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Definitions and meanings of "Magnificence"

What do we mean by magnificence?

Greatness or lavishness of surroundings; splendor. noun

Grand or imposing beauty. noun

The state or condition of being magnificent; grandeur, as of appearance or of character; splendor; brilliancy: as, the magnificence of a palace or of a procession; the magnificence of Shakspere's genius. noun

A high degree of generosity; munificence. noun

A title of courtesy belonging of right to several high officers of ancient Rome, and also to the rector (rector magnificus), prorector, and chancellor of a German university, and to some other German officials: corresponding to lordship, highness, or eminence (with his or your prefixed). noun

The act of doing what is magnificent; the state or quality of being magnificent. noun

Grandeur, brilliance, lavishness or splendor noun

The act of doing what magnificent; the state or quality of being magnificent. noun

Impressiveness noun

The quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand noun

Splendid or imposing in size or appearance noun

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word magnificence. Define magnificence, magnificence synonyms, magnificence pronunciation, magnificence translation, English dictionary definition of magnificence.

(adjective) impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking Urban Dictionary

Friends that do amazing things together, no matter how big. Urban Dictionary

Ability to be better than everyone else. the ability to party until 6 a.m when you have to work at 4 a.m. just being overall great. Urban Dictionary

A moronic mis-spelling or mis-pronunciation of the word 'magnificent'. Urban Dictionary

The greatest piece of art to ever exist In the universe .a truly amazing spectical that has no equal I. This or the next life Urban Dictionary

A new way to describe mentally retarded people because of the fact that the word to describe the mentally retarded keeps getting less insulting. For example It use to be Retarded then mentally handy caped, then special, and now we are to a point where we are saying they are "GIFTED". ( what kind of a gift is being retarded?) so now it has been decided that the mentally impaired will be called magnificent. Witch is now a good new way to make fun of your friends with out them knowing. Urban Dictionary

The word magnificent is generally used to describe someone who is absolutely amazing in every way Urban Dictionary

A Magnificent Bastard (MB) is someone who is all about unpretentious whiskey knowledge, all kinds of whiskey everywhere, they are about shenanigans, from dad-jokes to salty memes. They learn, they share, they shenanigan. To find a Magnificent Bastard in the wild, you will need to ask someone "How do you Whiskey?" A Magnificent Bastard will reply "With Magnificence" Urban Dictionary

There's a certain type of character that defies such definitions as hero or villain, good or evil, friend or enemy. Love him or loathe him, you have to admire him. And at the end of the day, there's only one thing we can call him... a Magnificent Bastard. The Magnificent Bastard is intelligent, capable, supremely competent, and always in control. He can be playing everyone from both ends, or making it up as he goes along with such consummate skill he gets away with it. He might be cynically exploiting all around him for his own ends, or persuading everyone to do everything for him. He might be a lying sneaky bastard playing everyone for his own selfish ends, but he goes about it with such breathtaking skill and panache you admire him for it. Above all else, what defines a Magnificent Bastard is his ability to evoke not just amazement, but grudging admiration, from friend, foe and audience alike. Urban Dictionary

Also with the alias Magnus Pieterson, Magnificent Pies is a mysterrious, mythical character that is found in the city of Derby. Armed with an array of puns, gags and general chucklemunter material. A minimum 7/10 Laugh in the 'Templeman Scale' is for sure. Loves banter with his favourite Lads. Urban Dictionary

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The word "magnificence" in example sentences

Arising from the mist of a lake's memory, a glorious, colorful canopy of magnificence is being readied for its introduction. ❋ Jack Schimmelman (2010)

Shorthorn harem, and the Shorthorn harems of bulls that were only little less than King Polo in magnificence and record; and Parkman, the Jersey manager, was on hand, with staffed assistants, to parade Sensational ❋ Unknown (2010)

Ibsen's magnificence is hard to put across: the drama opens in a drawing room and ends in a howling waste. ❋ Susannah Clapp (2010)

To think an animal of that magnificence is being exploited by an outfitter -- whose only claim to "fame" is plain, dumb luck; being in the wrong place at the wrong time -- greatly sickens me. ❋ Unknown (2008)

'I do not think you can convince mankind,' said my husband, 'that there is not a certain magnificence about a great empire in being.' ❋ Unknown (1969)

But when a large man does any of these things the laughter of the world has a crueller ring; his own magnificence is the measure of his own defeat; the greater the bulk, it seems, the greater the bathos. ❋ Unknown (1938)

You may call it 'magnificence,' or what you choose; but I know I should like to live a little more as our neighbors do. ❋ Unknown (1897)

The Labyrinth was utterly destroyed by order of the Roman Government some seventeen or eighteen centuries ago, and all that remains of its former magnificence is this platform, heaped six feet deep with thousands and tens of thousands of tons of limestone and granite chips. ❋ Unknown (1891)

Execrable is the man, however arrayed in magnificence, crowned with wealth, or decorated with the external graces and accomplishments of fashionable life, who shall presume to display them, at the expense of virtue and innocence! ❋ Unknown (1797)

Yet this vain magnificence reflects less glory on the character of Leo than the paternal care with which he rebuilt the walls of Horta and Ameria; and transported the wandering inhabitants of Centumcellae to his new foundation of Leopolis, twelve miles from the sea — shore. ❋ Unknown (1206)

The austere and frugal measure of their lives was the effect of virtue or habit, and the pride of their simplicity insulted the vain magnificence of the kings of the earth. ❋ Unknown (1206)

"public cause of pride" surpassed in magnificence grandeur all the rest: — the symmetry and style of the whole building, was particularly favorable to the occasion, and it was seen and embraced by the ingenious contrivers on this occasion with felicitous effect, the balustrades along the wings were ranged with party coloured lights, and intervening pedestals with lamps in festoons .... ❋ Unknown (2006)

The State of Chiapas is a place of such extraordinary beauty that choosing certain drives as singular in their magnificence is a futile task so I will talk about the things that I see and smell and experience there perhaps to the point of boring the reader. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[My girlfriend], [Hope], is [magnificent]. ❋ NotGabrielle (2018)

[Eden] and Krysliana are the literal [epitome] of [MAGNIFICENT]. ❋ Krys Kross (2016)

[jimmy] [brown] is the most magnificent person [ive] ever met ❋ Magnicence (2009)

Person 1: 'That [film] was [magnificant]!' Person 2: 'Shut [the hell] up.' ❋ Cerb82 (2012)

That [gummy bear] is [magnificent]. amazing [and one] of a kind ❋ Rollin Thunder (2018)

Tyler your so "magnificent". I mean seriously [what kind] of a man [craps] themselves in the middle of a [parking lot]. ❋ Larry Schulze (2007)

[She is] [magnificent] ❋ #1 Shrek Daddy (2019)

A [magnificent bastard] is NOT a [whiskey] [snob]. ❋ A Truly Magnificent Bastard (2019)

The Democratic Party is in [disarray]. [Karl Rove], you [magnificent bastard]! ❋ Tantiboh (2008)

Maginificent [Pies]: Ask me if im a [tree] Person 1: Huh? Magnificent Pies: ASK ME IF IM A [TREE]! Person 1 : Are you a tree? Magnificent Pies : No. [LOLOLOLOLOLOL] ❋ HinduLad (2011)

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