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Definitions of "loincloth"

  • A strip of cloth worn around the loins. noun
  • A garment that covers the loins (crotch). noun
  • A cloth covering for the loins, worn around the hips; -- sometimes worn in tropical areas as the only article of clothing. noun
  • A piece of stuff, skin, or other material worn as clothing about the loins, or more exactly about the hips. noun
  • a garment that provides covering for the loins noun

The word "loincloth" in example sentences

Anyone who's got the stones to walk around a European convention center wearing little more than a fur loincloth is okay in my book.. [Archive 2009-11-01]

He goes on to make this beautiful statement: A loincloth is something put on the body.. [Merkins and Kotekas and Codpieces, Oh My!]

This time the rubber tail is thinner and more flexible than Jake's, and also the loincloth is shorter, so sitting poses are less of a chore to achieve.. [Epinions Recent Content for Home]

One guy was kneeling with his drawn bow, and on his loincloth was a swastika design.. [Merry Christmas, pt. 2 – The Bleat.]

But for my part the loincloth was the main reason to hire him.. [The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : Turns out this guy isn’t even a real lawyer]

There were about a hundred and fifty men, all rather eerily the same size, all of them wearing nothing but a white garment that could only be described as a loincloth.. [The Princess]

The point was that since classes as disparate as actors and women wore a 'loincloth' the chances are that others did too.. [What did the Romans wear under their togas?]

I must warn you all that I've been slightly discombobulated all day, so much so at times that a discussion about whether "crotch pants" could serve as a synonym for "loincloth" or in fact was a word at all.. [Archive 2003-03-01]

These well-preserved examples all differ from our "loincloth" in a number of ways, which may be due to time differences -- Tomb 9 probably dates to the Middle Kingdom -- but it may also have to do with where it was made.. [Interactive Dig Hierakonpolis - Nubian Cemetery Week 1: A Loincloth]

Although we found the coarser "loincloth" and pieces of the fine leather in close proximity, we can see no evidence that they were part of the same garment.. [Interactive Dig Hierakonpolis - Nubian Cemetery Week 1: A Loincloth]

Vitamen gives out a "loincloth" * giggles* monthly and this is the lastest one!. [Fashion World of SL]

And I particularly like it when I is used in combination with my second favorite word, 'loincloth'. ". [PopMatters]

Including those about Tarzan in his pelt loincloth.. [The English Is Coming!]

Photos: Understanding The Sadhu's Mysteries Sadhus, the holy men of northern India and Nepal, have long beards, matted hair and rail-thin bodies, frequently brightly painted and garbed in a loincloth — if that.. [When a Holy Man's Skin Is the Canvas]

Alexander went looking for him and found him there enjoying the beautiful day wearing only a loincloth.. [Alexander the Great]

They adore the brilliant flirt of the loincloth, the ambitious hat fixed of believable feather and frankly unlikely divine nail-clipping.. [Ambitious]

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  • Character9
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