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Longitude (, AU and UK also ), is a geographic coordinate that specifies the east–west position of a point on the Earth's surface. It is an angular measurement, usually expressed in degrees and denoted by the Greek letter lambda (λ). Meridians (lines running from pole to pole) connect points with the same longitude. By convention, one of these, the Prime Meridian, which passes through the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England, was allocated the position of 0° longitude. The longitude of other places is measured as the angle east or west from the Prime Meridian, ranging from 0° at the Prime Meridian to +180° eastward and −180° westward. Specifically, it is the angle between a plane through the Prime Meridian and a plane through both poles and the location in question. (This forms a right-handed coordinate system with the z-axis (right hand thumb) pointing from the Earth's center toward the North Pole and the x-axis (right hand index finger) extending from the Earth's center through the Equator at the Prime Meridian.) A location's north–south position along a meridian is given by its latitude, which is approximately the angle between the local vertical and the equatorial plane. If the Earth were perfectly spherical and radially homogeneous, then the longitude at a point would be equal to the angle between a vertical north–south plane through that point and the plane of the Greenwich meridian. Everywhere on Earth the vertical north–south plane would contain the Earth's axis. But the Earth is not radially homogeneous and has rugged terrain, which affect gravity and so can shift the vertical plane away from the Earth's axis. The vertical north–south plane still intersects the plane of the Greenwich meridian at some angle; that angle is the astronomical longitude, calculated from star observations. The longitude shown on maps and GPS devices is the angle between the Greenwich plane and a not-quite-vertical plane through the point; the not-quite-vertical plane is perpendicular to the surface of the spheroid chosen to approximate the Earth's sea-level surface, rather than perpendicular to the sea-level surface itself..

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  • Plural form of longitude. noun

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Let’s begin by importing the GPX files and extracting the latitudes and longitudes from the track points.. [Wolfram Blog : Mapping GPS Data]

Vertical distance represents the difference between observed and subsequently calculated longitudes -- in other words, the principal perturbations caused by Neptune.. [Pioneers of Science]

Taking Mädler's start-point for Martial longitudes, that is the longitude-line passing near Dawes 'forked bay, I found that my results agreed pretty fairly with those in Prof. Phillips' map, so far as the latter went; but there are many details in my charts not found in Prof. Phillips 'nor in Mädler's earlier charts.. [Half-hours with the Telescope Being a Popular Guide to the Use of the Telescope as a Means of Amusement and Instruction.]

I don't know exact latitudes and longitudes because we were constantly moving.. [Mike Ragogna: An Artist With His "Eye On The Prize": A Conversation With Marc Broussard]

The instruments were built keeping in mind the rules of astronomy, and the position of the equator, latitudes and longitudes.. [Hallmark Star | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

This system would offer a large range of very stable, what I would call eco-longitudes.. [Newly Discovered Exoplanet Ripe For Life]

He looked around and found a file called "consolidated.db" which was full of latitudes and longitudes and time stamps and cell IDs.. [Larry Magid: The Scary Implications of the iPhone Tracking Everywhere You Go (Video)]

We tried to make dates, addresses, Dewey decimal notations for books, latitudes and longitudes—anything that might point us to an answer.. [The Faculty Club]

January 17, 2010 – Celebrate the 1723 birthday of Johann Tobias Mayer, the German astronomer who created the first lunar tables for determining longitudes at sea.. [Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: January 15-17, 2010 | Universe Today]

She checks to make sure the transcriptions are as accurate as possible, and then make sure all geographic data is precise think latitudes, longitudes, postal codes, phone numbers, area codes, etc.. [2010 March | GeoGraffiti Blog]

Geographic Coordinates: between latitudes 4o12 'N and 1o29'S and longitudes 29o35'E and 35o00'E. [Uganda]

Geographic coordinates: The lake extends between latitudes 0o30 'N and 2o30' S and between longitudes 31o50 'E 34o10' E. [Lake Victoria]

I say that makes Celts as indigenous as it gets in these latitudes and longitudes: certainly indigenous in comparison to the Dutch or anybody who has arrived in the last 50 years.. [On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...]

The northern, southern, western and eastern boundaries of this ecoregion terminate approximately at the 290 and 330 west latitudes and 660 and 630 south longitudes, respectively.. [Córdoba montane savanna]

Nigeria is located in the tropical zone of West Africa between latitudes 4°N and 14°N and longitudes 2°2′E and 14°30′E and has a total area of 923,770 square kilometers (km2).. [Water profile of Nigeria]

Suriname, located on the northeastern coast of South America, lies between latitudes 2° and 6° N and between longitudes 54° and 58° W.. [Water profile of Suriname]

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