Definitions and meanings of "Loan"

What do we mean by loan?

An instance of lending. noun

A sum of money that is lent, usually with an interest fee. noun

The agreement or contract specifying the terms and conditions of the repayment of such a sum. noun

The repayment obligation associated with such an agreement. noun

The right to payment associated with such an agreement. noun

The state of being lent for temporary use. noun

To lend (money or property). transitive verb

To lend.

To lend money or other property; make a loan.

A lane. noun

An open space between fields of corn, left untilled as a passage for cattle; hence, a place near a village for milking cows. Also loaning. noun

A grant; gift; reward. noun

That which is lent; anything furnished on condition of the future return of it, or of the delivery of an equivalent in kind; especially, a sum of money lent at interest. noun

The act of lending or the condition of being lent; a lending: as, to arrange a loan. noun

In civil law, when the loan was made of things which could be returned only by their material equivalent, it was called mutuum; when made of things which could be returned in the identical form, it was called commodatum. noun

Permission to use; grant of the use: as, a loan of credit. noun

The act of lending; a lending; permission to use. noun

That which one lends or borrows, especially a sum of money lent at interest. noun

A pawnbroker's shop. noun

An act or instance of lending, an act or instance of granting something for temporary use.

A sum of money or other property that a natural or legal person borrows from another with the condition that it be returned or repaid over time or at a later date (sometimes with interest).

The contract and array of legal or ethical obligations surrounding a loan.

The permission to borrow any item.

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How to use loan in a sentence? Example sentences with the loan, a sentence example for loan, and how to make loan in sample sentence, how do I use the word loan in a sentence? How do you spell loan in a sentence?

For example, here is a result for "Connor Erickson" with the term "loan modification", a pretty typical result for almost all names used:   ❋ Nathan Newman (2011)

Quiznos owes lenders led by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. $575 million under a term loan and $70 million under a revolving credit line that matures in May.   ❋ Mike Spector (2011)

In December, Novelis Inc. refinanced a term loan of $1.5 billion with a lower coupon of 3 percentage points over the London interbank offering rate or Libor.   ❋ Sneha Shah (2011)

Under the details announced last week, Chrysler secured $3.2 billion in bonds, $3 billion in a term loan and a $1.3 billion revolving credit facility.   ❋ Jeff Bennett (2011)

Two capital needs were identified: a term loan of $350,000 to finance office improvements and new equipment; and a $200,000 line of credit to cover the more seasonal requirements of fabric ordering, finished-goods production, and marketing and selling costs.   ❋ Joseph R. Mancuso (1990)

The tranches on the loans were unchanged, but pricing on the term loan B was increased to 500 basis points bps over LIBOR from 475 bps.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

A term loan B is sold mainly to non-bank lenders such as collateralized loan obligations, bank loan mutual funds and hedge funds.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

The rest of the money Chrysler repaid to the governments was raised from a term loan and bonds.   ❋ The Huffington Post News Editors (2011)

The first lien debt consists of a term loan of $689.5 million, as well as a new $40 million revolving credit facility that is not expected to be drawn at closing, both of which mature in December 2015.  

I love loan ❋ Mel (2003)

I got in gun in yo mug, now i'm takin' yo wallet! Thanks for the loan! ❋ Pussy-cat (2008)

Vind and Soul were sucking so much at dota that I thought they were playing like loan. ❋ Wamel (2004)

I got a gun in yo mug, now i'm takin' yo wallet! Thanks for the loan! ❋ Pussy-cat (2008)

Loane is amazing ❋ My Baritone (2020)

The library books are outvon loan so you cannot borrow it . ❋ Chris_pox_ss (2018)

Loan posted a picture of Tegan and Sara again, but I still love her Tumblr oh-so-much! ❋ Loanfanwut (2009)

Loan is slow ❋ Lolllerz123 (2008)

Hey i won 50 million on the national lotto and the the bank phoned to ask me if i wanted a loan. was'nt that was nice of them!!!!!!!!! ❋ Paul (2004)

Tod: why dont you take out a student loan? Jeff:if i wanted to be fucked in the ass I would by a dildo Tod. ❋ Stfuiknowshit (2019)

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