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Lumen abbreviation

Symbol for the lumen, the SI unit of luminous flux. noun

A Roman numeral representing nine hundred and fifty (950). noun

A unit of luminous flux equal to the amount of light given out through a solid angle of 1 steradian by a point source of 1 candela intensity radiating uniformly in all directions noun

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Acronym for Lawn Mower, referring to a very slow, four wheeled motor vehicle with a broken or distastefully modified muffler, causing it to sound like a Lawn Mower. The operators of these vehicles are generally men between the ages of 16 and 25 who enjoy making noise with their mufflers by driving around using the lowest possible gear. This often results in attempts at races with high performance automobiles and motorcycles, obviously ending shame. Urban Dictionary

Let me see Urban Dictionary

It’s a short term for “let me stop” Urban Dictionary

Let me stop Urban Dictionary

Let me see Urban Dictionary

Let me see Urban Dictionary

One meaning for "LMS" is an acronym for like my status, which can be used in one of the many recent Facebook trends where someone will post something (specified in the status) to your wall if you like their status. Urban Dictionary

Lms = let me smash Urban Dictionary

Fastest growing BNOC fresher at Oxford Urban Dictionary

Loud Mouth Urban Dictionary

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The word "lm" in example sentences

"Young gen'lm'n, Rugby; three parcels, Leicester; hamper o 'game, Rugby," answers hostler. ❋ Hughes, Thomas, 1822-1896 (1971)

Tom and the rest rushed into bed and finished their unrobing there, and the old verger, as punctual as the clock, had put out the candle in another minute, and toddled on to the next room, shutting their door with his usual "Good-night, gen'lm'n." ❋ Hughes, Thomas, 1822-1896 (1971)

'Ere, JEWLS, ole feller, show the gen'lm'n' ow yer can do a swear. ❋ Various (N/A)

"I'm afeerd there's an orkard gen'lm'n in 'em, sir," replied Sam. ❋ Ontario. Ministry Of Education (N/A)

"I want to see her, young 'ooman, so you'd better cut away up an' tell her a gen'lm'n requests a few words private conversation with her." ❋ Unknown (1859)

Chron -- Chron, '' Herald, ma'am, '' Highly interesting murder, gen'lm'n, '' Curious case o 'breach o' promise, ladies. ' ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

-- "He just is," ses the other gen'lm'n, ven bump they cums agin the post, and out flies the fare like bricks. ' ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

'Now, shiny Villiam,' said the hostler to the deputy hostler, 'give the gen'lm'n the ribbons.' ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

The place, which a few minutes ago was so still and quiet, is now all bustle; the early vendors of the morning papers have arrived, and you are assailed on all sides with shouts of 'Times, gen'lm'n, Times,' 'Here's Chron -- ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

'Blowed if the gen'lm'n worn't a-gettin' up on the wrong side, 'whispered a grinning post-boy to the inexpressibly gratified waiter. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

Boy: Yes, my Lord; fifteen gen'lm'n is a vaten outside, and vos a vaten all day yesterday, vich they told me the night afore my trial vos a comin 'on. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

'Did any gen'lm'n say anythink?' replied the cad, thrusting in his head, and trying to look as if he didn't understand the request. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

You see it's a mere trifle; and, unless the gen'lm'n means to go up afore the court, it's hardly worth while waiting for detainers, you know. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

Bet any gen'lm'n any sum of money, from harf-a-crown up to a suverin, as he doesn't name the thimble as kivers the pea! ' ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

This here young gen'lm'n's father -- so I'm told, mind ye -- and the father o 'the young voman, have always been on very bad, out-and-out, rig'lar knock-me-down sort o' terms; but somehow or another, when he was a wisitin 'at some gentlefolk's house, as he knowed at college, he came into contract with the young lady. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

So then he turns found to me, and says, "Ikey, put two mould candles in the back parlour, and charge 'em to this gen'lm'n's account," vich I did. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

So then he turns round to me, and says, "Ikey, put two mould candles in the back parlour, and charge 'em to this gen'lm'n's account," vich I did. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

'Tickets, ladies and gen'lm'n,' said the man on the paddle-box. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

'Now, gen'lm'n,' cries the guard, with the waybill in his hand. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

His great boast is, 'that he can chuck an old gen'lm'n into the buss, shut him in, and rattle off, afore he knows where it's a-going to' -- a feat which he frequently performs, to the infinite amusement of every one but the old gentleman concerned, who, somehow or other, never can see the joke of the thing. ❋ Charles Dickens (1841)

Rider of Suzuki GSX-R1000 [high performance] motorcycle: "Look at this guy in [the Honda] Civic with the fart can, is he trying to race me? What an [LM]!" "That LM is all show and no go." ❋ Mitchell G. (2007)

Friend 1-This [dress] is [so cute]! Friend 2-Omg [lms] ❋ Luciferismydaddy (2017)

[kim]: omg i’m so ugly right now [Kimberly]: you are [every day] lol lms} ❋ Nyny1222 (2019)

[Miguel]: [Stop playing] before I actually do🤣[lms]😭 ❋ Kitcat31 (2020)

Omg! Did you [buy] [the car] you [told] me about? Lms! ❋ Carlosenriquerg (2015)

person 1: i just [got some] [bomb ass] [makeup] person 2: lms ❋ Ssincerelymee (2018)

LMS and ill [make up] [a lie] about you to improve your [confidence] ❋ Nightlifecommando (2011)

He: Hey [Baby Girl], lms She: [Okay] sure, [come over] ;) ❋ Franz95 (2022)

'Who's LM?' 'You know...the [crazy] [organ] dude...everyone knows him [bro]..he's sic' ❋ Mrs. Trout (2021)

hey, [you are] so [noisy]. [just shut up] you LM! ❋ LeaIsDÜhAce!!! (2009)

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