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Definitions of "losers"

  • Plural form of loser. noun

The word "losers" in example sentences

Teenagers and young adults could emerge as some of the biggest losers from the government's spending cuts, raising questions of inter-generational unfairness as key services and benefits are scrapped or diminished, charities have warned.. [Teenagers could be among worst hit by spending cuts, warn charities]

This thread is a celebration of the old male virgin losers with a bit of old-fashioned racism thrown in.. [Matthew Yglesias » Jessica Valenti on Anti-Feminists and So-Called “Hook-up Culture”]

Propping up zombie banks and having regulators pick winners and losers is not at all keeping with the tenets of a market economy.. [Matthew Yglesias » The Grain]

If history is any guide, the odds are that certain losers will out-shout and out-lobby the potential winners.. [Missing voice on corporate tax reform: Corporations]

This discipline, although unpleasant for the losers, is the price we must pay for having a tariff that actually works, rather than one which eliminates the discipline of foreign competition entirely and protects all industries, whether or not their protection is useful to the economy as a whole.. [Ian Fletcher: Is a Flat Tariff the Answer to America's Trade Mess?]

That will end once Darwinism weeds out the losers from the winners, but the effects will be costly in every direction for years to come.. [The Trouble With Technology Disruption]

Right now in China there are currently winners and losers from the manipulated currency rate.. [Dave Johnson: How "Free Trade" Led to Currency War]

Liberalism, as defined to spread wealth to the needy in our capitalistic society where there are always going to be losers, is finished, done, stick a fork in it.. [Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Money Money Money Money Money]

He denied there would be substantial numbers of losers from the reform.. [David Cameron claims welfare reform will save in the long run]

The state ought not pick winners in losers in industry.. [Wine In Grocery Stores: Coercion? Boycotts? Intimidation?]

Looks like the group of losers is up to 8, right pd?. [Think Progress » HHS Contracts With PR Firm Responsible For ‘Propaganda’ Videos During The Bush Administration]

It's great that all the losers from the last election are now telling how to run the government.. [Romney lays out plan to fix economy]

I guess working for losers is a good way to build your resume and land a job in this administration. lil. [Dunn leaving White House]

The group is comprised of a lot of midterm losers oops, mustn't label and retirees.. [No Labels = No Content]

June 13th, 2008 6: 13 pm ET waaaah waaaah pitiful sore losers is what makes the party look bad, not our nominee. [A Clinton backer turns to McCain]

I have no problem with Obama loosing the elections because I am sure he is the best candidate and I am also sure that if he looses is because of the sore losers from the Clinton campaign.. [Obama keeps Dean]

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@GernailSaheb: A man once got robbed by his neighbor, frustrated he thrashed his kids for distracting him. Indians, either you can thra…


"Islanders can play .500 over their last 24 games and still finish with 100pts..." - @brendanmburke Me: Brendan,…


@TeresaEdelglass: Bernie Sanders: Socialist Bum The man is a tried & true loser of epic proportions. He plays on other losers' emotions…


@TeresaEdelglass: Bernie Sanders: Socialist Bum The man is a tried & true loser of epic proportions. He plays on other losers' emotions…

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