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    (They watch from behind protective glass in the mock auditorium/living-quarters they set up.). [AUDIO REVIEW: Aliens Rule edited by Allan Kaster]

    The Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales Renovables (INRENARE, National Institute for Natural Renewable Resources) has constructed administration/living-quarters in Yaviza, near the park, which have limited scientific use.. [Darién National Park, Panama]

    Silk and wool-plush gowns, the finest of food, a palatial set of living-quarters, and work I not only am good at, but which I enjoy above all else!. [red dust]

    Nyara would appear and retreat into the wagon itself, which doubled as their living-quarters.. [Widows and Orphans]

    Mona would then move into the living-quarters in the stable, to look after the place, and, for the month he was away, Oliver would engage a secondary groom to help her.. [The Elvis Latte]

    The contract is for a 1,000-ton drilling platform, complete with living-quarters, that will take 18 months to complete.. [Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - April 2001]

    Little by little, the mild winters and hot summers had softened even the hardiest souls, and the men were more interested in having good food and comfortable living-quarters than in keeping their weapons in proper order.. [The War of the Crowns]

    Very probably the majority of the humans here only rented their tiny living-quarters from someone else-and every manufactory worker lived in fear of losing his job.. [The Eagle And The Nightingale]

    Rune followed him to the back of the living-quarters, bringing her chair with her, and settled herself beside him as he huddled up to the metal stove.. [The Lark And The Wren]

    At first Ptolemy had disliked this exotic presence haunting Alexander's living-quarters, encouraging him to assume the trappings of Persian royalty and the manners of a Persian court, having his ear day and night.. [Funeral Games]

    When the carpenter had left, they had extended their living-quarters by renting the ground floor, which, according to Janvier, had become an attractive room, and they had had an interior staircase put in so that they would not have to ga outside to get from one floor to the next.. [Maigret has Scruples]

    Soon he could imagine that he was leading an orderly, middle-class life, and his first thought was, with his meagre means, to improve his living-quarters.. [Maigret has Scruples]

    As Dame Beatrice had realised that this might be so, she was neither distressed nor disheartened, but, penetrating the main gates, made her way to the office, which was attached to the permanent living-quarters of the full-time staff.. [Spotted Hemlock]

    He picked up the folder of papers she had been carrying, and put her into the elevator ahead of him, and it was only when they parted on the living-quarters level that he recalled having followed the older protocol of gallantry rather than the precedence of military rank.. [Uller Uprising]

    Jean, on the verge of tears, sank down beside him, but Ellen, thinking to relieve him, ran to the living-quarters back of the store to get a pair of pinchers from Decitan.. [Where the Sun Swings North]

    On Earth, too many people can't think of more than living-quarters and keeping food enough for them -- them only!. [Operation: Outer Space]

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