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The word "lingular" in example sentences

Video-assisted limited anteriors thoracotomy approach ftr lingular segmentectomy and left anterior descending coronary artery bypass. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Video-assisted limited anterior thoracotomy approach for lingular segmentectomy and left anterior descending coronary artery bypass. ❋ Unknown (2008)

It is a natural confequence of this deep bay, although at Amboyna it is thought fome - thing very lingular, that when the current fets into it along Hitoe, it muft run out, in an oppofite direction, along Leytimor, and vice verfd in the contrary cafe. ❋ Unknown (1812)

A lingular phenomenon was related to us refpeding this ifland; viz. that it never 'rains here, and that it has neither fpring nor river, but that it produces a large tree, the leaves of which continually diftil excellent water; this is colle£led in a pit at the foot of the tree, and hither the inhabitants go for what water they want, and all the animals tame and wild to quench their third. ❋ Unknown (1812)

VIII. he, with four of his brethren, * • together with the Duke of Suffolk, and others, on proclamatioa of justs at St. DemHs in France (which Francis de Valois, oest heir to the crown of France, had obtained leave of the King to te ferfiMmed) went thither, and behaved himself so bravely tiiereitt, that he returned home with lingular honour. ❋ Arthur Collins , Egerton Brydges , Samuel Egerton Brydges (1812)

At the very inftant of our launching into the ocean we witnefled a lingular chace, of fifti, purfued by others. ❋ Unknown (1812)

Learning was a much more rare and lingular attainment in the earlier ages, than ❋ Unknown (1812)

•* The pleafure here defcnbed by the poet, and of which he has mentioDcd fo ftrikiog and appoQtc an in - ftance, may perhaps at ficft feem of fo lingular and aftonifhing a Dature,. that Ibme may be difpofed to doubt of its - exiiUoce. ❋ Unknown (1797)

The church of Clery was built by Louis XL who had always a lingular and capricious devo* tion for the Virgin Mary, to whom it is dedicated. ❋ Unknown (1797)

* The lingular management of coppice wood, which has been defcribcd, is common, and perhaps peculiar, to the Department in view. ❋ Unknown (1796)

The volume is elegantly printed, and the learned prelate has written it not only in latin,. but in pore latin, which is a lingular phenomenon in the preient day. ❋ Unknown (1796)

The following lingular occur* rence happened on Tuefday lalb as Mr. Shove, Surgeon, and Mr. ❋ Unknown (1796)

XXV Thefe are the only inftances to my knowledge, in which Mr. Bifhop attempted to apply his lingular endowments to the advancement of his own reputa - tion and fortune. ❋ Clare, Thomas (1796)

This is the moft lingular of the clafs of fquirrels. ❋ Unknown (1795)

He ac - quitted himfelf in all thefe polls with great exaraiefs and ability, and with very lingular difintereftednefs. ❋ Unknown (1795)

* It is lingular/adds Dr. Y., * that this conftrudion of the firft compound objcft giafs, though lb principal a fubjeft of enquiry, fhoulii never have been demonftrated in the progrefs of this controverlV. ' ❋ Unknown (1795)

However unequal thcfe verfes may be to the fubjed they attempt to adorn, this lingular advantage will be readily allowed tjfiem. ❋ Unknown (1794)

Dampier gives us, on this occafion, a lingular in flanco ❋ Unknown (1794)

Stamina ', which is fometimes taken for a lingular, ra plural. — ❋ Unknown (1793)

If the fhort limits of a ftatiftical effay permitted, mom juftice might be done to this lingular character, but, expede HercuUm; ❋ Unknown (1791)

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