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Hyphenation make
Pronunciations /meɪk/

Definitions and meanings of "Make"

What do we mean by make?

To cause to exist or happen; bring about; create. intransitive verb

To bring into existence by shaping, modifying, or putting together material; construct. intransitive verb

To form by assembling individuals or constituents. intransitive verb

To change from one form or function to another. intransitive verb

To cause to be or become. intransitive verb

To cause to assume a specified function or role. intransitive verb

To cause to act in a specified manner. intransitive verb

To compel. intransitive verb

To form in the mind. intransitive verb

To compose. intransitive verb

To prepare; fix. intransitive verb

To get ready or set in order for use. intransitive verb

To gather and light the materials for (a fire). intransitive verb

To engage in. intransitive verb

To carry out; perform. intransitive verb

Brand or kind; model.

Manner or style of construction (style of how a thing is made); form.

Origin (of a manufactured article); manufacture; production.

A person's character or disposition.

The act or process of making something, especially in industrial manufacturing.

Quantity produced, especially of materials.

A software utility for automatically building large applications, or an implementation of this utility.

Identification or recognition (of identity), especially from police records or evidence.

(usually in phrase "easy make") Past, present or future target of seduction (usually female).

A promotion.

A home-made project

Turn to declare the trump for a hand (in bridge), or to shuffle the cards.

A made basket.

The closing of an electrical circuit.

To poop. Urban Dictionary

1. Something earned or accomplished through much hard work. 2. The potential to earn any kind of return, income, or produce a surplus, real or imaginary. 3. Universal descriptor of a thing's essence or nature. Urban Dictionary

To have sex with Urban Dictionary

Hawai'ian for dead - Pronounced mah-keh Urban Dictionary

Antonym of break. To exchange several smaller bills for one of larger value. Urban Dictionary

To make is to have another, to go that extra half yard when there seems ones energy has been drained. Urban Dictionary

To go for the make the hook up Urban Dictionary

For people that can't spell making correctly. Urban Dictionary

Provide. Often to provide something that has been promised, but could just be a way to demand something you want or expect. Urban Dictionary

1) To reach a goal. 2) To have sex, in 80's slang. Urban Dictionary

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The word "make" in example sentences

Plus, I like to check the quality of a book before I buy..make sure the glue is adequate and the cover isn't pulling away from the binding, check to make sure I am getting a 1st edition, etc. ❋ Jeff C (2009)

I crossed the road of many Saakachvili's .. in their thirties or fourties, US-trained, long-teethed wolves fascinated by politics to make a carrier, ready to «make History» as long as History is flexible and obedient. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Climate change, he indicated, “will make scarce resources, clean water, viable agricultural land even scarcer”—and this will “make the emergence of violent conflict more rather than less likely. ❋ Unknown (2006)

"I'd make everybody on the division wish their own name was Toddles before I was through with them, and I'd _make_ a job for myself." ❋ Franklin K. [Editor] Mathiews (N/A)

We ask you, then, to remember that our growth -- and your opportunities -- depend not only upon the friends we make, but _the enemies we do not make_. ❋ Nella Henney (N/A)

NOTE. — _fy_, meaning to make, is found as a suffix in derivatives too numerous to mention; as, purify (to _make pure_), rarefy (to _make rare_), classify (to _make_ or put into a _class_), etc. ❋ Elmer W. Cavins (N/A)

"Fine feathers make fine birds," the old proverb tells us; but no amount of fine dressing will ever _make_ a lady. ❋ Sarah Annie Frost (N/A)

It was as if a little mechanical toy should be contrived to make the motion of striking, and brilliantly _make_ it. ❋ Ethel Colburn Mayne (N/A)

Above all, make friends; that's it, _make friends_ -- everybody, everywhere. ❋ Stewart Edward White (1909)

"I'll just make un -- I'll just _make_ un," said her father. ❋ Dillon Wallace (1901)

She can make such a deal out of nothing, and she does n't stand at trouble when she wants to _make_ people like her. ❋ Frances Hodgson Burnett (1886)

This privilege gave them an immense and dangerous influence in private life, whence the Hawaiian proverb: The priest's man is inviolable, the chief's man is the prey of death, _Aole e make ko ke kahuna kanaka, o ko ke 'lii kanaka ke make_. ❋ Charles Nordhoff (1865)

I could make you marry me -- _make_ you, mind -- but you are not worth it. ❋ May Agnes Fleming (1860)

Objections have been made to the expression "make hopes;" but the poet himself in _King Henry VIII. _ has "more than I dare _make faults_," and repeats the phrase in one of his sonnets: surely there is nothing more singular in it than in the common French idiom, "_faire des espérances_." ❋ Various (1852)

You say, 'he that believeth will not make haste,' but I think he that believeth must _make_ haste, or get damned with the rest. ❋ Charles Kingsley (1847)

In proof of this, let the reader see what horses some men make -- _make_, we say, because in such hands their character is wholly altered. ❋ William Harrison Ainsworth (1843)

If you don't make _Englishmen of us_, the force of circumstances will _make Yankees_ of us, as sure as you are born. ' ❋ Thomas Chandler Haliburton (1830)

"You mind if my [doggy] make on your [lawn]?" "Sometimes I [make in] my pants" ❋ Anon (2004)

1. After many years of [inadequacy], his hair was finally make. 2. How much [make do] you have? 3. The make of that is [gold]. ❋ Onetruetweedle (2008)

"I'd [love to] make her--give her [the greatest] [sex] ever." ❋ Dana Mix (2003)

He jump [the cliff], went make. meaning He [jumped] [off the cliff] and died. ❋ CKinHawaii (2006)

I've got a whole [wad of cash] here, [can you] make [a hundred]? ❋ Mel (2005)

"MAKE IT !! MAKE IT !!" OR He went to [the well], but the well was [dry] !!..BUT wait !.. deep, deep within the cavenous most regions of his soul, he finds it within himself to MAKE another [pint] !! ❋ Harrymonk (2003)

that [shorty's] [lookin] nice [dunn], ya gonna go for the make? ❋ Edgar Flores (2004)

I'm [makeing] a [video] that will get so many [views]. ❋ Matthew678 (2019)

[Make with] the [salsa], these [tortilla chips] are bland. ❋ The Demander (2011)

[Judd]: "[EMILIO]!!!" [Emilio]: "How's your attempt to make it with a girl from every sorority on campus going?" Judd: "I finally made it by banging Molly from [Tri Delt] last weekend. Serious hogging." Emilio: "Word." ❋ Nick D (2004)

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