ Various (N/A)

But if, on the other hand, his book be written in full, unblinking view of all that is fixed and limitary in man and around him, and if, in face of this, it conduct growth to its consummation, then we may give him something better than any praise, -- namely, heed. ❋ Various (N/A)

He is still a little straitened, a little pestered by the doubting and critical optics which our time turns upon man, a little victimized by his knowledge of limitary conditions and secondary laws. ❋ Various (N/A)

It would be easy to add exceptions to the limitary tone of English thought, and much more easy to adduce examples of excellence particular veins: and if, going out of the region of dogma, we pass into that of general culture, there is no end of the graces and amenities, wit, sensibility, and erudition, of the learned class. ❋ Unknown (1909)

Through courts, through camps, o'er limitary floods; ❋ Unknown (1888)

In literature and science the Greek intellect followed no beaten track, and acknowledged no limitary rules. ❋ Rossiter Johnson (1885)

When we see the opinion which Chaucer has expressed of the regular clergy of his time, in some of his other tales, we are tempted to suspect some mixture of irony in the compliment which ascribes the exile of the fairies, with which the land was "fulfilled" in King Arthur's time, to the warmth and zeal of the devotion of the limitary friars. ❋ Unknown (1885)

In continuation of the passage 'It is the Self free from Sin,' &c., which refers to the small ether, the text says: 'it is a bank, a limitary support, that these worlds may not be confounded.' ❋ George Thibaut (1881)

Just as a dam stems the spreading water so that the boundaries of the fields are not confounded, so that Self acts like a limitary dam in order that these outer and inner worlds, and all the different castes and â/s/ramas may not be confounded. ❋ George Thibaut (1881)

Its outlook, over the highway, is on to a tract of country just being broken up by builders, beyond which a conglomerate of factories, with chimneys ever belching heavy fumes, closes the view; its rear windows regard a scrubby meadow, grazed generally by broken-down horses, with again a limitary prospect of vast mills. ❋ George Gissing (1880)

Waving blooming country of the brightest green, dotted all over with handsome villas, handsome groves crossed by roads and human traffic, here inaudible, or heard only as a musical hum; and behind all swam, under olive-tinted haze, the illimitable limitary ocean of London, with its domes and steeples definite in the sun, big Paul's and the many memories attached to it hanging high over all. ❋ Unknown (1871)

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What does limitary mean?

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