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Definitions of "lunar"

  • Of, involving, caused by, or affecting the moon. adjective
  • Measured by the revolution of the moon. adjective
  • Of or relating to silver. adjective
  • Of, or pertaining to, the Moon; moonly. adjective
  • Crescent shaped, lunate. adjective
  • Of, or pertaining to, silver. adjective
  • A lunar distance. noun
  • The middle bone of the proximal series of the carpus. noun
  • Of or pertaining to the moon. adjective
  • Resembling the moon; orbed. adjective
  • Measured by the revolutions of the moon. adjective
  • Influenced by the moon, as in growth, character, or properties. adjective
  • A lunar distance. noun
  • The middle bone of the proximal series of the carpus; -- called also semilunar, and intermedium. noun
  • Of, pertaining, or relating to the moon: as, the lunar changes; lunar observations.
  • Situated or moving like the moon; acting as a moon.
  • Measured by the revolutions of the moon: as, lunar months or years.
  • Resembling the moon; round: as, a lunar shield, specifically, in anatomy and zoology:
  • Supposed to be affected by or due to the influence of the moon: as, lunar madness.

The word "lunar" in example sentences

The term lunar eclipse means that the Earth comes between the moon and the sun for a brief period so that the moon is either partially or completely covered by the Earth's shadow.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

And even if it could land safely upright, might it not sink into the dust, to be trapped in lunar quicksand, never to escape?. [Apollo Talk « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog]

Another story -- an ANALOG story -- the clones figure out how to extract oxygen from moon rocks, grow crops in lunar soil, etc.. [July 12th, 2009]

Considering that they would meet in lunar orbit, the ability of this vehicle to throw the same weight at the Moon as Ares V is probably true -- I hope someone can confirm.. [Ares V - Ares 1 = Ares IV - NASA Watch]

And I assume that the amount of consumables for 6 on a 2 day flight up and a 1 day flight back would be equal to or probably less than the amount for 4 astronauts on the 6 day plus months loiter time in lunar orbit.. [Orion Slims Down - NASA Watch]

When close to the moon, LRO used its rocket motor to slow down until the gravity of the moon caught the spacecraft in lunar orbit.. [NASA Watch: June 2009 Archives]

I still love the idea of arriving in lunar orbit with your ride to the surface waiting for you.. [A Constellation Alternative you Might Never have Seen - NASA Watch]

If we really do get Constellation and Ares V, it is beyond belief that it could not be used to service major structures (scientific or otherwise) in lunar orbit, the JWST orbit, and wherever they put the future 10-meter monolith follow-on to HST.. [Candid Comments on the Constellation Program - NASA Watch]

Construct in lunar orbit spacecraft capable of travel with humans and or cargo to Near Earth Asteroids, Mars, or other locations within the inner solar system.. [NAS Seeks Public Input on Space Goals - NASA Watch]

The Shuttle was not the cause for the inability to sustain lunar exploration.. [Today's Video: Like None Other - Restored Moon Images to Help Future Moon Missions - NASA Watch]

If Paul's data from his radar verifies the extent of water (damn him he won't even tell me whether or not this is the case until the paper passes peer review), even on the low side of the estimates, it will be a revolution in lunar development.. [Why the Moon? Here's Why. - NASA Watch]

I think that would also be a good idea for docking reusable lunar landers and reusable space tugs in lunar orbit.. [Things We Used To Do - NASA Watch]

NASA also wanted to place a Skylab in lunar orbit.. [Things We Used To Do - NASA Watch]

There are a lot of older folks (who post here) who have invested their careers in lunar this or lunar that.. [Why the Moon? Here's Why. - NASA Watch]

This year's Next Generation Exploration Conference will focus on entrepreneurial opportunities in lunar development.. [NGEC at NASA ARC - NASA Watch]

Orion is intended to eventually work in lunar orbit, Dragon isn't (as far as we know, today).. [Constellation Drags - SpaceX Moves Ahead - NASA Watch]

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Lunar Word Data

  • Pronunciations(lo͞oˈnər)
  • Character5
  • Hyphenation lu nar


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