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Definitions and meanings of "Lushes"

What do we mean by lushes?

Drunkard, sot, alcoholic.

Intoxicating liquor.

(Pidgin) A person who enjoys talking about themselves

A somewhat humorous attempt to spell the word luscious and used in the same context. Urban Dictionary

A word describing the most wonderful person you have ever met. A term used to describe someone who fills your heart with joy and glee and happy and all that good stuff and three other things! Urban Dictionary

Adjective; to be so fucking beautiful that I'd sleep with you all night. Urban Dictionary

Tipsy, drunk to the point of no return. Urban Dictionary

Either sex can be a lush. It's someone who drinks a lot and enjoys drinking a lot---not necessarily an alcoholic, but someone whose drinking is noticeable. It can be used teasingly or as an insult, but even if someone teases you (or whoever), there's probably some truth in it, and it probably means you're overdoing the alcohol. Urban Dictionary

When you mix liking lusting a girl/guy so much your lushing for them. Urban Dictionary

British slang term to describe something pleasing or desirable. Urban Dictionary

One who becomes intoxicated after a few drinks and flirts with everyone Urban Dictionary

Activity commonly known as drinking alcohol To be lushed: Heavily intoxicated Urban Dictionary

Somebody who drinks alot Urban Dictionary

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The word "lushes" in example sentences

Nice to be able to go running around a green 'lushes' park in spring (or our summer) weather. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Realistically, if beer prices go up by $0.30 per six pack because of this, I don't really think many people would notice the difference, unless they are total lushes. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Call us lushes, but we like to take brewery tours. ❋ Kate Auletta (2010)

One night at my after work stop (not a bar, you lushes, a 7-11), I was having a talk with a student/night shift friend of a friend. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Maybe the fact that both Weisner and Kifowit are lushes has something to do with that. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Notice the play on words: l'ivresse = drunkenness (in this case, Livresse, we have livre lushes or book boozers!) beurré (beur-ay) adjective ❋ Unknown (2010)

This explains why, when Natalia walks into that seedy bar in chapter 5 of The Tiger's Wife, the town lushes are all drinking beer -- rakija is usually drunk at home. ❋ Anna King (2012)

I'm not accusing our heroic astronaut corps of being a bunch of lushes. ❋ Ralph Gardner Jr. (2011)

If we allow this mosque to go forth, so the logic goes, the next thing you know, all the bars in the country will be shut down (and those infidel lushes flogged!), all the women will be draped in sheets, and Muhammad will replace Jacob as the most popular name in America. ❋ Sherman A. Jackson (2010)

Now with the beer police putting the boot in on lunchtime lushes I have to ask .. ❋ Unknown (2008)

John Silvestri is an iron man about liquor, and the Holloman PD is famous—lushes need not apply. ❋ Colleen McCullough (2010)

"Someone told me that if i call you lushes, you'd [sleep with me]." "I fear that you have made some [grievous] errors in your [grade school] education." ❋ Aleste (2008)

[Awww] [I never] wanna [sleep] ever again now that I met my lushes! ❋ Mewwww (2006)

"[That woman] is so lushes." ❋ N Franklin (2008)

damn [kidd], [that dude] is [lushed]. he had one to many. ❋ Kriolaa (2008)

[Sara] is such a [lush]! Did you see her dancing at Firehaus? [Oh em gee]. It wasn't even her birthday! ❋ ILoveYahooAnswers (2009)

I think [i love him]/her. No [fool] you [lushing] for it. ❋ (2020)

"[that girl] is fucking lush" "[i had] the most lush [milkshake] last night" ❋ Tim (2005)

That [freaking] lush was all over [my man] after [just one beer] ❋ Fishnets (2004)

Were [goin' on] the [lush] tomorrow, are you [lushin]? ❋ Irish Harydman (2010)

"hey [lush], [have fun], its [the weekend]" ❋ Kat (2003)

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