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Hyphenation look
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Definitions and meanings of "Look"

What do we mean by look?

To employ one's sight, especially in a given direction or on a given object. intransitive verb

To search. intransitive verb

To turn one's glance or gaze. intransitive verb

To turn one's attention; attend. intransitive verb

To turn one's expectations. intransitive verb

To seem or appear to be. intransitive verb

To face in a specified direction. intransitive verb

To turn one's eyes on. intransitive verb

To convey by one's expression. intransitive verb

To have an appearance of conformity with. intransitive verb

To appear to be. intransitive verb

The act or instance of looking. noun

A gaze or glance expressive of something. noun

Appearance or aspect. noun

Physical appearance, especially when pleasing. noun

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Synonyms and Antonyms for Look

The word "look" in example sentences

The Patriarch of the family got a look on his face still have a hard time explaining that look~ sort of like deer-in-the-headlights, but not quite. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Dont look at others..look at you and your country. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He has got to be the best example of a guy that doesn't look exactly THAT hot, but exudes total sexiness and downright charm. * bites lip with pensive look* ❋ Rouflaquette (2007)

It is good, also, to look the part, not only because of its effect on others, but because from out of the effort made to _look it_, one may in time come _to be it_. ❋ United States. Dept. Of Defense (N/A)

“Do but look, ” she said, after going to and fro once or twice, and again bringing the old gentleman to the place; “look how they have treated him? ❋ Unknown (1917)

When he did not look around, she said, "Are you too busy to even _look_ at me?" ❋ Harold Bell Wright (1908)

And a dialogue like this would follow: "Oh, Arthur, look, look, _look_, at his little feet!" ❋ May Sinclair (1904)

… And are we not returning to precisely the same thing, we dare-devils of intellect who have scaled the highest and most dangerous pinnacles of present thought, in order to look around us from that height, in order to _look down_ from that height? ❋ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1872)

There are some of you to whom it comes muffled in the mists of doubt; but I beseech you all, look at the Cross, _look at the Cross! ❋ Alexander Maclaren (1868)

Ulysses says, 'do not give all good things to all men, and often a man is made unfair to look upon, but over his ill favour they fling, like a garland, a power of lovely speech, and the people delight to _look_ on him. ❋ James Anthony Froude (1856)

  I yelled towards b.f. walking towards the door to go to work, “hey look at my son… look… he’s so perfect.” ❋ Trulypoetic (2004)

See their poke bonnets, and their fringed mantles, and their little hoop-skirts, but, oh, look, _look_, can that be the Queen? " ❋ Gertrude Knevels (1921)

"I'm going to look, and look and _look_ till I see them anyway, so there! ❋ Clara Ingram Judson (1914)

You were right, John, a logo designer would really make the title look outstanding, and Tom Kennedy did a fine job. ❋ Tony DiTerlizzi (2010)

The last sparkles of her dress were fading, the darkness making his expression look angrier every second. ❋ Scott Westerfeld (2010)

Wenger knows there is now little margin for error as the race for the title look set to go to the wire. ❋ Unknown (2008)

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