Definitions and meanings of "Long"

What do we mean by long?

Extending or traveling a relatively great distance. adjective

Having relatively great height; tall. adjective

Having the greater length of two or the greatest length of several. adjective

Of relatively great duration. adjective

Of a specified linear extent or duration. adjective

Made up of many members or items. adjective

Extending beyond an average or standard. adjective

Extending or landing beyond a given boundary, limit, or goal. adjective

Tediously protracted; lengthy. adjective

Concerned with distant issues; far-reaching. adjective

Involving substantial chance; risky. adjective

Having an abundance or excess of. adjective

Having a holding of a commodity or security in expectation of a rise in price. adjective

Having a comparatively great duration. Used of a vowel or consonant. adjective

Relating to or being the English speech sounds (ā, ē, ī, ō, oo͞) that are tense vowels or diphthongs. adjective

Being of relatively great duration. Used of a syllable in quantitative prosody. adjective

During or for an extended period of time. adverb

A long vowel.

A long syllable.

A note formerly used in music, one half the length of a large, twice that of a breve.

A long integer variable, twice the size of an int, two or four times the size of a short, and half of a long long.

An entity with a long position in an asset.

A long-term investment.

The long summer vacation at the English universities.

A lot of effort or not worth the effort. To do a long task would be a trek  Urban Dictionary

General expression of annoyance.  Urban Dictionary

The adjective that describes length.  Urban Dictionary

(2nd tone) the Western romanization of the Chinese word for 'dragon'  Urban Dictionary

Means 'hard' as in a hard task  Urban Dictionary

(a) when a person is continuously dry they may be considered long aswell. (b) when someone takes ages to do anything. one who leaves their friends waiting for time while they complete a task that should take a matter of seconds.  Urban Dictionary

To be called long, is different to tall. Tall is to be high up and look down on others but to be long. If called long, the person calling you long actually wants to have a child with you and marry you for eternity.  Urban Dictionary

To have a very long penis that can penetrate deeply.  Urban Dictionary

N. a situation which involves extreme harshness adj. one who displays long qualities.  Urban Dictionary

If someone is late. If someone hasn't fullfilled a promise, etc.  Urban Dictionary

The word "long" in example sentences

How to use long in a sentence? Example sentences with the long, a sentence example for long, and how to make long in sample sentence, how do I use the word long in a sentence? How do you spell long in a sentence?

Barney told Snubby of their idea to follow the men, if they went out that night, and see if they went up the 'long, long hole. ❋ Randy Lowens (2010)

We cannot� be free as long as our human rights are violated, as long� as we don't have economic equality and as long as we� are not participating in gender-balanced political bodies. ❋ Jewish Women's Archive (2010)

"The men must be smuggling something, " she said, -and hiding it up Dafydd's 'long, long hole. ❋ Randy Lowens (2010)

It wasn't long before news reports fingered Robert Halderman, a producer at CBS 'long running crime show, 48 Hours Mystery, as the perpetrator of the alleged crime -- threatening to go public with details of Mr. Letterman's affairs with CBS employees, if the late night star didn't turn over a check for $ 2 million. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I have long contemplated the possibility that he and others are playing the 'long game 'in which, like the IRA in negotiations, it doesnt matter what you say or agree to because the end result is all that matters. ❋ Unknown (2008)

When a business cycle recession is eight months 'long and the debate on what to do about it is six months' long, you missed the wave. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Osama's boys only had to keep a secret until they finished their mission and they weren't even able to keep it a secret for that long; the alarms had been ringing for a _long_ time before the WTC was destroyed, but a cover-up has to be kept secret _forever_. ❋ Unknown (2006)

But he sat by her side every day for a long, long… too many days to actually—months and months, over ❋ Unknown (2005)

But, in my defense, I have seen a 'long synopsis' defined as, well, long. 15 pages for a 150K novel for example. ❋ Miss Snark (2005)

One of the sad side effects of living so far to the north. (weird -- I almost said, "and being married" -- I think I was single so freakin 'long in my life that my mind still feels like I'm single) It was fun to sit and have a good long talk along with great food. ❋ Nueces (2001)

Based on your experience, how long is 'long enough 'for a person to be in space? ❋ Unknown (1997)

Yegrani's 'long and lonely road 'had been before her a long and lonely time. ❋ McCaffrey, Anne (1990)

"She made no further reference to 'yonder long lad' and he is 'long," Your Majesty. ❋ George, Margaret (1987)

"She made no further reference to 'yonder long lad' and he is 'long," ❋ George, Margaret (1987)

One group was Jewish, dressed in their traditional Galician garb: black shoes and white stockings, black pants which came just below the knee 'long black coat which came just above the knee, flat hat with wide brim which they wore indoors and out, and beards fancifully cut so that long curls descended about the ears. ❋ Michener, James (1983)

'Bout two weeks latah, Ole Missie she git tebble sick, she jes 'lingah 'long foah long time, but she nebbah gits up no mo'. ❋ Various (N/A)

'But [my house] is long' 'Yeah and [getting] there is [a bit] of a trek' ❋ Joe (2004)

Man, that's [long]! Don't be [so long]. But i'm [exhausted]! [Long]! ❋ Orchid (2003)

[All you] short guys like to say, "It's not [how long] it is that [matters]; it's what you do with it." ❋ Delicious Tuna Wanda (2007)

[yu] long [bo] is a chinese [name meaning] 'dragon wave' ❋ Tha A-Bomb (2005)

"man, [dis] is long!" or "[why is this] [so long]!" ❋ Nettou (2006)

will is [bare] long. he's so long- [in fact] he's [the definition] of long. ❋ Amb2 (2006)

That [Jorge] [guy]? Yeah [hes] long...hes very long 😏 ❋ BigGThe1st (2020)

[Dang bro] [that shit] is long! ❋ Hot Smart Asian (2016)

"[Ahhhhhh] long. [You are] such a [long boy]" ❋ SJ (2003)

[Chris's] long. Its 3.[15] [allready] and we said 3. ❋ Neil Jolliffe (2003)

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