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Definitions of "mah"

  • Alternative form of my. pronoun

The word "mah" in example sentences

Have been living too intensely in mah feelings for the last two days.. [And With This, We Shall All Move On (Also, Unicorns!) | Her Bad Mother]

Remco is off to Den Haag until Wednesday night, so (Elvis voice) It's Looonelyyyyy in mah bed, without yoooooooou to hooooold! ahem .... [weekly]

Back in mah day we didn't have nonna yer fancy cee-gees, boy!. [Revisiting Star Trek [Part 1 of 7]: The Original Series]

Alex did you post this just to rub in mah face? damn Mac users lol. [Apple's Designer Actually Helped Design Wall-E's Eve Robot «]

Cuz den Ceiling Catz bigger in mah head den Ceiling Cat is fer realz!. [Archive 2008-08-01]

Cuz den Ceiling Catz bigger in mah head den Ceiling Cat is fer realz!. [Lolcats]

Therefoars Ceiling Cat is in mah head ans in teh reelallities!. [Archive 2008-08-01]

Therefoars Ceiling Cat is in mah head ans in teh reelallities!. [Lolcats]

Elsewhere in the Song the word mah indicates only adverbial intensity: “how very much” (4.10; 7.1, 6); an introductory question (5.9); or the conjunctive use as “that” (5.8).. [Solomon’s Song of Love]

Den Massa Miles, he call mah gran'pappy in an 'say,' Bob, yo'all is free an 'I'se a ruinated man.. [Ralestone Luck]

Hit seemed the church wuz so crowded wid so many local preachers ah couldn 'do whut de Lawd wanted me ter so ah ask the pastor ifn ah could run prayer meetin and he said, "Why chile yes," and ah went on wid de prayer meetin till ever'body quit his church and come to mah prayer meetin so den he called mah han', got jealous and made me move mah prayer meetin.. [Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves Arkansas Narratives, Part 6]

The expression mah ra'itha, literally, "what didst thou see?" must be meant in some such sense as, "what hast thou encountered?". [Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1]

The word mahōtsukai literally means "magic operator," someone who can use and control magic.. [Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]]

On the library's first floor was the game room, and several were playing chess, backgammon and a Chinese game called mah jongg that were popular in the 20s.. [News from]

11 I iz on ur compoopterz missin mah oppurtoonitiez!. [UPDATED – SAY IT AIN’T SO, KARL HUNGUS!]

My character might have been raised believing that velvet doublet and silk hose are proper evening wear, but if he’s in a tropical location, that linen pah kao mah is going to look really tempting.. [Hot Girl On Girl Action In Our D&D Campaign? « Geek Related]

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gini ye njing, gausah tanya kenapa kl ujung2nya ngeread doang. emg dasar lu mah kepo bukan peduli, bangsat


@sasugauciha Server sono mah gitu yaa


@RoniSurya12: Salangsing langsingna Gadis parawan endonesa, Ari geus nikah mah Angger weh GARAREUDUT :))


@intanorii: Kadang ada orang yang bilang: "lo kok kumpulnya sama orang orang itu aja si" Tolong banget ini mah. Kumpul sama orang yang…

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