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All these animals are united by subtle skull features, such as the absence of a hole in the lower jaw called the mandibular fenestra and the flat, wrinkle-cusped teeth set along the jaws.. [Wired Top Stories]

Afradapis, such as the loss of the second premolar and the fusion of the two halves of the lower jaw (called the mandibular symphysis), are not seen in closest relatives of the earliest anthropoids like the recently-discovered genus Biretia.. [ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science]

It was a long face, sUn-cured and leathery, with a broken pug nose at center, a thin-lipped mouth, and an oversized jaw the kind of mandibular development you get from chewing tobacco or gritting your teeth.. [Blood Test]

Traditional anti-snoring appliances such as mandibular advancement devices are custom made to fit the upper and lower teeth.. [PRWeb - Daily News Feed]

Traditional anti-snoring appliances such as mandibular advancement devices are custom made to fit the upper and lower teeth.. [PRWeb - Daily News Feed]

The extinct great ape Gigantopithecus blacki from the middle Pleistocene of China and Vietnam is known only from dental and mandibular remains, and its dietary specializations remain contentious.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

This study provides a survey of mandibular shape in a sample of extant hominoids (Pan, Gorilla, Pongo, and Hylobates), as well as extinct Asian and Eurasian taxa (Ouranopithecus, Sivapithecus, and Gigantopithecus) in order to compare overall shape similarity.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

However, G. blacki can be distinguished from the extant hominids by having relatively higher values for postcanine root length and surface area, both absolutely and relative to mandibular size (except for premolar root lengths of humans).. [Archive 2009-02-01]

The results show that, in G. blacki, the pattern of mandibular root numbersparticularly that of the premolarscorresponds with that of Gorilla gorilla, Pan troglodytes, and Pongo pygmaeus.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

It is concluded that while the two large-bodied Asian taxa may have been adapted to slightly different dietary niches with different geographic and temporal ranges, the unique mandibular/dental characters that the two taxa share should not be viewed as independent evolutionary developments.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

It also endorses mandibular advancement devices that push the lower jaw forward, which can help some people.. [Dr Luisa Dillner's guide to... snoring]

Assessing mandibular shape variation within Gigantopithecus using a geometric morphometric approach. [Archive 2009-02-01]

One caste cuts foliage and leaves—their mandibular muscles make up one-quarter of their entire body mass—and some tropical ecologists estimate that the leaf-cutter colonies may harvest up to 17 percent of the total leaf production of a tropical rainforest where they thrive, in Mexico and Central and South America.. [SuperCooperators]

An opaque line crossed the right mandibular ramus, near the junction of the vertical and horizontal parts of the jaw.. [Spider Bones]

In this paper, I demonstrate that the island populations deviate strongly from the mainland populations in a large number of cranial, mandibular, and dental characters.. [Archive 2008-12-01]

Unique skeletal identifiers: possible healed fractures of the right mandibular ramus, right clavicle, and right scapula.. [Spider Bones]

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#TMD can limit range of mandibular movement, which may cause difficulty eating or even talking.


Queria um preenchimento mandibular e do mento kkkk aiai


@AntonioMaestre Lo que está claro es que ante políticas de izquierdas la contracción mandibular del PS(?)O(?)E aumenta.


@Sahosdental: Sabía usted que se considera adherente al CPAP, su uso por mas de 4 horas por noche, 70% de las noches, y que según los es…


@NuSynyster Pues yo tengo dolor mandibular crónico desde que me quitaron una muela del juicio.

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