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Definitions of "lovers"

  • Plural form of lover. noun

The word "lovers" in example sentences

Gotta say the McCain lovers aka known as the "delusional few" cites experience.. [Obama: The general election fight should start next week]

In fact, one of the greatest pleasures known to lovers is to conduct their amours slily.. [The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre]

For all you label lovers, "Ted's Six Pack", is Ted Baker-branded range of items that will charge up your gadgets with special designer electricity.. []

He frequently uses cheap parlor tricks to get his live-in lovers to vacate, including holding phony séances in which a spirit tells them to leave.. [The Silver Metal Lover: Better Than the Real Thing « A Working Title]

One genre of movie which attracts a huge mass of movie lovers is horror movies.. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1119]

The rant about how Obama haters are not necessarily, ipso facto, Bush lovers is then belied by your subject standard of 'worshiped'.. [ An Insight Into Obama's Vetting Problems]

Another site which favored by bingo lovers is the Ukbingo. org.. [UK Bingo Development | Poker Hands]

Ultimately, Catherine was obliged to look elsewhere to conceive the required child, taking the first of a series of long-term lovers and companions.. [The Rise Of an Empress]

MexConnect. com Forums: General: General Forum: Here's one for train lovers. [Here's one for train lovers]

LOL, the thing where people mistake them for lovers is a running joke.. [Supernatural's Gay Incest Subtext]

I began to realize how latin lovers got their names.. [Solo Travels in Mexico « Colleen Anderson]

If she leaves, she takes with her the inbred cousin lovers who have skulked in the darkest recesses of the party for decades.. [Huckabee warns Palin: Don't leave GOP]

These GOP Palin lovers should realize that by the time she tries to run for President (if she is that selfishly motivated at the expense of the GOP) ....... she will be dragging more baggage behind her than Jacob Marley's chain he forged in life in Dicken's Christmas Carol!. [Ethics complaints still dog Palin]

Go on Republican-base Sarah Palin lovers and try to nominate/elect in her 2012.. [Palin attorney warns media over 'defamatory' charges]

I guarantee as this thread plays out it will be salted with philippics from rabid Palin lovers bemoaning "all the hate" being spewed by loathsome Liberals because they are so "scared" of her.. [Palin attorney warns media over 'defamatory' charges]

For all you sarah palin lovers right wing nuts who believes Obama was not born in the USA.. [Poll: Majority don't approve of Palin]

Lovers on Social Media

Organic Traffics

@OtomateWeb: 『DIABOLIK LOVERS CHAOS LINEAGE』 公式サイトにて、カウントダウンボイスとプレイムービーを更新しました♪  #オトメイト


朝からパトレイバーづいてたので帰宅は初期OVAのオープニングテーマ。 全ての(映像化)パトレイバーの中では初期OVAが一番好きだなぁ。 "Patlabor MV -未来派Lovers-"


@Adamara_Ajuzie: Find your birthday twin and become friends or lovers 💏 Me :👉 February 9 Comment Yours? 👇


#NowPlaying The Supermen Lovers - Eyes on You


@shiki_tre: 【譲渡】DIABOLIK LOVERS ディアラバ 池袋限定 缶バッジ 譲) カルラ 求) 400円+送料 ゆうちょ対応。郵送、札幌市内手渡し可能。検索からでもお気軽にお声かけください。よろしくお願い致します。 …

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  • PronunciationsL AH1 V ER0 Z
  • Character6
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