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Definitions of "lulls"

  • Plural form of lull. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lull. verb

The word "lulls" in example sentences

Spotlighted by a chandelier encased in a dome of glass that refracts his image across the gleaming surface of the grand piano, he plays for an attentive room of arts patrons and supporters, engrossed in the intense, 40-minute journey, full of violent spikes and tranquil lulls, that is Elgar's quintet for piano and string quartet.. [ | Top Stories]

"At times we looked good, but we went through some lulls, which is unacceptable for us,". [Red Raiders]

If I fpeak of prophar. e and wicked people, I would fay their lulls are their Gods: But when I fpeak of righteous people, that are meer formalifts, then I fay their duties, as they call them, are their Gods.. [Scripture truths demonstrated, in thirty-two sermons; or, Declarations of Stephen Crisp]

I quickly dismissed the fear, and planned to have a good book near the computer to read during "lulls" in the Twitter conversations.. [Rebecca Taylor: #askrebecca]

Moreover, some fighting usually continues during the 'lulls' so humanitarian workers and the civilian population risk their lives moving around the Gaza Strip.. [Louis Belanger: Aid Agencies: Lulls In Israel-Hamas Fighting Not Enough]

He said being No. 1 somewhat "lulls" workers into ignoring the "awareness of vulnerability.". [GM Vice Chairman Says Focus]

QUOTATION: God, give us Peace! not such as lulls to sleep,. [Quotations]

Not a bad record, but every song has virtually the same rhyme scheme, and it kind of lulls you to sleep after a while.. [Latest stories]

In the non-liturgical churches I have served as a pastor, the time after Easter was one of the few "lulls" in the year.. []

"There are times when Steveie looks so effortless out there; he kind of lulls you to sleep, then†¦". [Sports news from]

The one thing you have to hang your hat on is not having the same kind of lulls defensively.. []

No. But the woman in the commercial has such a nice voice ..... it kind of lulls you into relaxing about it all.. [The Full Feed from]

The group added: "Some fighting usually continues during the 'lulls' so humanitarian workers and the civilian population risk their lives moving around the Gaza Strip.". [IRIN]

The beauty of the writing kind of lulls you into a stupor where you start to perhaps maybe sympathize with Humbart Humbart, even while your skin crawls and your heart genuinely goes out to poor Lolita.. [Thinking About...]

7362God, give us Peace! not such as lulls to sleep,. [Quotations]

"Their rhythm is really good when it's at their pace, and their spacing of their offense kind of lulls you to sleep a little bit.. [Yahoo! Sports - Top News]

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@KillEFFY This is cathartic. BRITISH Fans-any chant with the pattern, ‘clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.’ Fans-shouting o…

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