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Very cute handsome and innocent boy . And done their work properly and wisely This guy is perfect and so good in every work.Madhur means sweet it means his nature was so sweet and dashing  Urban Dictionary

Madhur is word used to define raw sex beasts. madhur can also be used to define those who find 'woo-ing' girls a an activity of great ease, it is something a 'madhur' is born to do.  Urban Dictionary

Madhur is a Indian boy name originated from the Hindi Language. Madhur name meaning is “Sweet”.  Urban Dictionary

That girl with the best booty you've ever seen. No one you've met before that can beat that ass. Shes a sex goddess.  Urban Dictionary

The cutest guy with heart he is an overthinker he is obsessed for the person he love. He doesn't love anyone until he see something in someone and that's a rare feature in him he will never leave you,he doesn't open up easily he have secrecy on his own and he's only open for the person he trusts more than anyone . He knows what could happen and how to deal he hates betrayal and he never forgets those who hurt him ... Be blessed if he says he love you you must be the antiquest person ever  Urban Dictionary

The cutest guy from heart ,if you ever met him and he ever loved you then dude he's never gonna leave you . He will love you till his death and he is an overthinker so if you'll ever cheat on him he'll know it before you'll tell him . He doesn't like any girl until he see something in you and he always think about everything  Urban Dictionary

Om can be defined as a skillfull person and draws up everyone's attention.generally has a very attractive and cute personality.Madhur refers to peace and positive spirit which controls mental stability and way of performing arts .he has ability to control and understand other person's mood ,and therefore is loved from mostly everyone who surround him. He is a good partner too he does things with full of dedication. He never let down anyone . Moreover, He don't kiss everyone the same he knows how to relax someone.  Urban Dictionary

Tall guy, straight out of a haters-to-lovers-trope novel, not so sweet voice because he hardly talks.  Urban Dictionary

The word "madhur" in example sentences

How to use madhur in a sentence? Example sentences with the madhur, a sentence example for madhur, and how to make madhur in sample sentence, how do I use the word madhur in a sentence? How do you spell madhur in a sentence?

Then I saw madhur jaffrey mucking up the dish … phew … hard not to blow your top off when someone from your own country screws up the food we eat on TV big time. anyways, thanks for this up.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

November 5th, 2009 at 9: 34 am PST hi madhur do u have a spare of a invite for nebul? reply giri   ❋ Jason Kincaid (2005)

He draws out a mood of romanticism, eroticism, and happiness mainly, his preferred method of dealing with some of the madhur ragas.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

How many different names do suraj bhan, umed singh & madhur bhandarkar   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Blinky projects: Open source hardware 2009 - The definitive guide to open source hardware projects in 2009 madhur: hi very nice project it was i will try to make it scrapbooking: The art of scrapbook making has been seen as a means of collecting different materials.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

I am more concerned with how ... madhur: hi very nice project it was i will try to make it scrapbooking: The art of scrapbook making has been seen as a means of collecting different materials.   ❋ Quantazelle (2009)

Write to me at madhur. [email protected]   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Make: Electronics and the 555 man madhur: hi very nice project it was i will try to make it scrapbooking: The art of scrapbook making has been seen as a means of collecting different materials.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

To bring the album to a close, Rahman's ever reliable lieutenant, Udit Narayan, comes out of semi-retirement for this endearing 'ched-chaad' song that is sung in a cute conversational manner, and the 'madhur si' Madhushree supports him ably.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Madhur ❋ I Am Always Right 😎😎 (2021)

''wow look at him madhur that girl' '' i madhured that girl with such ease '' ❋ Apppy (2010)

Hey Madhur, how are you? ❋ TheEyeLove (2021)

Oh my god, that girl mate. She was such a Madhur! Fuck me. ❋ Swenekaf (2018)

He said i should leave this path and do what he says Who? Madhur'' Ok great he must saw a long visions just accept it he will never disappoint you ❋ Mambilli (2021)

Who told you to do this Madhur' said Ok then yea you should do it because he knows about what's gonna happen ❋ Mambilli (2021)

Madhur can be defined as in this sentence"hey look Madhur is passing ,he is so good at everything he does" ❋ Elina Hawnk (2021)

Why use a chair when you can use Madhur ❋ Tallflower (2021)

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