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Hyphenation ‖Mam mil la
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Definitions and meanings of "Mammilla"

What do we mean by mammilla?

A nipple or teat. noun

A nipple-shaped protuberance. noun

The nipple of the mammary gland. noun

Some nipple-like or mammillary structure. noun

In entomology, a small conical process or appendage on a surface; a mammula. noun

capitalized In conchology, a genus of gastropods. noun

In botany, applied specifically noun

To tubercles on a plant-surface, as in Mamillaria noun

To the apex of the nucleus of an ovule noun

To granular prominences on some pollen-grains. noun

The nipple. noun

The nipple. noun

The small projection of a mammary gland noun

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Another word for breasts, can also be a word for someone's chest Urban Dictionary

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The word "mammilla" in example sentences

Thus is formed the prominent female breast (mamma), on the top of which rises the teat or nipple (mammilla). ❋ Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel (1876)

Habet autem ftellasy i | i dextra manu quatuor, quae non occidunt: in capite claram vnam, in ftngulis humeris iingulas, in fingulis mammiliis ciaras iingulas, in dextra parte corporis fub mammilla obfcuram vnam, in dextro cubito claram vnam, inter vtraque genua claram vnam et; magnam, quae eft Arfturus: jn fingulis pedibus iingulas. ❋ Buhle, Johann Gottlieb, 1763-1821, Ed (1793)

We must, indeed, in my opinion, separate them entirely from one another; and I would venture to propose for the group comprised in the old genus Podura, the term Collembola, as indicating the existence of a projection, or mammilla, enabling the creature to attach or glue itself to the body on which it stands. " ❋ Unknown (1872)

"I [really] [want to] [tittyfuck] her mammilla" ❋ Robert Battersby (2005)

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