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What do we mean by lothario?

A man whose chief interest is seducing, usually women.

1. one whose chief interest is seducing women; a successful womanizer 2. a man who behaves selfishly in his sexual relationships with women In the play "The Fair Penitent" (1703), by Nicholas Rowe, Lothario is the character that seduces and betrays Calista. The word "lothario" has thus entered the English language as an eponym: a lothario could mean a handsome, seductive ladies' man. Urban Dictionary

A womanizer Urban Dictionary

A gay heartthrob. From the role Brad Davis played in the movie "Querelle" (1982) by german director R.W. Fassbinder. Urban Dictionary

My new lover, JJ. Urban Dictionary

A fast talking gigolo. Urban Dictionary

Satans twin nan Urban Dictionary

Don Lothario is a character from the sims 2 and the sims 3 that is a very romantic and rather hot-headed individual. He has two girl friends in The sims 2 and in the sims 3 is thought he has teleported somewhere in the past to live more romantic adventures. His traits are hot-headed,charismatic,commitment issues,romantic and schmoozer. Urban Dictionary

A person who is unemployed, sits outside all day chewing on food, and makes comments as passers-by that are generally crude Urban Dictionary

Usually a man who spends his time oiling himself and making harrowing comments to young ladies. Thinks a lot of himself and likes to wear shirts with the buttons undone. Also wears sun glasses on head and always look like he is pondering what to say to his next victim. Urban Dictionary

A drunk who is shy until last call, at which point he'll try to hook up with anything that has a pulse and/or booze at home. Urban Dictionary

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The word "lothario" in example sentences

One teen lothario is intent on having sex with as many virgins as possible, despite the fact that he is HIV positive. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The guy on the front has hips like a girl, less muscles than I had at that age, and looks like a teenage lothario from a bad latin soap opera. ❋ Blue Tyson (2007)

Actually, it's more of a question: how many real people do you know who ever say the word lothario in conversation? ❋ DAVID BISHOP (2007)

A high school kid blossoms into an online lothario, which isn't as romantic as it sounds ... ❋ Unknown (2008)

But they come to the game so poorly-equipped for any real communication - between themselves and women, at least - that they surrender to the cheap joke, the guffaw between two guys at the urinal, the "boys will be boys" loopholes, and the fact that "lothario" sounds so much more fun than "slut". ❋ Unknown (2007)

Apparently he thought she was concerned that he might try to make a pass at her there in the alcove of the museum, thought she was upset because he appeared to be some kind of lothario out to sweep a poor young - twenty-nine wasn't all that old - American tourist off her feet. ❋ Lambert, Willa (1982)

Just as she walked by the lonesome lothario, he snorted one more time, mucous and all. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This 1971 science fiction novel follows its protagonist, Dr. Thomas More a descendent of Sir Thomas More, author of Utopia, an alcoholic lapsed Catholic psychiatrist and enthusiastic lothario in a small Louisiana town called Paradise. ❋ Cathleen Falsani (2011)

But a book reveals that Nazi Germany's propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels was an unlikely lothario, nicknamed 'the ram' by the many actresses and society ladies... ❋ Mail Online (2011)

But a book reveals that Nazi Germany's propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels was an unlikely lothario, nicknamed 'the ram' by the many actresses and society ladies he seduced. ❋ Mail Online (2011)

He was a bit of a lothario, I suppose; a bit of a rogue. ❋ Unknown (2011)

She did, what I call the egyptian walk, proceed to walk up to the calling, cavorting, love hungry, lothario. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And for a crooning lothario like Gyptian, comfort is key. ❋ Chris Richards (2010)

Based on a British fave, the US adaptation — about spin doctors at a PR firm staffed by grotesquely annoying stereotypes including the prerequisite lothario and a bitchy secretary who may actually inspire self-injuring among viewers — wants us to see Azaria's neurotic as somehow appealing. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Best Vows: Twenty-eight years and two children later, Gene Simmons finally ties the knot with Shannon Tweed on Gene Simmons Family Jewels in a romantic ceremony during which Tweed gives the legendary lothario her father's ring that she melted and reshaped into one for Simmons. ❋ Unknown (2011)

I said I was so glad he thought Eddie was funny. He said, he is something of a [Lothario], isn't he? I said Eddie was not really, and he said, well, he loses his [head a] bit, if you know what I mean. – [excerpt] from "The Death of the Heart" ❋ Munchy The Panda (2009)

❋ Whatever (2003)

He was sexy yet [fatal], an [absolute] [Lothario] ❋ Louis Firbank (2004)

❋ JJaded (2003)

[Lothario]: Did you know I have roalty in my blood line baby. Where did you family come from? Penny C: Oh, really, did you know I can see right threw all your little tricks? Lothario: Baby, I'll take care of you. You deserve so much better! Penny C: You mean, you want to touch my vagina and I haven't let you, so you'll tell me anything to get a taste. Lothario: You know [weve] been friends for years and were always thier what could it hurt? Penny C: Well take a look at where we are now [Lathario]. Pain teaches love and grace wrote all over your face. Lothario: You still let me. Penny C: I faked it every time. All i could hear rollin around in your head was, " I can't wait till 9, the boys and I are going to fuck these fine college girls and run that train," but all you said was, "oh baby right thier," insted. Now, who's twisted sista peter [whacker cracker]. Lothario: [Your suck] a biotch! Penny C: [Yup yup], you taught me well, dizzy Dixon. Now hold your breath or you cock and balls and let me know how that turns out for ya! ❋ Nindificating;spidermonkiesG (2010)

[blah blah blah] ❋ Tomato (2004)

[Don Lothario] is dressed in a purple shirt and jeans with leather shoes in [The Sims 2], and a orange shirt in [Sims 3], with a beard and pompadour hair. ❋ Chaotic_neutral (2012)

[i don't like] [going home] [that way], I always get cat-called by that Long Island Lothario ❋ MJ McCully (2020)

Look at that [pervert], what a [Sun Kissed Lothario] [David] Hasslehof is a Sun Kissed Lothario ❋ Timio (2006)

[Bruce Lee]: Damn, that quiet motherfucker is suddenly talking to all the transients, that is disgusting. [Jose] [Contreras]: He's just a last call Lothario, typical bullshit. ❋ Benny B From The Bronx (2007)

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