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Definitions of "many"

  • Being one of a large indefinite number; numerous: many a child; many another day. adjective
  • Amounting to or consisting of a large indefinite number: many friends. adjective
  • A large indefinite number: A good many of the workers had the flu. noun
  • The majority of the people; the masses: "The many fail, the one succeeds” ( Tennyson). noun
  • A large number of persons or things: "For many are called, but few are chosen” ( Matthew 22:14). pronoun
  • as many The same number of: moved three times in as many years. idiom
  • An indefinite large number of. determiner
  • A collective mass of people. pronoun
  • An indefinite large number of people or things. pronoun
  • A multitude; a great aggregate; a mass of people; the generality; the common herd. noun
  • A considerable number. noun
  • Consisting of a great number; numerous; not few. adjective
  • A retinue of servants; a household. noun
  • The populace; the common people; the majority of people, or of a community. noun
  • A large or considerable number. noun
  • Being or consisting of a large number of units or individuals; numerous: often used alone, the noun being understood. See many, n.
  • Being one of a large number; belonging to an aggregate or category, considered singly as one of a kind: followed by a, an, or another, used distributively. The phrase many a one, so used, was formerly many one without the article.
  • Being of a certain number, large or small; plural (especially in the phrase the many as opposed to the one): after a term of qualification (as, so, too, and especially how in interrogations): often with the qualified noun omitted: as, how many people were there? how many will go? as many as the room will hold; not so many as before; too many men are dishonest.
  • Much.

The word "many" in example sentences

Too many people are greedy with this space..many times I've arrived at my seat and found no room for my own shopping bag or cabin bag in the old fashion sense of the 60's... [The Teaser]

Sony does have higher prices many/most times..but if you use inkmesh and narrow down to epub by selecting Sony Reader on the left side..many times Sony's prices are right there with everyone else.. [Sony Daily Edition (PRS 900) Review]

Re the maggot story: many *many* adjectives spring to mind, but I'm going to go with "resourceful".... [Boy, do I feel stupid.]

Acknowledging the necessity to work with others; getting the guts to ask for help in order to preclude slamming one's head against the wall for extended amounts of time; finding two, three or even more ways to tackle a problem, whether it be literally in homework or otherwise in managing life and time; learning many, _many_ subtle things that you certainly won't regret learning as you tackle challenges in the future.. [Failing Students]

Like Brian said, he falls right in there with many of the greats Bill Tucci, Joe Jusko, EBAS, …..many more with his awesome, yet humble attitude.. [Interview: Al Rio | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News]

Seems like many *many* people who come for the party decide to crash on the floor afterwards.. [political crosstitch pieces! (update post 3!)]

An essential argument to have a truly free market is there are many customers who can choose between many goods from *many* competing sellers.. [Mouse Print»Blog Archive » Ace Ticket: “Great” Prices for Red Sox Tickets?]

Motherships..sheesh, at least people here use facts,,I have shown you many false prophecies by many ‘nutbags’..many of them like Robertson, Falwell, Rushdoonie, Hagee and their Iraq war for Jesus end times insanity and I posted them because I do NOT run my life by them and people should not listen to Hagee and these other War, death and blodd for the return of Jesus ‘nutbags’. [Think Progress » EMAILS: Bush Officials Blocked Scientist From Discussing Global Warming/Hurricane Link]

Thottbot at least has the potential to be a truly comprehensive data source for that kind of analysis, in fact now that I think of it I find myself wishing something like this had existed for Camelot, it would have saved me many, *many* hours of gathering data on how the combat system was actually performing which was very different from how the programmers thought it worked.. [Automated Expertise Management]

You remember when I asked you five times ... maybe six  times, if you would tell me a number; how many victims ... how many  people.. [TEDBUNDY]

It is very observable, he saith not, _of all_; nor _of many_, but _of the chief ones_, viz. the church officers, who had the rule and government of the church committed to them: (the article _the_ being emphatical;) for this word translated _many_ may as well be translated chief, denoting worth, &c., as many, denoting number.. [The Divine Right of Church Government by Sundry Ministers Of Christ Within The City Of London]

And in this Order he saw other Essences also, like his own which had necessarily been heretofore, then were dissolv'd, and afterwards necessarily existed together with himself; and that they were so many as could not he number'd, if we might call them _many_; or that they were all one, if we might call them _one_.. [The Improvement of Human Reason Exhibited in the Life of Hai Ebn Yokdhan]

This is what many people all over our country are doing today, with the results that, by a great elemental law -- Divine Law if you choose -- _many_ are curing themselves of various diseases, _many_ are exchanging weakness and impotence for strength and power, _many_ are ceasing, comparatively speaking, are politely refusing, to grow old.. [The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit]

And in the old days at my girlhood home so many, _many_ captains used to come and go.. [Fair Harbor]

How they would miss me! and yet how many, _many_ times had I been disagreeable, and commanding, and unkind!. [We Ten Or, The Story of the Roses]

"Oh, papa, you don't know how many, _many_ times I'm going to do it," she said in the silence of her own full heart.. [Jewel's Story Book]

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