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    Because sometimes pictures are worth more than a whole lotta words.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

    #18 POSTED BY Daaave, Jan 20th, 2009 2: 11 pm mer-lott - I too thought the same jokes as jonfromcali.. [Benjamin Button = Forrest Gump? » Scene-Stealers]

    If recoil is to great just handload down to .458 lott velocities.. [Aybody have experience with the 460 weatherby?]

    On your list, you forgot trent lott, who praised the segregationist in I think it was lousiana.. [Former RNC Candidate Blackwell: Steele Needs To Re-Read The Bible]

    If I was to run into a buffalo I would reach into my pocket for a solid and not hesitate to use it, but if I was after buffalo especially then I would rather have a .458 lott than the 375 ..... cheers. [The .375 H&H: Fraud or Scam?]

    Submit a Comment • Trackback (0) • Related Topics: congress, gop, mississippi, roger wicker, trent lott. [The Other Race To Watch Today - Swampland - TIME.com]

    | Reply | Permalink lott is obviously being forced out. it is either a brothel scandal, abramoff redux, the gonzo firings, aipac spying, or saudi corruption. could be a lotta things. but he isnt leaving because he did a heckuva job. boy got booted.. [Trent Lott Resigning]

    Leave a comment it was rumored trent lott left to avoid the new restrictions laid out in the recently passed ethics reform legislation. gee, who helped to write that bill?. [Mississippi Gov. Barbour (R) To Announce Senate Appointment On Monday]

    Same thing with rove and lott and a host of other republicans.. [In An Interview With TPM, Krugman Ramps Up Case Against Obama]

    Need I go on, and these are direct quotes for the loon william kristol on fox entertainment as well as trent "the nazi" lott.. [Hillary Gets In Spat With Iowa Voter]

    How about the trent lott praise that was flowing before he resigned.. [Hillary Pollster: "Kindergarten Attack" On Obama Was Just A Gag!]

    Well, apparently there was a rumor before 06 that lott would retire because he was wiped out financially by katrina.. [Trent Lott's Odd No-Frills Retirement Press Conference]

    Give me some quotes from fox entertainment all the way to trent lott that they say clinton II triple talks or double talks even.. [Hillary Has Majority Of New Hampshire State Senate Dems]

    Try to find a quote from tent lott that is critical of clinton II.. [Top Iowa Story: Edwards Hits Hillary Over Planted Questions ��� Hillary Team Hits Back]

    Unbelievable you doubt a troll who has appeared to have use three different names to make us think that there are more than one troll arguing that using a racial slur by a white house press spokesman is nothing to get worried about, like the time good ole trent lott shoves his foot into his mouth, well he might be decietful but at least kenny got off southpark to grace us today ….. [Think Progress » Memorandum To Tony Snow On The Use Of The Term ‘Tar Baby’]

    All trew, but white kitteh looks a lott BIGGGER than blak kitteh.. [SPY - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

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