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The mandola (US and Canada) or tenor mandola (Ireland and UK) is a fretted, stringed musical instrument. It is to the mandolin what the viola is to the violin: the four double courses of strings tuned in fifths to the same pitches as the viola (C-G-D-A low-to-high), a fifth lower than a mandolin. The mandola, although now rarer, is the ancestor of the mandolin, the name of which means simply "little mandola". The name mandola may originate with the ancient pandura, and was also rendered as mandora, the change perhaps having been due to approximation to the Italian word for "almond". The instrument developed from the lute at an early date, being more compact and cheaper to build, but the sequence of development and nomenclature in different regions is now hard to discover. Historically related instruments include the mandore, mandole, vandola (Joan Carles Amat, 1596), bandola, bandora, bandurina, pandurina and—in 16th-century Germany—the quinterne or chiterna. However, significantly different instruments have at times and places taken on the same or similar names, and the "true" mandola has been strung in several different ways. The mandola has four double courses of metal strings, tuned in unison rather than in octaves. The scale length is typically around 42 cm (16.5 inches). The mandola is typically played with a plectrum. The double strings accommodate a sustaining technique called tremolando, a rapid alternation of the plectrum on a single course of strings. The mandola is commonly used in folk music—particularly Italian folk music. It is sometimes played in Irish traditional music, but the instruments octave mandolin, Irish bouzouki and modern cittern are more commonly used. It is tuned like a viola CGDA. Some Irish traditional musicians, following the example of Andy Irvine, restring the tenor mandola with lighter, mandolin strings and tune it F-C-G-C (2 semi-tones lower than G-D-A-D, since the mandola's fretboard is about 2 inches longer than the mandolin's), while others (Brian McDonagh of Dervish being the best known) use alternate tunings such as D-A-E-A. Like the guitar, the mandola can be acoustic or electric. Attila the Stockbroker, punk poet and frontman of Barnstormer, uses an electric mandola as his main instrument. Alex Lifeson, guitarist of Rush, has also featured the mandola in his work. Mandolas are often played in mandolin orchestras, along with other members of the mandolin family: mandolin, mandocello and mandobass. Sometimes the octave mandolin (also referred to as an octave mandola) is included as well..

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Definitions of "mandola"

  • A stringed musical instrument larger than a mandolin noun
  • An instrument closely resembling the mandolin, but of larger size and tuned lower. noun
  • An older and larger variety of the mandolin. Compare pandura. Also mandore. noun
  • an early type of mandolin noun

The word "mandola" in example sentences

Capone could read music and liked to play a banjo and a mandola, which is like a mandolin, only bigger.. [Home]

He could read music and liked to play a banjo and a mandola, which is like a mandolin, only bigger.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

According to the article linked in that thread, "Capone could read music and liked to play a banjo and a mandola, which is like a mandolin, only bigger".. [Mandolin Cafe News]

Hennig Andersson (fiddle and viola), Görgen Antonsson (fiddle and five-stringed fiddle), and Tomas Lindberg (guitar and mandola) started playing together as adolescents in 1994, and released their self-titled debut CD in March 2001.. [Draupner, Arvet (Caprice Records, 2003)]

In general this happened when he played the mandola, but Lindberg's 12-string work on "A-minor polska from Hultkläppen" is very nice as well.. [Draupner, Arvet (Caprice Records, 2003)]

Brown Eyed Women permalink #39 of 50: mandola smokabola. [The WELL: Brown Eyed Women]

The album begins with "If Jethro Were Here," a lively instrumental with Goodman playing mandola.. [Archive 2005-11-01]

Maybe I can find someone in the battalion with a mandolin, and I can play the chords an octave lower on a mandola.. [Captain Corelli's Mandolin]

I find myself laughing also; we are octaves apart, laughing in octaves together, mandola and mandolin, and far away a gun roars at imaginary British planes, there is a spurious rattle of machine-guns, and behold, there is our timpani.. [Captain Corelli's Mandolin]

After the war I'll get a mandola so that I can play viola music.. [Captain Corelli's Mandolin]

The instruments were two mandolines, one banjo, one mandola, a tin whistle, an accordion, a rattle, a comb, and a lump of iron.. ['Brother Bosch', an Airman's Escape from Germany]

Italian mandola -- was produced which was handsomely carved and inlaid in silver.. [Across Coveted Lands or a Journey from Flushing (Holland) to Calcutta Overland]

"The army says they'd take him/He's big enough to make a stand," Ms. Bradley sings, stoically but with creeping doubt, and behind her Ms. Hull sings naïve harmonies and, playing a mandola here, sends shivering interjections that hint at hidden nerves.. [NYT > Home Page]

The violence never lets up, but Eig also gives us the intimate Capone, who fancied silk underwear, collected elephant figurines, and as an Alcatraz inmate suffering from syphilis-induced dementia wrote love songs on the mandola.. [Chicago Reader]

Henry underscores that with subtle touches: the strummed Gypsy swing mandola on the ironic betrayal anthem "I Know You Didn't Mean It" that engages with a knotty bluesed-out piano break and a warm tenor solo -- à la Ben Webster -- and "Everybody Thinks You're an Angel," a waltz with a Weissenborn guitar, follow a similar principle to delightfully different ends.. [AvaxHome]

The latter's addition of electric guitar, mandola, and saxophone might seem like frills for an Allison session, but sound perfectly balanced and natural.. [AvaxHome]

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