Definitions and meanings of "Locksmith"

What do we mean by locksmith?

One that makes or repairs locks. noun

An artificer whose occupation is to make locks. noun

A person whose occupation is to make, mend, or install locks, or to make keys for locks. noun

One who studies or practices locksmithing noun

Someone who only bets when they are sure they will win noun

Someone who makes or repairs locks noun

One who practices locksmithing

Someone who only bets when they are sure they will win

Saviors who come in the middle of the night to help bachelors with cheap-ass landlords who put defective, key-breaking locks on the bachelor's front door.  Urban Dictionary

One who opens locked car doors in exchange for sexual favors.  Urban Dictionary

A pathetic excuse for a human being with cruel intentions to rip people off.  Urban Dictionary

"Locksmith" means any person who, for any consideration or compensation whatsoever, engages, directly or indirectly and as a primary or secondary object, in the business of rekeying, installing, repairing, opening, modifying locks, or who originates keys for locks, including, but not limited to, electronic cloning of transponder keys and any other electronic programming of automotive keys and electronic operating devices, such as key fobs, door and ignition key devices, and successive electronic and other high-security key technology. A "locksmith" does not mean a person whose activities are limited to making a duplicate key from an existing key.  Urban Dictionary

A guy who has the "Key" or rather, the right words and persuasiveness to get in a girls "back door" aka her butt.  Urban Dictionary

1.a. Someone who enjoys breaking into cars and homes LEGALLY! b. Someone who wears a shirt with the AAA logo PROUDLY! 2. Sometimes confused with a hacksmith  Urban Dictionary

Automotive locksmith is a locksmith service man capable of generating car keys and repairing ignition problems. Such locksmith is also able to fix your vehicle lock mechanisms and simply unlock your vehicle. Usually skills vary from one locksmith to another.  Urban Dictionary

N&pn. Pretty much a hacker and or password cracker.  Urban Dictionary

The act of an inverted backwards 69 while scissor kicking involving two men and insertion of both parties.  Urban Dictionary

When a woman is too tight for penetration so you persue the vagina with your hands first in order to "free the lock"  Urban Dictionary

The word "locksmith" in example sentences

How to use locksmith in a sentence? Example sentences with the locksmith, a sentence example for locksmith, and how to make locksmith in sample sentence, how do I use the word locksmith in a sentence? How do you spell locksmith in a sentence?

Next I called the locksmith from the previous day, who again said he could be at my apartment in half an hour.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

When you go to somebody ` s house and you ring the doorbell and you knock and they don ` t come, do you call the locksmith, or do you just leave like a normal person?   ❋ Unknown (2008)

Actually, what comes in to be expensive is when you call the locksmith to put it in.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

He claims when he brought his kids home one night after a weekend with him, Kathleen wasn ` t home, so what he did was tell a neighbor, and they called a locksmith to get in the house.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

I called a locksmith from a local coffee shop at 8:50, and they assured me they would hurry.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

So he calls the locksmith, who had probably stopped at the local topless bar on the way in based on the noise in the background.   ❋ Fishbuttocks (2006)

Bolts and bars being all unused, the business of locksmith is quite at a discount in the back woods, where all idea of a midnight robbery is unknown; and yet, if rumour was true, there were persons not far from us to whom the trade of stealing would not be new.   ❋ Frederick (1845)

Feeling a chill of desperation to get my child to school, and myself to work, I called a locksmith.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

When I called the locksmith, they wanted $95 to JUST drill open the safe, nothing more.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

“If we call a locksmith to change the locks, couldn’t he just grab the keys under the porch instead?”   ❋ Kristen Henderson (2011)

If I forget my house key and I call a locksmith, I’m asking him to pick my house lock to let me enter my house, not to let the police enter.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

He couldn’t, but he called a locksmith he knew, who unfortunately didn’t have the right key mold for my Ford Escort.   ❋ Susan Palwick (2007)

Of course, he couldn't get into his house and he couldn't call a locksmith — who likely wouldn't open the door to someone's house to a unicorn anyway — so he took a running gallop and leapt over the chainlink fence into the backyard.   ❋ Mary Alston Capps (2011)

Why the [expletive] would the character need to call a locksmith to get out of handcuffs?   ❋ Unknown (2009)

I had to stop reading the Stephanie Plum books (Janet Evanovich) because the main character kept calling a locksmith every time she got handcuffed to something (which was at least once a book.)   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Miles's unwilling hostess is reluctant to break down the door because it is "believed to be 18th century"; instead of calling a locksmith, she calls a reporter, and shares her story: "A stranger is living in our house against our will."   ❋ Unknown (2011)

On that morning, Jeanne-Claude called a locksmith to change the locks and then called Christo to come to the apartment.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

My landlord is totally paying for that locksmith I had to call during the middle of the night. ❋ Philwelch (2006)

Slut 1: Is the locksmith here yet? Slut 2: He'll be here any minute. Let me go lock my keys in my car. ❋ Dickshunary (2009)

I know nothing of locksmiths, but I hear most of them do drugs. ❋ Ghst (2004)

A locksmith re-keyed my office building so the existing keys would not work . ❋ Unlockyourdreams (2009)

Pat got to 5th base with his girlfriend last night, I don't know how he does it, he truly is a locksmith. ❋ XXXXXXXXXx (2014)

I have been a Locksmith contracted by AAA for 13 months and I have broken into more then 3000 vehicles, and the owners were ALWAYS happy I did it. ❋ Your Neighborhood AAA Locksmith (2008)

I had to call an automotive locksmith when I managed to lose my car keys. ❋ EA Locksmith Inc (2017)

Girl: So What do you do for a living? Boy: Im a digital locksmith. Girl: Wow thats impressive. ❋ Masta Dragon Red (2004)

Get ready for this louisville locksmith...im gonna jackhammer the shit out of you! ❋ P-cakes, Murda Bird, Big Maple (2012)

Larry's dinger was having trouble getting inside his girlfriends vagina so he used his kills in the ancient form of locksmithing to pave the way. "Hey bro, Cathy was so tight last night... I was nervous that is wasnt gonna happen" "What did you do?" "We'll luckily i knew a primative amount of locksmithing" "Genius bro" ❋ LordBabylon (2016)

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