Definitions and meanings of "Luting"

What do we mean by luting?

Same as lute . noun

See lute, a cement. noun

Present participle of lute. verb

lute (a kind of sticky clay or cement) noun

A substance for packing a joint or coating a porous surface to make it impervious to gas or liquid noun

To play on a lute, or as if on a lute.

Short for absolutely. It's like saying "totes"  Urban Dictionary

The lute refers to both any plucked string instrument with a fretted neck and a deep round back as well as specifically an instrument from the family of European lutes. Lute and oud both descend from a ommon ancestor, with diverging evolutionary paths. And it is played a lot at Renaissance faires.  Urban Dictionary

Lute is used in place of almost every word. It can mean anything that the user wants it to mean. Usually is used as a compliment, but can become a slam if used properly.  Urban Dictionary

The mascot of Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland, Washington. A LUTE embodies the spirit of philosophy of the university; that of leadership and lifelong service to the greater community.  Urban Dictionary

Another word for a mans private areas  Urban Dictionary

Another mispelling of the word loot, commonly used by online gamers to describe the artifacts/items they found via a quest or defeating monsters.  Urban Dictionary

A Spanish escape artist and criminal known for high jinx in 1960's-70's Also a pop song by 1970's glam band Boney M A swift quick witted petty criminal, who is great at vanishing  Urban Dictionary

Adj: describing something of high quality or performance. Adv: describing a extreme or skillful action either through purpose or luck.  Urban Dictionary

A very frysian man that's great at sailing and is a anime boy.  Urban Dictionary

A blanket term for any plucked or bowed stringed instrument that originated from any Asian culture, usually played in subways and Chinese Opera Houses.  Urban Dictionary

The word "luting" in example sentences

How to use luting in a sentence? Example sentences with the luting, a sentence example for luting, and how to make luting in sample sentence, how do I use the word luting in a sentence? How do you spell luting in a sentence?

Unfortunately I had forgotten a sulphur-still; and the engineer vainly attempted to extract the ore by luting together two iron mortars, and by heating them to a red heat. ❋ Unknown (2003)

Their attempted solutions of the problem of evil are in most cases dualistic; evil is due either to the disturbing and pol - luting influence of a preexisting matter, coeternal with and not created by God, or to an evil soul, again a coeternal independent principle. ❋ A. HILARY ARMSTRONG (1968)

Break off the stem of one close to the bowl and fill the hole with well worked clay (some battery slimes make the best luting clay). ❋ Unknown (N/A)

Now fit the whole pipe, bowl inverted, on to the under one, luting the edges of both well with clay. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

The workman must pay the greatest attention to his work, and the distiller must lute exactly all the parts of the apparatus that are susceptible of it: he must be the more careful as to luting it, as this operation is only performed once a week, when the apparatus is cleaned. ❋ Anthony Boucherie (N/A)

It is smooth reading, and is attributed to Bertrand de Born, [3] who lived in the time when even the lion-hearted King Richard turned his brawny fingers to the luting of a song. ❋ Various (N/A)

The proportions of this luting are determined by putting more or less resin and red ochre, or turpentine and wax, as the "lithocolle" is to be more or less brittle or elastic. ❋ Montagu Browne (N/A)

The furnace was closed at the top with fire brick slabs containing two or three holes for the escape of the gaseous products of the reduction, and the entire furnace made air-tight by luting with fire clay. ❋ Various (N/A)

This tube is composed of two pieces of bamboo, fastened at an acute angle, and it is covered the whole length with a strong binding of corded string, over which is a luting of earth to prevent the vapour from escaping. ❋ P. L. Simmonds (N/A)

Apply with an old brush, or by repeatedly plunging the neck of the bottle in the luting before the latter becomes cold. ❋ Montagu Browne (N/A)

The mouth of the crucible is closed with a luting of clay, or otherwise, and the opening, _d_, made in the upper side of the crucible, near its extremity, comes entirely within the retort, and forms a passage for the zinc fumes from the retort chamber into the condensing chamber. ❋ Various (N/A)

As this compound comes from the carburizing pots it contains bits of fireclay which represent a part of the luting used for sealing, and there may be small parts of work or bits of fused material in it as well. ❋ Unknown (1916)

I can fancy how, through the gilded air, came the cheerful sounds of the dancing and the luting and the laughter and the festival, and how all Florence seemed to be, as it were, one wonderful, perfect flower of warmth and color and joy. ❋ Unknown (1898)

As he was about to pass luting through the entrance, Lysidice parted the curtains and entered the room. ❋ Unknown (1898)

As they were talking, in came one of the Khalif's maidservants and whispered him that they had heard a noise of singing and luting in ❋ Anonymous (1879)

The leakage might be expected chiefly to occur at the valve in the head of the balloon, it being extremely difficult to render any form of mechanical valve gas tight, however carefully its joints be stopped with luting. ❋ John Mackenzie Bacon (1875)

Surely, the youth ceased not to listen, and oblivion of cares and aught other in this life, save that hidden luting and piping, pillowed his drowsy head. ❋ George Meredith (1868)

Now, when Noorna bin Noorka had made an end of her narration, she folded her hands and was mute awhile; and to the ear of Shibli Bagarag it seemed as if a sweet instrument had on a sudden ceased luting. ❋ George Meredith (1868)

To this little damsel Bhanavar gave her heart, and would listen all day, as in a trance, to her luting, till the desire to escape from that bondage and gather tidings of Almeryl mastered her, and she persuaded one of the blacks of the harem with a bribe to procure her an interview with the porter Ukleet. ❋ George Meredith (1868)

She sang to him, luting deliriously; and he was intoxicated with the blissfulness of his fortune, and took a lute and sang to her love-verses in praise of her, rhyming his rapture. ❋ George Meredith (1868)

[Sven]: You gonna be around for [drinks] after work? Dude: [Lutes] dude. ❋ Dudepiece (2009)

[Queen Elizabeth] [I is] portrayed as [playing] a lute. ❋ Renaissance Fan (2006)

"Wow, that shirt is totally lute!" (in this case it can be seen as either) person 1, "I just [aced] my bio [midterm]!" person 2, "[Nice dude], tottally lute!" (here it is used as a compliment) Person 1, "Your a loser!" person 2, "oh yeah, well your tottally unlute!" (here it is a slam) these are bad examples, but i think you get the general idea. ❋ Darkelite9 (2008)

[Pacific] [Lutheran] University [Lutes]! go Lutes! ❋ Tina Marie Schmidt (2007)

[Damn]... That [stripper] has a [big] lute! ❋ Daniella2121 (2006)

Rexxar- Dood! I just got some phat [lute] from that quest!!! Legolass- [O RLY]? Rexxar- Yeah! I just found [a Hammer] of Sundering and Bracers of Infinite Strength! Legolass- ZOMG THAT IS SWEET [LUTE]!!! ❋ Nesk (2006)

He has vamooshed, [just] like [El Lute]! ❋ Tipsy10 (2007)

That [amplifier] is "[lute]!" or "I just managed to get away from [the cops] with the most "lute" driving I have ever done. ❋ Ginny Svab (2008)

[Sjouke lute] [you are] [so cool]. ❋ Anonieme Yeeter (2020)

[Yeah], he [got] [mad skills] on the Gook Lute. ❋ Corbon Deoxide (2010)

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