Definitions and meanings of "Lost"

What do we mean by lost?

Unable to find one's way. adjective

No longer in the possession, care, or control of someone or something. adjective

No longer in existence; vanished or spent. adjective

No longer known or practiced. adjective

Beyond reach, communication, or influence. adjective

Not used to one's benefit or advantage. adjective

Having not been or unlikely to be won; unsuccessful. adjective

Beyond recovery or redemption; fallen or destroyed. adjective

Completely involved or absorbed; rapt. adjective

Bewildered or confused. adjective

(be lost on) To have no effect or influence on. idiom

(be lost on) To be beyond the comprehension of. idiom

Parted with unwillingly or by misadventure; not to be found; no longer held or possessed; no longer kept in knowledge or remembrance: as, a lost book; a lost limb; a lost fortune.

Not won or gained; missed: as, a lost prize; a lost chance.

Not employed or enjoyed; not effectually or profitably used; misspent; wasted: as, a lost day; a lost opportunity.

Ruined; destroyed; consumed or wasted away, whether physically or morally: as, lost health; lost honor.

Spiritually ruined; abandoned morally; in theology, finally shut out from salvation or eternal life; damned: as, a lost soul.

To cause (something) to cease to be in one's possession or capability due to unfortunate or unknown circumstances, events or reasons.

To wander from; to miss, so as not to be able to find; to go astray from.

To fail to win (a game, competition, trial, etc).

To be unable to follow or trace (somebody or something) any longer.

To cause (somebody) to be unable to follow or trace one any longer.

To cease exhibiting; to overcome (a behavior or emotion).

To shed, remove, discard, or eliminate.

Of a clock, to run slower than expected.

(ditransitive) To cause (someone) the loss of something; to deprive of.

To fail to catch with the mind or senses; to miss.

To cause to part with; to deprive of.

1. being in a place you don't know about or you have not gone to before 2. being apart from your group 3. not knowing what to do  Urban Dictionary

A great show that impatient teens and adults hate because it doesn't answer questions when in reality it has answered many. They want all the answer in one episode because they don't know how television shows work. The show has a planned beginning/end and will end in three more seasons (6th season).  Urban Dictionary

The most addictive yet frustrating TV show in the last decade. This show is like a boy in elementary school who tells a small lie and to make that lie more legitimate he tells some more lies to cover up and at the end he has one hell of a BS story that nobody will believe.  Urban Dictionary

When someone is stoned all the time and when asked a simple question, gets a look on there face like there lost in the forest. The term is usualy used by blacks and wiggers also the best show on the TV  Urban Dictionary

Best, and the most addicting show out there. It takes action, drama, and mystery to there highest stakes.sometime it makes you say "what the **** is going on" but thats one reason what i like about it. So if your a bum(me) and just sit around all day on the internet. go to your tv and watch lost. youll get more addicted to it than drugs!  Urban Dictionary

When you cant figure out where something went  Urban Dictionary

01: To be unsuccessful in retaining possession of; mislay: He's always losing his car keys. 1.To be deprived of (something one has had): lost her art collection in the fire; lost her job. 2.To be left alone or desolate because of the death of: lost his wife. 3.To be unable to keep alive: a doctor who has lost very few patients. 4.To be unable to keep control or allegiance of: lost his temper at the meeting; is losing supporters by changing his mind. 5.To fail to win; fail in: lost the game; lost the court case. 6.To fail to use or take advantage of: Don't lose a chance to improve your position. 7.To fail to hear, see, or understand: We lost the plane in the fog. I lost her when she started speaking about thermodynamics. 02: To let (oneself) become unable to find the way. To remove (oneself), as from everyday reality into a fantasy world. 8.To rid oneself of: lost five pounds. 9.To consume aimlessly; waste: lost a week in idle occupations. 10.To wander from or become ignorant of: lose one's way. 11. To elude or outdistance: lost their pursuers. 12. To be outdistanced by: chased the thieves but lost them. 13.To become slow by (a specified amount of time). Used of a timepiece. 14.To cause or result in the loss of: Failure to reply to the advertisement lost her the job. 15.To cause to be destroyed. Usually used in the passive: Both planes were lost in the crash. 16.To cause to be damned.  Urban Dictionary

To bring up a question and not give an answer to it, leaving others to come up with there own conclusions  Urban Dictionary

I dont even know who i am anymore. sometimes i just want to sink to the bottom of the ocean and not feel anything. i feel like a piece of dust, no one cares about me, i'm useless, no one even sees me most of the time, and when they do, they try to make me go away. lol if anyone relates to this i feel u bro  Urban Dictionary

When you are so tired and broken from dealing with everything you don't know what to do next or what the right decision is..  Urban Dictionary

The word "lost" in example sentences

How to use lost in a sentence? Example sentences with the lost, a sentence example for lost, and how to make lost in sample sentence, how do I use the word lost in a sentence? How do you spell lost in a sentence?

The dance for which many a princeling lost his kingdom..lost his wife home and family. ❋ Unknown (2008)

And again, he adviseth to circumspection and care, even in the smallest matters; because, sometimes, _A little neglect may breed great mischief_; adding, _for want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the rider was lost_; being overtaken and slain by the enemy; all for want of a little care about a horseshoe nail! ❋ C. A. Bogardus (N/A)

The efforts of the woman to find the lost piece represent what Jesus did, when he left heaven, and took our nature upon him, and came as "the Son of man to _seek and to save that which was lost_." ❋ Richard Newton (N/A)

Shall any of these heathen among whom I dwell, rise up at that awful season -- stretch out their hands towards you, and say, There stand the children who might have sent us the Bible, but they did not send it; and now we must be lost -- _lost for ever! ❋ Dr. John Scudder (N/A)

It would be terrible _to be lost to have been lost_ in the forest. ❋ Thomas Wood (N/A)

From there on the trail is lost -- lost -- _lost_, I tell you! ❋ Unknown (1918)

What I lost -- Ah! what I _lost_ was respect for "-- Blair choked --" for the institution that had deluded me. ❋ Zane Grey (1905)

'And then there are the lost sheep,' said Rosalie, 'full of sin, and far away from the fold; they don't love the Good Shepherd, and sometimes they don't even know that they _are lost_. ❋ O. F. Walton (1894)

As I heard "The Voice that breathed o'er Eden" and saw the bride of twenty-five advance up the aisle to meet the bridegroom of forty-five awaiting her deeply flushed, in a distorted white waistcoat -- I had mercilessly alluded to his white waistcoat as an error of judgment -- I gave myself up for lost; _and I was lost_. ❋ Mary Cholmondeley (1892)

I have had such a misfortune -- I have lost -- just now, on my way to or from the bank, I don't know which -- I have _lost_ dearest mother's -- your grandmother's old watch! ❋ Mrs. Molesworth (1880)

He used to say it was singular that the courts would hold that a man never lost his right to property that had been stolen from him, but that he instantly _lost his right to himself_ if he was stolen. ❋ Unknown (1878)

At present those papers are lost -- _lost_ for practical purposes. ❋ Robert Browning (1850)

II. iv.35 (184,7) [lost and worn] Though _lost and worn_ may means _lost and worn out_, yet _lost and won_ being, I think, better, these two words coming usually and naturally together, and the alteration being very slight, I would so read in this place with Sir Tho. ❋ Samuel Johnson (1746)

Irony lost in 140 chars. legallyheidi @adamjschmidt just caught up on #lost and said: ❋ Unknown (2010)

Lots of WTF moments. akosnitzky @cellguru I didnt watch Lost either chandlerq17 @gberken he was on lost like 3 seasons ago too, he got whacked with a gun lol. teddziuba RT @misc: My first-ever #lost theory: when you're ❋ Unknown (2010)

_got and lost Tiger_; _lost the hawk Hero_, _which_, _with the geese_, _was given away_, _and is doubtless dead_, _for when I came back from Brussels I inquired on all hands and could_ _hear nothing of him_. ❋ Clement King Shorter (1891)

Some never see the land again, but are swept out into the storm and darkness, and are lost, -- _lost_! " ❋ Various (N/A)

His head scraping even with the tree limbs, his expression lost in the murk, all except for the inhuman animal eyes. ❋ Alix Rickloff (2011)

[Are you] lost? [Yes], [I don't know what] to do. ❋ 25IMF (2019)

n00b: That show sucks! I want answers NOW! Lost viewer: Grow up. It's going to end in a few seasons and then [we'll see] who of us was right. n00b: [FSS], I hate that show, [I want it] to end! Lost viewer: Ever thought of turning the TV off when it came on? ❋ Peace Through Superior Water Power (2007)

Lost rules, but [everytime] I [watch it] [I wonder why] I am doing so. ❋ Kevin21boston (2006)

girl: wow [im stoned] out my mind(said infrount of teacher/cop/ect... [black guy]: dam [this bitch] is lost ❋ T-wolf (2006)

[drama] tv [mystery] [stakes] lost ❋ Jarx23 (2009)

who she lost her [soul]. ❋ Emojilover129 (2017)

[Examples] of 'Lost' are in [definitions].. ❋ Court Jeremiah (2006)

Guy 1: So do we ever find out if Ted had that threeway in [How I Met Your Mother]? Guy 2: Nope they [lost'd] it, but [I'm pretty sure] he did ❋ Somename1 (2010)

person 1 - i am so lost, i keep getting [anxiety] attacks person 2 - [omg me] too, [i hate life] so much LOL ❋ Armsofastranger (2021)

person 1: hey, you've been [lookin] kinda down lately, [you good]? person 2: I'm [just a little] lost bro ❋ Always_tired (2020)

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