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Definitions of "lumpenly"

  • In a lumpen manner. adverb

The word "lumpenly" in example sentences

Matthew Arnold told the sceptical Victorians to read the Bible for its poetry; Frey, however, is lumpenly prosaic, unable to conceive of or communicate rapture.. [The Final Testament of the Holy Bible by James Frey – review]

It just sat there lumpenly in my account before I took it down Harley Street, a bald, bleak statement of fact.. [Of Lice And Men]

TRACEY is dull, stolid, lumpenly well-behaved and conscientious, without ever getting a grade above a B.. [A Rosie By Any Other Name...]

What we lumpenly call SF is a hybrid of Romaticism and Realism.. [Archive 2005-03-01]

He gave a startled cry, fell lumpenly against the tiles and momentarily slackened his iron grip on my head and neck.. [The Vesuvius Club]

The DB by contrast is lumpenly, militantly inscrutable and unreachable.. [SOLO - Sense of Life Objectivists]

The static environments combined with lumpenly tough enemies can make the combat feel monotonous quite quuickly.. [ Feed]

What we lumpenly call SF or Fantasy, New Wave or New Weird is, I’d argue, not the essentially Romantic genre fiction we allow it to be confused with.. [Archive 2005-03-01]

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