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Definitions of "longest"

  • superlative form of long: most long. adjective
  • superlative form of long: most long. adverb
  • Second-person singular simple present form of long. verb
  • for the most time adverb

The word "longest" in example sentences

You schedule a meeting of electrical engineers, software engineers, or scientists and the agenda item that takes the longest is the one that takes the least expertise; the one that requires the least domain specific knowledge.. [Matthew Yglesias » Argue What You Know]

It's what I call the longest blue state -- Colorado.. [Secrets From The Country's Thinnest State]

After notifying the university, an archeological team was dispatched and the University of Pretoria began what it described as the longest excavation project in South Africa.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

He immediately left for Lawrence to make what he called the longest two-and-a-half hour drive of his life.. [Kansan.com stories]

After what he called the longest two days of his life, Alves got a measure of good news in. [Yahoo! Sports - Top News]

Feeling his way through the darkness and devastation, Mesidor, pastor of Concord Baptist Church, sang every song that came to mind while walking during what he described as the longest night of his life.. [Biblical Recorder]

He also noted that during what he called the longest board meeting in the company's history, his directors "unanimously endorsed our business model, strategic direction and the team.". [San Francisco Sentinel]

Only on the job for a couple weeks Sheptor was about to face what he calls the longest and most memorable year of his life.. [News for WSAV]

Luckily, the main carpenter who has installed all of our cabinetry and who was therefore here the longest, is a really great guy who is friendly to my kids.. [How To Delay Your Bread Once You've Started: Maple Oatmeal Sandwich Bread]

Now I find out the one I've known the longest is hurt that I didn't pick her.. [Carolyn Hax: Wedding party choice has left-out friend smarting]

Belgium, which held elections June 13, broke Iraq's record for the most protracted coalition negotiations in February and now snatches the title for longest time without a government outright.. [Belgium Beats Iraq for Longest Time Without Government]

Pretty dismal progress, when you consider that Brown had what he describes as the longest period of economic expansion for a century.. [Archive 2008-09-01]

Lots of gently witty one-liners, but the one that will linger with me longest is the observation that "the perfect world is a journey, not a place".. [Blogging barmaid booted by Belgians]

"There were some good movies in 2006 - perhaps not as many as in other years - but the one that may linger longest is both modest to the point of ephemera and already a bit past its political moment," writes David Fellerath.. [GreenCine Daily: Shorts, 1/4.]

When I teach email tutorials, I always tell my students that the part that takes the longest is finding a screen name that is not already taken.. [screen names]

Considering that the Woodinville area was one of the areas without power the longest, is upgrading the power lines part of that 1.75 billion? more lucrative private industry. [Sound Politics: Not-too-brightwater]

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"#Opportunity, the longest-lived robot ever sent from Earth to the surface of another planet, roamed the red plains…


@_MOONHYE The big toe isn’t even the longest toe so, your argument sucks


@FreddyInSpace: It's now been a full 10 YEARS since the last Friday the 13th film was released. Prior to this, the longest stretch of ti…


@mikeseibert: Opportunity was the longest lasting surface mission and farthest driving rover in human history. For an expected 100 sols…


@ESPNStatsInfo: James Harden has scored 30 points in 30 straight games. With 30 tonight vs Minnesota at 8 ET on ESPN, he'll match Wilt's…

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